Nov. 12, 2018

I work Security at a hotel on the night shift and over the years I have had some interesting experiences with guests in the hotel, however usually they don't include me in their fun. One night I was sent up to a room to look at the A/C unit. It wasn't functioning and the guest was complaining about the extreme heat in his suite. When I got to the door the gentleman motioned me in and as I entered I realized that he was standing behind the door, totally naked. I guess he noticed the look of surprise on my face, because he immediately apologized and explained that he was so hot, that he was having trouble sleeping and had removed his clothes to be more comfortable. He asked if I was uncortable with him being naked and offered to get dressed. I blushed a little but said that I would only be a quick second with the repair and he should remain comfortable.

I went to the A/C unit and quite quickly found that the the sliding door was ajar and the kill switch on the door had shut down the unit. I explained this to the gentleman and told him I would just have to wait a few minutes after the door was closed to make sure the unit came back on. So we stood in the room making some small talk, about the weather and alike, and all the time we stood I could not stop myself from glancing down at his cock. He was right in front of me and my curious eyes could not help themselves. We chatted and I peeked, and each time I did I felt myself becoming more aroused. As I became more aroused I blushed and as I blushed I felt my own dick start to rise to attention. After a couple of minutes I became aware that he was taking notice of my fascination and he also was becoming excited and the more his cock hardened the more stiff I became in my pants.

The small talk was starting to fade and I was now very hard when he looked straight at me and said

"I would really like to see what you have in your pants"

This directness froze me in mid sentence and the look of shock on my face was obvious.

"It's okay if you would rather not"

I stood slack jawed for a second, although it felt like an hour. I had never been naked in front of another man before, even when I played sports, And I had certainly never been hard in front of another guy. My heart was racing and I was now keenly aware that my cock was rock hard and throbbing in my shorts. I reached down and undid my belt and let my pants fall to the floor. I then grabbed the edges of my briefs and lifted the band over my full erect penis. As the air hit my hard shaft, the realization that my naked cock was now on display for this stranger hit me. The thrill, the exhileration were all magnified to intensity when I saw him looking atme. Taking in the view and holding his own raging hard on in his hand. I was on fire!

He moved closer and slowly he reached his hand out and placed it on my now naked dick. I shuddered with excitement, as he did. It was so hot to have another guy touching me. I had thought about this in the past but never dreamed that I would ever go through with such a thing. the excitement was almost too much and I was afraid I would shoot my load right on the spot. Then he reached his other hand down and with it he guided my sweaty hand to his waiting shaft. As I gripped his penis I gasped with anticipation and unable to contain myself any longer, I shot cum all over his hand and on to his leg. As I did this I jerked and grunted and moaned. Seeing me in such pleasure obviously worked to send my friend over the edge as well, because seconds later I felt his shaft harden in my hand as he rocketed out his own stream of hot jizz all over my cock and balls. He continued to milk my penis with his hand as he rubbed his own warm spunk over my shaft and balls and I moaned and bucked my hips as he massaged the last drops out of my throbbing head.

Needless to say I love my job very much now! And every time I get a call to fix an A/C unit I hope for the best.