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The women sitting alone.


3 minute read

So we walk into our favourite little hang out to have a few games of pool and there by the pool tables is this incredibly gorgeous woman. She is by herself, I am assuming she is waiting on her date. I cannot stop looking at her. She is dressed in a nice summer dress, fits her perfectly. It is my turn to shoot and I have to bother her to move because if I don't I might end up hitting her with my cue. She moves and then asks me if I will watch her drink while she goes to the washroom, I do. When she returns I ask her to sit with us. I am going to sit this game of pool out and have a conversation with her. As we are chatting I notice her looking down my shirt. I whisper in her ear and ask her if she is attracted to women. I so hope she says yes. She is a bit shy but nods her head. I tell my husband to finish his game and then meet us outside by the car. She is waiting on a date so she is a bit hesitant to go far. We are in the back seat and I whisper in her ear and ask her if I can kiss her she agrees. Her lips are soft just like I imagined, I drop her strap off her shoulder exposing her breast and kiss down from her mouth to her nipple, she is loving it I ask her if she is wet, she say dripping. I need to feel how wet she is so my hand goes up her dress, she is not wearing underwear, that was a nice surprise. By the look in her eyes I can tell my husband is outside the car watching, she likes him watching and starts playing with her nipples. My fingers go up inside her. I ask do you like it hard or soft. She says hard so I am finger fucking her hard and fast and I can tell she is about to cum. Her phone goes off its her date. He is waiting in the bar. She has to go but just before she leaves she squirts everywhere. Wow that was fun. She leaves and my husband gets in the car. He is so turned on. He tells me to get in the front and lay the seat back. He says I have been a bad girl and that I am going to get a spanking when I get home. He starts the car and tells me to unzip and pull down my pants. Im game I so want to touch myself, my pussy is tingling and throbbing I so want to cum . We arrive home, Off go the clothes. He bends me over and spanks my ass telling me Im a bad girl. I say fuck me , fuck me hard. My pussy feels like it is going to explode and explode it does. I am so wet and my husband is fucking me so hard it hurts but it feels so good. He pulls out ,flips me over and shoots his load all over me. Then collapses on me saying I a very bad bad girl.

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