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"Moving violation ...We're sure we are breaking some laws."

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It was a warm August evening as Jac and I approached the unpaved cul-de-sac and the end of a rather secluded road. We stopped the SUV and waited for him to arrive. From this starting point, we could see the highway where our driving scenario was going to take place. The drive was a route between two consecutive exits, and we estimated a round trip would take about 20 minutes or so depending on the speed. This would be an uninterrupted trip, with the exception of traversing the on and off ramps. Jac looked very sexy in her very short black skirt, and thigh-high stockings. Her panties were hanging on the door handle as per SIR's rules whenever she entered his vehicle wearing a dress or skirt. Her white blouse had more than the usual number of buttons undone, and revealed some of her black cup-less bra. Her erect nipples were hard to hide under the thin, white material. Our excitement was building as we saw the lights of an approaching car. The passenger side back door of our SUV was opened, as planned. He parked his car behind us and exited his vehicle. He slid in the back seat behind Jac and closed the door. After a few introductions, we started our drive. Within moments of pulling away, his hands were on Jac's shoulders, slowly massaging them. As we drove down the on-ramp to the highway, his hands slid down and disappeared under her blouse. I unbuttoned my shorts and released my hard cock as I watched a complete stranger fondle Jac. Jac unbuttoned a few more buttons to allow him to her spread her blouse open, revealing her breasts. Both of us were now groping and fondling Jac's breasts as I continued to drive. Also, her very short black skirt gave little protection against my wandering right hand. As our drive continued, Jac sat back and enjoyed the hands of a stranger fondling her breasts while I played with her pussy. She was the center of our attention. Approximately 10 minutes later, we approached the off-ramp. We were now half-way into our little driving adventure. As we approached the stop sign at the top of the ramp, the lights overhead clearly revealed Jac's full breasts and very erect nipples. By now, Jac had a firm hold of my cock while I drove. As we crossed the overpass and headed down the on-ramp back to our starting point, our friend in the back seat undid his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. He leaned back in the seat as Jac turned in her seat and reached back for his hard on. I could tell from his reaction that she now had a firm hold on his shaft and was giving him a handjob. She now had a cock in each hand as we approached off-ramp leading us back to where we started. After approximately 20 minutes, we were parked again. Jac sat back as our guest slid forward in his seat so he could reach Jac's breasts again. Jac spread her legs as my hand slid up the inside of her thigh to her very wet pussy. As I fingered her slowly, our guest pinched her nipples and groped her firm breasts while stroking his cock. Then I suggested to Jac that she might consider getting in the back seat and giving him a hand. His response was, "I don't have a problem with that". Jac smiled, and a few secs later she was in the back seat. Jac eased back in the seat, and let him fondle and suck on her breasts for a few moments before telling him to sit back. He eased back in the seat as Jac took hold of his shaft. I watched as her hand moved up and down its length while she cupped his balls. She took a firm hold of the base of his cock and made circles around the head. His reaction was one of ecstasy. Jac looked in my direction and smiled as her tongue teased the head of his hard on. Then he let out a moan as I watched her take his shaft into her mouth. After sucking on his cock for a few minutes, Jac stopped and eased back into the seat again. She slouched down far enough in the seat so I could now play with her pussy from the front seat. She pushed her breasts together and told our guest that she wanted him to cum on them. He started rubbing the head of his cock over her nipple as I continued to finger her. I watched as his left hand slid up and down Jac's thigh while he stroked his cock over Jac's breasts. My hand was sorta blocking him from sliding his hand all the way up, but I assumed he was interested in going further. Then I mentioned how wet Jac's pussy was, and, maybe he was interested to find out for himself. He wasted no time and slid his left hand between her legs. I could from Jac's reaction that his fingers were inside her. As he slowly fingered her, Jac grabbed his cock and firmly pressed it against her left breast and started stroking him. It didn't take long before he started to unload all over Jac's breasts. She continued to jerk his cock until he stopped shooting. Then she rubbed his sticky wet cock all over her cum soaked breasts. Our guest returned to his vehicle with a smile on his face and Jac cleaned up the sticky mess. I got out of the vehicle and reached for the back door...
Written by bacchus

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