Written by Alan_Rhodes

Jun. 1, 2013

The Farmer & My Wife

Right from an early age I have always had a passion for photography. There's nothing I like better than to traipse around the countryside looking for good landscape shots or architectural constructions that are aesthetically pleasing and would make good photographs. Of course, I also enjoy photographing people. Family portraits and photographs of grandchildren for grandparents are as popular as ever, but what I really enjoy (like most men, I would guess) is glamour! As strictly an amateur lensman though, the problem has always been persuading members of the opposite sex to pose for me. As a younger man this was not only difficult but damn near impossible!

The first "model" that I managed to coerce into posing for me was in fact my elder sister, Mary. Three years older than me at eighteen, Mary had a killer body - or at least I thought so, from the odd glimpses I'd sneaked when she was dressing - and was dating a lad from a fairly rough neighbourhood. I knew that mom and day would have been furious if they had caught her, so I made it my business to find out as much as I could about the two of them. When I was certain I had gathered enough "evidence" I confronted my sister. For months I'd been begging her to pose me and, when I informed her that I knew all about her and Danny and the hot-tub, she guessed immediately what I wanted.

"Okay, but only topless, you little pervert! You're not getting to see me completely naked."

I thought that would be enough for me at that time, but as Mary eventually slipped out of her halter and bra and posed for me in the woods (she didn't want to be anywhere near our house), I tried again to persuade her out of her panties. Alas, Mary was adamant and her lower body remained fully covered leaving me with a boner that defied gravity. I did get a few nice shots of her tits though and raced to my make-shift darkroom to develop and print the pictures as fast as I could. That night in bed, I jerked myself off as my head filled with images of my sister's breasts and with the photographic evidence to remind me.

Oddly, that episode with Mary didn't turn me into a complete pervert! She eventually became pregnant and had to marry Danny. I had begun to date by then, finding myself with girls my own age with bodies equally as good as Mary's had been. My brief incestuous phase appeared to be over.

I may have been dating sexy, attractive girls, but I was still frustrated; I was getting laid with relative ease and had already discovered the joys of having my cock sucked, but I still couldn't get any of them to pose for me - if I wanted to photograph the female form, it seemed as though I was destined to pay for the privilege. And pay for it I did. While all the other young men that I worked with would spend their hard-earned wages in the bar on Friday night, I would use mine to pay women to take their clothes off and stand in front of my camera. I was offered plenty of "extras" from the models, but I always refused. Always, that is, until I met Faye.

When I first saw her I thought she was simply sensational; short, dirty brown hair and a figure that just cried out to be photographed. She was younger than me, perhaps eighteen or nineteen and was in desperate need of cash. Photographing her was a treat. She seemed to have little or no inhibitions and twisted and turned her chubby body this way and that to ensure that my lens always had the best view of her tits, pussy and ass. I had such a hard-on by the time I'd used up three rolls of film, and when she noticed and offered to "take care" of the obvious bulge in my pants, I broke my golden rule and pulled my cock out. Faye treated me to one of the best hand-jobs I'd ever experience right there in the studio and I fell for her in a big way. It seemed that the attraction was mutual too, because three months later we were married.

Our wedding was over twenty years ago now, and we are still both very happy. Faye still poses for me in my home studio, but recently I'd started thinking again about my sister. Let me be clear at this point, my feelings don't go back to my incestuous phase, its more about how those old photograph's were taken - or rather where they were taken. I realised that I got the biggest kick out of photographing women out in the open. Maybe it was the danger of getting caught or maybe it was simply the voyeur in me, I don't know, but what I did know was that I wanted to persuade my lovely wife to strip off and let me photograph her outdoors.

Knowing Faye, I didn't think it would be too difficult to talk her round to my new plan, but even I was surprised when she agreed immediately. Not only did she agree, but she seemed absolutely thrilled by the idea and encouraged me to set it up as soon as possible. Fortunately it was summer and so still nice and warm in the early evenings. I suggested that we should take a drive up to a deserted farm I knew where the light and colour would be just about perfect. Faye agreed and, grabbing my camera and a spare lens we hopped into the Jeep and sped off.

As we pulled up outside the farm, Faye seemed anxious, excited and leapt out of the car well before me.

"Over there, by that little bridge!" she shouted as she started running in the direction she had indicated.

Faye had dressed for the occasion. Obviously not expecting to have her clothes on for long, she had only worn a tiny white skirt and a matching crop-top that displayed her midriff beautifully. As she reached the wooden bridge she quickly began throwing poses for me, pouting her lips and turning three-quarter profile to the camera and raising her skirt a little at the back. I snapped off nearly a whole roll of film as she flashed her little butt at me (she had decided that any underwear would have been a complete waste of time!).

"Pull up the top a little, baby. So I can just see a little of your tits!"

Faye smiled wickedly and slid her fingers up into the material of her thin top, pulling it up slightly over the swell of her breast and allowing me (and the camera) a daring peek at her stiffened nipple.

"Looks like your enjoying yourself, hon!" I called as my wife twisted her body around to show a little of her butt again.

"And you!" she replied pointing at my crotch. As usual, I had developed quite an erection.

"Pull the skirt up now, Faye. Let’s see some of that juicy pussy!"

A few more zoomed shots of my wife's nether regions followed as she hoisted the short skirt up around her waist and, leaning back against the bridge rail opened her legs to display her charms.

"Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" The voice was deep and gravel-like. I had been so wrapped up in what I was doing, I hadn't seen the man approach. He strode straight over to Faye, he obviously hadn't seen me at all. Immediately, Faye straightened her clothes and tried to look as innocent as possible.

"This is private property you know." the man continued, taking obvious note of the skimpy way in which my wife was dressed. He had his back to me as I stood behind a row of bushes, but Faye could see me by just glancing over his shoulder.

"I rather thought the place was deserted." she replied covertly indicating to me that I should stay put and not disclose my whereabouts. "Do you live here, then?"

"Just bought the place!" the man continued, relaxing visibly now he realised that Faye wasn't about to steal or damage anything. His eyes seemed rivetted to her barely covered breasts and long, slender legs. "So, what's a girl like you doing here all by herself then?"

"Oh, just admiring the view! You know."

"View's pretty good from here as well!" He said with a lusty grin. "I saw you, dancing about and pulling your top up. You like to show off in public, don't you!"

Faye feigned a bashful smile and stared down at her bare feet. She remained silent. I felt a surge of excitement. I liked the way this was going and snapped off a quick shot of the two of them. Still attempting to seem shy and embarrassed, Faye turned away to look over the side of the bridge. Her skirt was still high on her waist and the swell of her rounded buttocks was obvious through the material. It was just the opportunity the farmer had been waiting for and moved closer to her, his hands resting on her ass.

"Mmmmm," he murmured as he kissed her neck and massaged her butt, "I like my women slutty! Are you a slut? A real tramp?"

Faye turned quickly to face him. There was no expression of embarrassment or shyness now. She stared into his eyes, deadly serious.

"You're right. I am a slut, a real whore. You can do anything you want to me. I want you and I want you now!"

"My kinda broad!" He said as his hands crept around my wife and again began pulling at the cheeks of her ass.

This time though, his hands were more urgent, more insistent as they roughly manipulated her buttocks. I could see Faye's face, a look of pure lustful enjoyment creeping over it. Silently, I hid myself further into the undergrowth and began taking pictures. I wasn't going to miss this for the world.

"Mmmmm, squeeze my ass you big bastard!" moaned Faye. "I'm not wearing panties!"

"Oh shit! You're right!" the farmer cried in a croaking voice as his hands crept up under my wife's short skirt. "I can feel the heat straight from your cunt! I bet it's already wet, too!"

"Why don't you take a good look and find out, Mr. Farmer!" squealed Faye excitedly.

The farmer took her exactly at her word and, with arms thick with muscle, he lifted her effortlessly and sat her atop the bridge rail. I had to stifle a small chuckle as I suddenly thought about my wife toppling over the edge and splashing into the muddy stream below. But Faye wasn't thinking about falling, she was thinking about fucking! In a second she had pulled the crop -top over her head and off, revealing her firm, pert breasts with nipples that now looked extremely swollen. I clicked off a couple of zoomed shots just of them.

"Fucking lovely. No bra!" Boomed the farmer laughing with gusto.

His head bent quickly and I got a great shot of Faye's left nipple slipping between his lips as he sucked on it heartily. The other nipple was treated to the same lavish attention as my wife's fingers buried themselves in the man's dark hair and pulled him nearer to her breast.

"Ohhhh...my pussy's on fire Mr. Farmer," she giggled, "you better take a look!"

Quite happy with this arrangement, the large farm worker dropped to his knees between Faye's well spread legs. I clicked wildly and without thought, zooming the powerful lens into the area between my wife's legs. My cock was burning a hole in my pants, I was so hard, and as the man slowly extended his tongue and lapped contentedly at my wife's swollen, protruding clitty, I thought I was going to cum on the spot.

Using one hand to keep the camera firing shots, I used the other to release my tool from its confines. The cool evening air felt so good as it played around my shaft and balls and I knew that Faye would be feeling the same effect as she sat pantyless on top of the rail.

By now the farmer had started to eat my wife properly. His tongue lashed up against the hard, swollen bud of her clitoris and her head lay back as she climbed the ladder of lust to an inevitable climax. Her moans of ecstasy floated in the air as I watched her legs begin to tremble and the pitch of her voice creep higher and higher. She came long and hard, crushing the man's head between her legs and beating a tattoo on his back with her bare feet.

"God, baby, you sure can cum!" he said as he finally withdrew, his face covered in Faye's sex fluid.

"And you sure know how to eat pussy!"

Faye's voice seemed short and breathless as she spoke. She remained sat on the rail for a few moments and they kissed again deeply, the farmer idly playing with her breasts and nipples.

"You sure talk well, honey." he said eventually. "But can you use that pretty mouth for anything else?

Faye looked at him, faking a hurt expression. I knew that this guy was in for a real treat. There's only one thing that my wife enjoys more than flashing her tits and pussy, and that's sucking cock! She didn't speak, her expression said all that was needed to convey the message. Faye slowly climbed down from the rail and stood next to the farmer. The evening being so warm, he just wore a pair of running shorts and this made accessibility very easy for my wife. Circling his crotch slowly with her hand, she made her way very gradually towards the waistband of his shorts. I clicked off more shots as she massaged the large bulge that strained the front and gave my own prick a quick squeeze as I watched. And then her hand slipped inside. The man howled his pleasure and closed his eyes as Faye dragged his throbbing tool out into the open. I was masturbating hard now with one hand and wondered fleetingly if the shots I was taking with the other would be too shaky and out of focus to see at all!

I came just as Faye bent her head and sucked the farmer's prick between her lips. I had to bite my lip to stop from crying out as the thick, hot semen spilled from the tip of my throbbing dick and splashed onto the bush in front of me. It was one of the most intense orgasms of my life and one that, sadly, caused me to miss a lot of the blow-job that my wife was now giving her burly lover.

I could feel my wilting ardour returning almost immediately to life as I watched the farmer fuck his thick, hard cock into my wife's gaping mouth. He may not have been too massive in the length department, but the width of his tool was extremely impressive. A good sucking size, Faye has always said about a thick cock!

"Oh baby, you suck just like the pro I had last week! And I had to pay her! That's it my little slut, my whore, suck my cock down....ahhhhhh...oh, yes.....I can feel your mouth so tight around my dick!"

For another three or four minutes, he continued to assault my wife's willing mouth with his thick weapon, pausing only a few times to call her a "slut" or a "cunt" and then ramming his tool back down her throat again.

"I'm gonna cum soon if you keep this up, baby - You want it in your mouth or in your cunt?"

I knew the answer to that question just as well as Faye did. To her, a sex session isn't complete until she's felt the power of a hard thrusting cock penetrating her wet pussy. Today was no exception. In reply, she let her lover's penis slips out of her throat and breathed in a deep lungful of air as she disengaged herself from his rod of pleasure.

"Fuck me!"

That was all she said, all that was needed to be said. Faye turned her back on the farmer and leaned over the bridge rail so that she was facing me. I'm not sure if she could see me, but I could certainly see her and the expression on her face. Her new lover moved into position behind her, his cock hard as a flag-staff and dripping pre-cum and saliva. For a moment he teased her running the head through the wet folds of her labia and up against her engorged clit.

"You want this cock, slut?" he chided her. "You want this big, rough cock in your tight little cunt?"

Faye looked as if she was on fire with lust. Her eyes were tight shut and she wriggled her hips in an obvious attempt to get her lover's cock inside her.

"Oh, God, yes! Fuck me you big, rough bastard! I want to feel you inside me...PLEASE!!!"

I watched Faye's facial expression change as her lover thrust himself deeply into her wet pussy. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle and her pink tongue licked her lips in appreciation as she tried to hump herself back onto his dick. The air was alive with their groans of sexual contentment as they fucked like a couple of teenagers on a first date. There was little finesse just raw, nasty sex.

"In my ass! Fuck my tight little ass!" Faye screamed as she fought to control the orgasm that buckled her knees and trembled her thighs.

A quick alteration to the angle of his thrusts and the farmer was suddenly buried inside my wife's ass with a deep guttural groan. I knew how good that felt; Faye's pussy is always tight and juicy, but when I butt-fuck her, the feeling of drilling that sweet, tight hole is almost more than I can take - I can usually only last a few seconds before I lose my mind and fill her back passage with cum. The rampant farmer seemed no different from me in this respect. As Faye continued to shudder and tremble in the throes of her orgasm, I watched the big man screw his eyes shut and heard him groan deeply. To make my evening perfect, He pulled his ejaculating cock free of Faye's back door and, pointing himself at her upturned buttocks, unloaded his balls all over her hot, white skin. The effect was immediate and electrifying; Faye screamed out again as she felt the liquid scald her skin and rammed two fingers deep into her soaked snatch, cumming and cumming in a series of multiple orgasms while I clicked off several great shots.

To date, this has still been the single most exciting episode of my life. The farmer never did see me; I crept back to the car while he was still talking and fondling my wife's tits. I had to wait nearly half an hour before Faye eventually returned exhausted but very, very happy. I still have the pictures to remind me of that evening and they have taken pride of place in our private photo album we have entitled "Faye's Exposure".

We are keen to add more pictures to the album and Faye has had some great ideas. Tomorrow we are off to a bar where they have strippers. Faye is keen to see how they move their bodies and shed their clothes in such a sexy manner. You never know, she might even be persuaded to join them!

I'll let you know!