Written by Tracey

Dec. 12, 2015

Bryan and I are both 37 and married for 13 years. He's a long time member of the local amateur soccer team which retires to a nearby pub on Friday nights for a guys night out after their weekly practice. For years, his rugby team mates have stopped by on weekends to visit Bryan and flirted outrageously with me in front of him. I enjoyed playing along and flirted back, but had never been serious, which they all knew. But, unknown to Bryan, a few of his team mates also occasionally stopped by during the week if they were off work or their work took them close to ours. They would come to the door ostensibly looking for Bryan, but really to flirt with me. I never took them up on it and never invited them in unless Bryan was also home for some reason.

One of Bryan's team mates, Rob, was a hunk - tall and handsome in a roughneck way with a body builder's physique without an ounce of fat on him. He was married, but made no secret he was a 'player', and had been trying to add me to his score list for ages. His package looked impressive in the tight jeans he wore as his standard workday uniform. In a phrase, he's a woman's wet dream and I occasionally fantasized when Bryan was fucking me that it was Rob between my legs.

Bryan and I have always had an active sex life and, unless he's extremely drunk, he usually ravages me with his above average endowment on Friday nights after returning from the pub - that is until a few months ago when I first noticed the lack of sex on Friday nights, although sex during the rest of the week had not diminished. My closest girl friend was over for coffee and asked me if things were alright between Bryan and me in the bedroom. When I told her about the lack of sex on Friday nights, she said she thought she knew why. She and another of our girl friends were at that pub the previous Friday night and she saw Bryan chatting up a woman and then follow her out to the car park behind the pub. Being suspicious, she followed and saw them get into the woman's car and begin kissing. She stayed long enough to see them begin to fuck.

I was hurt, outraged, and defensive in quick succession and told her I needed to see for myself before believing or doing anything about it. Friday was only two days away and she said they would return to the pub and call me on her mobile if he did it again. That night I waited in my car in the pub car park and soon got the call. She said he was walking the same woman out. I saw them emerge and head for a strange car and get into the rear seat. I waited a few minutes, then walked over to the now gently rocking car, looked in, and saw his bare bum rising and plunging between her naked and wide open thighs. By her tightly shut eyes and grimace of passion on her upturned face, I could tell she was on her way to coming.

My outrage was strangely tempered by the highly erotic sight before me. I remained rooted in place and watched until I saw them come and heard their muffled cries of climax. I was shocked to feel arousal in my groin along with my anger. I fled back to my car and drove home. I went up to our bedroom, got on the bed, pulled my panties off, and rapidly fingered myself to a come. I was so horny from watching them fuck, I fingered myself to two more comes in rapid succession. My lust was satiated, but not my outrage at being betrayed.

There was no way I was going to end my marriage since I was still in love with him, our sex life was very good other than on Friday nights, he was a good provider, and I enjoyed just sharing my life with him. But, I thought, two can play the same game.

A few days later, his team mate Rob rang the bell. I opened the door and he stood there grinning broadly and looking confident. He said 'Hi' and started flirting outrageously, asking if I needed to have another man between my legs. I let him in, closed the door, and with that certain look a woman has on her face that advertises she is sexually available, I replied that he wouldn't be able to handle me in bed. This momentarily rocked him back, but he quickly realized that something had changed and, for the first time, we were into serious seduction.

He grinned and smoothly said he would like to try as he closed the short distance between us, slipped his arms around my waist, and leaned in. I eliminated any doubt he may have had when I wound my arms around his neck and placed my open lips on his. Our lip lock transformed quickly into tongues exploring mouths, sucking and kissing deeply. As we kissed, I ground my hips into his, dry humping him outrageously. Our hands were very soon rubbing and probing each other's intimate parts through our clothing.

When he unbuttoned my blouse and started to caress my breasts, I pushed him away and said, "Not here. Follow me." I led upstairs into our bedroom and he said, "Wow. Something's happened if you're going to fuck me in the bed you share with Bryan instead of in the spare room. What is it?" I reached for the zip of his jeans and replied, "None of your business. I thought you'd like it if you took your mate's wife in his own bed." He grinned as he said, "Oh, I get it. You've found out about Sheila." As I was pushing his jeans and underpants down his legs, and he was getting rid of my blouse and bra, I said, "Is that her name? I wondered if he was fucking them indiscriminately or did he have a steady."

By now Rob realized he probably had said too much and went quiet as he finished undressing me and got rid of his T-shirt. We finally stood naked facing each other. Lust radiated from our faces as we each admired the other's body for a few moments before we came together kissing and exploring each other's intimate parts with our hands.

As I wanked his substantial cock to a full erection, he slipped his fingers into my very wet pussy and began fingering me. My climax built quickly under the rapid thrusting of his fingers and I started moaning and urging him on. Soon realizing I was close to coming, he increased the speed of his fingers, pushing me over the edge into a strong orgasm. My hips jerked involuntarily and I cried out my passion. When I was finished and my body started to sag against his arm around my waist, he guided me onto the bed and placed me on my back.

He knelt at the foot of the bed and watched as I slowly and deliberately raised my knees and spread my legs wide open. I slid my hand down my tummy, over my lightly haired mound, and slipped the fingers of one hand into my wet groove. He gulped as he stared at the movements of my fingers as they slowly slid up and down, stopping at the top to rub my clit, then repeat the cycle of self caressing. I started to moan as my arousal advanced and soon slipped my fingers inside my pussy to finger fuck myself. With intense lust etched on his face, Rob slowly wanked his already fully rampant cock as he watched me push myself toward another climax.

When I exclaimed, "I'm almost there! I'm going to come! Please! Fuck me now!!", he quickly lowered himself between my legs and mounted me, sliding his cock up my sopping wet pussy in an agonizingly slow steady thrust. God, it felt wonderful going in, stretching me just a bit so I could feel every contour, including the veins, as it worked its way up me. I gave out a satisfied grunt as the head touched my cervix. I was already at the edge as I wrapped my arms and legs about him and bucked my hips rapidly upward, trying to get him to push me over into a climax.

He held himself above me on outstretched arms and grinned as he said, "My God, it really turns me on to see you want it this badly." I replied with some urgency, "Shut up! Just fuck me. Fuck me hard and fast!" He started to pound into me, but I only lasted through a few strokes before I screamed out my climax, my whole body writhing violently below him. I cried out several times, "Oh, my God! I'm coming!!", then ended with unintelligible gasps of intense pleasure that dribbled off into groans, then lazy moans as I enjoyed my long orgasm. When it finally subsided, my body sagged beneath his. He dropped his upper body down onto mine, but continued to slowly stroke his still hard cock into me.

Even though I had just come, I was still incredibly horny, so I started gently rolling my hips up into him. He raised his upper body on outstretched arms again and grinned broadly as he resumed fucking me. I looked up at him with lust on my face and said, "Fuck me again. I need more. And don't be gentle!" He did what I asked and fucked me hard. I matched him thrust for thrust as I made my way to another orgasm. I knew it was going to be a powerful and intense climax. As he continued to fuck me and I got closer, my moans of pleasure turned onto groans of passion. He sped up and soon brought me off. I literally screamed out my climax for longer than usual, my hips jerking and the rest of my body trembling as I worked through my orgasm.

He held off coming and continued to slowly stroke into me as I came down from the plateau of pleasure. When finished, I relaxed my grip on him and he looked down with satisfaction at my face and said, "I think you enjoyed that. I loved feeling your pussy wrapped tightly around my cock and I could feel it pulsating strongly as you came. Tell me it was the best!" I looked up at him and couldn't help smiling as I replied, "I hate to feed your ego, but you're right, it was wonderful! But don't let it go to your head!" Then I continued in a teasing tone, "You didn't come. Are you planning on having me come some more?"

He responded by resuming fucking me as he dropped his upper body back down on mine My arousal quickly re-ignited and I matched his thrusts with my own as I felt another climax rapidly building. I wrapped my arms and legs around his body again and, as I climbed toward another orgasm, my moans turned into gasps. His big cock was pushing me toward the edge and I cried out as I teetered there, "I'm almost there! Fuck me harder - make me come!" He went into the rapid short strokes and I came with shouts of joy, "I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh, God, I'm coming so good! Don't stop! Keep fucking me!!"

It was an extremely intense orgasm - much more so than any in recent memory. I had forgotten how intense the sexual rush can be for a woman with new man between her legs, especially one with a big cock.

He prolonged my climax by continuing to thrust his rampant cock in me, and continued slowly fucking during my come down. When I was finally finished, he rolled off to lay next to me for a few moments, then half rolled into me. When I was able, I matched his movement and we ended up facing each other with our arms and legs entwined, with me kissing and hugging him in gratitude for my wonderful orgasms.

He held me tenderly as we kissed during my post-coital bliss. I asked him why he hadn't come and he told me he intended for us to spend another hour or so slowly making love. I kissed him and said, "Take me again. I need to feel your cock in me again." I was insatiable and he grinned broadly as he rolled onto his back and pulled me on top. As I straddled his hips, he pushed my hips up with his strong hands and slipped the head of his cock into the entrance to my pussy. I slowly slid down, impaling myself on his stiff cock, then slowly started fucking him.

He made me come twice in rapid succession with me on top, then took me doggie style, giving me several short but intense serial climaxes before he pounded his cock into me and came loudly as he unloaded his cum deep in my pussy.

When he left, I was totally fucked out and, fell asleep for over an hour, waking up just minutes before Bryan returned early from work. Luckily, I had just cleaned up Rob's cum from my groin and the inside of my upper thighs and was dressed when Bryan came into the bedroom. My hair was still somewhat disheveled and I had a languid sexy look on my face. Bryan saw my hair and that look on my face, and said, "You look like you've just been fucked", as he reached for me and gave me a deep, hungry kiss. He slid his hand up under my skirt and into my panties. Finding my pussy slippery, he grinned and said, "Have you been thinking about me?"

I answered him by deepening our kiss that special way I do when I'm horny and we fell onto the bed. He rapidly undressed me, tossing my clothes every which way, then stripped off his, quickly mounted me and rammed his cock into me with a single rough thrust. He was so horny, our session lasted just a few minutes before he came. As he recovered, he apologized for practically raping me and not taking the time to make sure I also came. I told him it was OK because it made me feel like a wanton woman when he took me like that, but I was actually secretly getting satisfaction from knowing I had cuckolded him with his best mate just a short time before. However, a part of me did feel a bit guilty.

Our life together continued normally and I still enjoyed having sex with him, but Rob stopped by one day the next week and we had a torrid hour and a half session that afternoon. Friday came a few days later and I again parked in the pub car park. Sure enough, Bryan come out with the same woman and they again fucked in the rear seat of her car. Now I was just plain angry and wondered what else I could do for revenge. Rob was going to continue being my secret lover, probably on at least a weekly basis, but I wanted more.

Rob returned for more sex one afternoon early the next week and, at the end of our session, asked if I wanted to expand my sexual horizons by having a threesome with him and another of Bryan's team mates. He said Mike, who I knew, was his next best mate and it would be great to have him join us for a threesome. Even though my pussy tingled at the thought of having my first threesome, I took a few moments to consider if I wanted to expand the circle of team mates having me since the more who were involved the greater the chance that Bryan would find out. In the end, I figured Bryan hadn't any moral grounds to condemn me since he had been unfaithful first, so I agreed.

As arranged ahead of time, Rob and Mike showed up two days later and they took turns in me for over two hours. I took so much cum from them that, when they were finished, I had smears of it almost everywhere between my knees and my tummy. I had so many single orgasms and serial orgasms, I lost count, and I was thoroughly fucked out by the time they left.

Since then, Bryan has continued his affair with the same woman, expanding it to an occasional Saturday or Sunday afternoon when he can come up with an excuse for his absence that seems plausible. And I continue to be serviced by Rob or Mike, or Rob and Mike in a threesome, at least once a week. I'm not sure how this will end, but any remorse I may have had was killed when Bryan expanded his affair with that woman. If there's a further development, I'll post it here.