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Some sexy NSA car fun;)

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Author's Notes

"Hope you like my first story ever submitted."

We setup a time to meet at the gas station. I grab a couple coffees and then park in the back of the lot where you are waiting. You get out and come jump in the passenger side of the car. You are soo nervous and you can start to feel tingling in your pussy, and you know if you break the seal the juices will start flowing. Lol,
You nervously say hi and we start some small talk about how things are going for the day. But the same time you start to sneak some glimpses of my face, and then your eyes lower to between my legs and you arnt sure if it is your imagination but there is a bulge starting to show from what you assume is my cock getting hard and excited.
You have butterflies in your stomach wondering what is going to happen next and you feel my warm hand take a hold of your hand and gently place it over the bulge. You can feel pulsing under your hand and you grab the shaft of my cock through my pants. You are surprised at how big it is and you feel the tingling from your pussy even stronger and you know your panties are starting to get wet.
I then tell you to unzip my pants, so you obey and unzip my pants, pull them down a little, and my big cock springs up out of my pants. Your mouth starts watering and you look up at me begging for permission to lower your head down on my big cock.
Then you feel my hand behind your head and you feel your hair pull a little as you can feel my hand grabbing a handful of hair and your head start to get forced down between my legs. You try to take a quick glance around to see if anyone is watching but you can’t fight back my strength and before you know it my big cock is pressing on your lips spreading them apart and forcing it’s way between your lips and into your mouth.
You can still feel my hand in the back of your head and it keeps forcing you up and down on my cock, you try to catch your breath but the cock keeps probing your mouth trying to fight it’s way deeper and deeper, trying to find its way down to your throat. You start gagging on the cock and gasping for air. The cock finally finds its way to your throat and it keeps trying to get deeper and deeper. You can start to hear me moan and you know I am loving every minute of this, and you want to try and please me, and take care of this throbbing cock. You gain your composure and realize that you are able to handle this thick cock, then you start to push yourself deeper and faster over my thick shaft.
You start to taste the precum and know that the finish is in sight. You can feel my cock getting harder and harder and my moans are getting louder. You start to prepare yourself for what’s to cum but you have no idea.
All of a sudden you feel my body tense up and you feel the first blast of cum in your mouth and think oh that’s not bad, then you get another and another and your mouth starts to fill up. You try to lift your head but my hand is still holding you in place. You know you have to start swallowing, so you start gulping down the mouthful of cum as it’s still shooting, and shooting. Finally my cock stops shooting cum and you swallowed enough to lift your head off my cock. You finish swallowing and look up at me and I am completely spent. You can tell you did an amazing job by the fact I can’t even keep my head up. You tell me that was fun and say next time we need a bed ;) the. You and your soaked panties hop out of the car;)

Written by Trurohotties

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