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have you been to the puslinch tract near cambridge great place for dogging(daytime),voyuerism,exhibitionism lets get some folks together and have some fun i h… Read more
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For those couples who get a charge out of watching their mates and loved ones have sex with other people… Read more
Heading down south? Out to cottage country? Away on business? Or just passing through? Up for meeting or down to f**k. Let others know where you’ll be and what you… Read more
So many of us are on the road staying at hotel. Looking for a playmate. There could be someone staying in the same hotel or same destination who is thinking the sa… Read more
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Group for house wives who need some loving and and couples who want to spice up there live life NSA.… Read more
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A group of single swingers that are open to more than just sex . People looking for a relationship with other like minded people within the lifestyle.… Read more
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Group for those whose schedule or discretionary needs involve daytime play.… Read more
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There's snow on the roof, but fire in the oven. Sharing swinging adventures with the 60+ cohort. Lots of experience to share, stories to tell, adventures to pursue. … Read more
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Hi everyone I'm creating this group for horny wives who like big cocks only, and enjoy having sex with group of both black and white big clocks in a hotel once in a… Read more
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A group for us truck drivers to find fun on the road with those who have fantasized about the bunk of our trucks.… Read more
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A group for attached men and women (aka married) to feel at home in a non-judgmental environment.… Read more
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for all who enjoy bi sex. singles or couples, please add media to make this group more fun to visit (please refrain from pinning your posts so that they stay at the … Read more
Looking for couples and places to go dogging in trenton and belleville area… Read more
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For the lady's and gents who love it internal post your own pics share with us your experienceses and your stories xXxXx… Read more
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I would love to start a group with swingers that are 50+. We can still have fun no matter what our age. Hi all, I see we have alot of interest in this club I'm lo… Read more
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How many like to do it with a MFM or FMF as threesome. Show off your photos or feel free to discuss about it. why keeping it private.. Notice: Due to this one not… Read more
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If your interested in Cuckold or adding an extra cock to the mix, this groups for you.… Read more
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Like every man there's something special about fucking a hot young pussy. And younger women really like an experienced man in and out of the bedroom. Please join … Read more
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As parents we don't have lots of spare time on our hands. This is just a group for parents that need to unwind & have fun when we can get away from the kids. Camping… Read more
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This group is for cum fetishists... Specifically, those girls who crave messy cum scenes like facials, swallowing, cum swapping, bukkake, creampies, gokkun etc.… Read more
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A group for those who love or are curious about cyber sex as a sexual aid to spice up their lives. It really does work! It can be performed using any technology … Read more
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Forming an Older group with a touch of class for dinner, fun evening ,sexy entire for the ladies , heels and stockings a must. Smaller group of only a very few coup… Read more
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This is for couples or females who love to take 2 cocks at the same time where both holes are filled, and if you like all your holes filled by 3 cocks or more, then … Read more
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This is a group, so that ladies of all sizes, who are curvy,svelte and on the Plus size, who are not ashamed of their own weight. Come join and celebrate Size accept… Read more
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For couples and single men who like to partake in threesomes and enjoy MILFs. Check out the Forum section and add your thoughts/stories. We posted ours! We… Read more
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For those that enjoy the freedom of being naked on the beach. Port Burwell beach is one of our favourite places. We arrange meet and greets at the beach a few times … Read more
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A group dedicated to the hotwife & vixen lifestyle. Open to all the ladies that lead this life, their cucks and the Bulls we all crave. Effective July 2021 only pro… Read more