Written by Kat Wright

Sep. 26, 2015

setting the scene,,

You have gone to into the hospital for some tests, and have to spend the night...

You are fast asleep in your room,, when you feel a presence in the room with you... you open your eyes just a little and, see me.. I am wearing my nursing uniform, a little cleavage showing, and a short skirt,,

you pretend u r asleep.. i walk over to u,, and take my hand and just brush over ur arms,, down across ur face, down ur chest, over ur ur body down above ur cock,, down ur legs one at a time, i am not touching u,,just my hand hovering over ur body. your body feeling the warmth of my hands running all over ur body..

you only have a hosptial gown on,, and nothing else,, so u feel my warmth very much...so much that your cock hardens under the light blankets,,

i run my hands up and down over ur body again,, this time stopping at ur cock,, i smile,, as i see ur very hard for me,, u must sense me,,

smileing,, i lower the sheets,, very carefully,,not wanting to wake u,,

with the sheets lowered, i can see your wonderfull cock..

mm you peek a look at me,,

you can see me,, undoing each button,, of my uniform, and sliding my shirt to the floor,, then i slide my hands up and raise my skirt up onto my hips,, to ur surprise i am not wearing any panties

you smile,, you try not to make any noise to let me know ur awake,,

i take my hands and rub my breasts over my nipples, and pinch them,, making them hard,, running my hand down to my pussy,,, you watch as i slide my finger in to my pussy,, mm u can hear how wet i am, sliding my fingers around my wet pussy.

your cock grows harder watching me,, mm i look up and smile,, i walk over to u,, and climb up onto the bed,, your so big and hard, mm i want to fuck u,,, with my wet pussy

i take ur cock in my hand and run it up and down,, u open your eyes more,, watching me,,

you smile, and I take ur cock and slide my mouth over ur cock,, licking the precum off ur cock.sliding my tongue up and down ur cock.. ur so hard,, so lovely,, so handsome,,

i suck ur cock all the way down,, moving up and down slowly at first,, mm i look up at u, and notice that ur eyese are open,, and u smile,, and whisper,, ooh god yes,, keep doing that,, your my wildest fantasy,,

i keep stroking ur cock up and down,,but my body wants to have u inside me,

i slide myself up onto ur cock,, i slide my wet pussy up and down ur cock,, spreading myjuices all over ur hard cock.. my juices running down ur balls,, very hard, very wet,, i grab ur cock and slide it into my pussy,,

ohh hell yes it feels so good,, riding ur cock up and down, slowly at first,, our bodies on fire,, u press ur hips up further as u cock goes in and out deeper and deeper inside me,, your so big and hard hitting my g spot,, i moan out more and more

i drive my pussy down harder and faster,, onto ur cock.. mm u pinch my nipples as i fuck u,, up and down riding u hard,

i keep fucking u,, i reach behind and grab ur balls in my hand and squeeze them,, as i ride ur cock,, you slide ur hand over to my pussy and rub my clit as i ride ur cock harder up and down,,

i feel my orgasm building,,feeling my self starting to cum, ohh hell yes, you drive ur cock in deeper as i moan out that i am cumming,, cumming all over ur cock,, ur cock stiffens and i feel ur hot cum shooting inside my pussy.. driving me over the edge into another orgasm,, wow,, wow, i moan out u moan out as i cum harder on ur cock ,, u r cum deep inside me,, my pussy throbbing all over ur cock, ommy,, thats soo good,,

i slowly ride ur cock up and down,, milking all of ur cum from ur cock,, mmm soo good,,

i lie on ur chest for a minute,, catch my breath,, i slide off ur cock,,

then i get a warm wash cloth and soap and wash ur cock and balls,, and chest, keeping u nice and warm as i washed u up... mmm

as i wash ur lovely cock,, u get harder and harder again,, you look at me and ask me what i am going to do with u now,, and you reply.. i am going to make u cum again,,

i take ur cock into my mouth and suck u up and down,, licking ur balls as i go down,, and up,, caressing ur balls in my hand as i suck u hard,, i stroke ur cock up and down up and down harder and faster, feeling ur cock stiffen, ur balls squeezing them they are firm,, feeling ur cum building inside ur cock,, i stroke and suck at the same time,, going alll the way down andup sucking u so good,, mm yes

i feel ur cum mm shooting into my mouth,, down the back of my throat,, sucking u wildly,, all of ur cock inside my mouth, omg ,, u taste soo good,,, i keep sucking until all ur cum is inside my mouth,, i kiss the tip of ur cock,, put the blankets back on u,, and dress myself,, and i walk out of the room,,

you drift off the sleep,,,,,,