Jan. 11, 2021

The Ottawa Bluesfest is a summer festival of, well, pretty much any sort of music. The days of it having a blues focus are long gone. However, one early evening I found myself standing in the middle of a sparse crowd enjoying, of all things, some pretty good blues. It was the warm-up band for a singer that I wanted to see at that stage that was coming along later. I looked around and spotted an attractive woman about 10 feet behind me dancing slowly to the music. I caught her eye and gave her a smile - she returned the smile but made no other signal. There was a man standing beside her – I assumed this was her date so I stayed back to respect their relationship. We exchanged glances a few more times – I enjoyed the view and her smile even if there was no possibility of it gong any further. However, at one point when I turned back to look, I saw her ‘date’ walk away – she didn’t glance at him as he did; perhaps I was mistaken?

The concert finished and she disappeared as the crowd thinned out - there was about a 30 min delay between acts. I grabbed a beer but stayed close to my original spot and waited. Eventually the crowd started to gather again. I noticed that she was back, in the same place as before (alone now). As the crowd thickened, people started moving forward. I looked back to keep track of her. I stayed in position as she moved forward with the crowd. Before long, she was directly behind me, and then just in front. At that point, I started to move, staying with her. The music started and the singer’s sultry voice had us moving and swaying. As we danced, my hands brushed hers. I looked at her to apologise but she made no move, didn’t appear to notice. My hand brushed against her arm and then her hip as we continued to dance. She made no effort to give me more room - it occurred to me that she had no objection to the contact. Next time we swayed together, I placed my hand tentatively on her hip. My touch was light, to gauge her reaction and acceptance. She gave no response other than continuing to dance. I kept dancing behind her, moving and swaying to the rhythms of the song. My hips occasionally came into contact with her as my hand continued to rest lightly on her hip. A slower song started and I pressed slightly against her – my hips against her butt. My other hand moved to her other hip, the touch light, and I let her feel me guiding her in the dance. We continued to move together until the song ended and my hands left her body to applaud. While there was space in front of her, she made no effort to move away from me to occupy it.

Another song started and I reclaimed her hips. As we moved together, I started a syncopation, my hips moving opposite to hers. My touch stayed light but she could certainly feel my hips and groin sliding across her ass. At one point, I felt her push back slightly against me – my body responded instantly and before long, there was a growing bulge sliding across her ass, occasionally nestling between her cheeks and then continuing to travel across her backside. After a few minutes I began to hold her more firmly, my hips pressed against her butt. She turned her head to look a t me for a minute, considering, and then brought her attention back to the stage. Again, she made no move to create space between us, so I guessed I passed the test. When the next song started, I gently pulled her back against me, and she gave no resistance. My groin continued to caress her ass – my cock was unmistakenly getting hard and she could feel the - not insignificant – pressure. This continued for a while and eventually, emboldened, I I began to explore her. My hands moved from her hips across her stomach and I felt a touch of skin. She was wearing what looked like a summer dress, but was revealed to me as separate (matching) top and skirt. I had inadvertently found the gap between the two garments. I let my fingers explore her skin for a few minutes as we continued to dance, swaying to the beat. My hand slowly started to ascend across her stomach, to her chest. I paused when I felt the swell of her breast against the back of my hand, waiting for permission. After a few seconds, she raised her hand and touched my hand lightly. It was a signal to stop. My hand moved back down, caressing the skin of her belly as I went. When I felt the waistband of her skirt, my fingers slid under it and then paused, waiting for her reaction. She made no objection, so my hand continued its exploration, traveling lower. I paused again, briefly, as my fingers moved under the band of her panties before continuing my journey south. I marveled as my hand encountered the rough texture of a patch of pubic hair and I stopped to explore it, running my fingers through it. Lower still, and I heard a light gasp as I approached her clit. Her hand came up and touched mine briefly – a signal to stop, at least for now. My hands returned to her hips and we continued to dance through the rest of the concert. Afterwards, I asked her if I could get her a drink. She looked at me again, seeming to consider and finally agreed. We got drinks – beer and cider, retreated to a grassy spot on a hill and sat down on the grass. As we got to know each other a bit, my hand touched her leg and then continued to caress her. She checked her purse and, satisfied at what she found, laid back on the grass. I moved closer and we shared a kiss. We continued to chat, and then kiss as our hands started to wander. The kisses started slowly but it wasn’t long before passion built, and we started touching each other a little more earnestly. More minutes went by until breathlessly, she broke away and paused for a minute before saying that there must be a place near here that we can go. She looked over at the nearest bushes and rejected them – too public. She spotted a row of trees behind the fence, off of the bluesfest grounds, and motioned to me to follow.

We left the grounds as the sun was setting and wandered down the bike path, through the trees on the edge of the Ottawa River. At some point, she stopped and said that this would do. We came together, our lips mashing with the passion that had built up over the last hour. It wasn’t long before her breasts were under my hands, and then I found myself on my knees, removing her skirt and panties so I could taste her wetness. She spread her legs to give me access and I suckled her lips, caressing the insides with my tongue while my fingers went to work massaging her clit. Before long, she asked me to stop; she wanted more. I removed my clothes and she moved to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked me urgently for a few minutes until I bade her stop. She started to get down onto the ground – I stopped her and laid down myself – there was a bit of gravel; I didn’t want anything to limit her enjoyment! I indicated for her to get on top of me. She stopped to remove the spare condom from her purse that she had found earlier, and placed it on me. I pulled her onto my face for one last sensual lick before she reached backwards to take my cock in hand and then moved back to settle slowly onto it. I held her hips as she started to move on me. The sight of her gorgeous breasts bouncing as she moved was mesmerizing. Soon they were in my hands, their weight providing emphasis to her movement. Eventually we came together – neither of us lasted long that time - and she collapsed onto me. We lay there for a while together in a post-coital haze, smiling, slowly recovering. We both glanced up when we heard a noise, and saw a guy get up from the bushes about 20 feet away. He gathered his things, looked at us and said “that was awesome!’ then walked away. We looked at other a bit sheepishly, laughed and started to get dressed. We got back to the festival as the last strains of music were disappearing. We exchanged contact info and a final sensual kiss before blending into the departing crowd.