Written by Dannette

Apr. 29, 2018

Dan and I decided to try out this website for swingers about a year ago now. We have been enjoying all the conversations and trading pics. We have discovered I am an exhibitionist at heart and love to dance and strip for the camera. We have only met with a couple of men, and enjoyed the experience but we were left wanting more.

We set rules and boundaries and agreed neither one of us would take one for the team. And we agreed we both have a say in who we invite home. They must be polite and a gentleman. But the number one rule was no one under the age of 45 to 50. We wanted mature, not too much to ask I thought.

Suddenly I find myself chatting with a much younger man. He is very charming and very respectful and very handsome. I kept saying no but I let him get the best of me. I found myself dressing sexy and giving him a cam show.

We have been chatting for a while now and we have agreed to meet him in a hotel in Ottawa. We meet in the hotel bar and have a few drinks. I like the fact that he is single. No ties and no Lies. We all know what we want and he has made it very clear that he wants me. Dan seems to like him a lot and I admit he doesn’t act as young as he is.

After a while I rise and excuse myself. I can see the look of disappointment on his face. But Dan and I have already planned if it was a go that I would go back to the room and get ready for them both. I lean over and kiss Laurent deeply on the mouth. I can tell I had an effect on him judging from the bulge in his pants.

As I leave I can feel both their eyes on me and have high hopes for what is to come. I go to our room and know I have 15 minutes to get in my sexy lingerie. I freshen up and get prepared anticipating the night ahead.

As I stand by the chair facing the door it opens and I see both of these sexy men’s eyes light up. Laurent is smiling ear to ear. Taking in my gold and black bustier and black stockings and black satin stiletto’s. I must say he makes me feel very sexy. Dan approaches me and kisses me as only he knows how. Laurent joins us and tells me how sexy I look. He strokes my long blonde hair and pulls me closer to him and kisses me gently. Dan comes closer and pulls my hair aside and kisses my neck slowly working his way down to the top of my breasts. He ask Laurent if he would like to touch them and Laurent reaches in and cups each one and moans loudly.

I lean in and run my hands down his chest and slowly start to unbutton his shirt and work my way down to his bulging pants and find him even bigger than what I saw on cam. Now I moan. I turn to Dan and start to help him undress and find him already in his underwear. Dan takes me by the shoulders and turns me around and pulls my hips into his hard cock. He runs his hand down my stomach and places his finger under the edge of my lace panties pulling them out so he can fit his hand inside. Laurent is enjoying the show and strips to his underwear.

Dan runs his finger down into my waiting pussy and moans at what he finds there. It takes us both by surprise at how wet I am. Laurent asks if I am wet and Dan says you should see for yourself. I turn my back to Laurent and he pulls me into him and I feel his hard cock throbbing against my hips. He reaches around and mimics Dan’s actions and sucks in a deep breath at what he finds waiting for him. I stand back and undo my bustier presenting my breasts. Laurent stands looking as if waiting for permission to touch them. I reach out my hands and pull them closer and each take a breast gently in their mouths. I pull away and sit on the edge of the bed. Slowly leaning back and start touching myself starting at the neck and working slowly down my stomach to the warm, wet place I know they both want. Both men lose their underwear and crawl up beside me. I take them both in my hands and stroke their hard, throbbing cocks careful not to make them cum yet. I feel hands all over my body bringing me an ecstasy I won’t soon forget. My panties have come off and Laurent is between my legs gently kissing and exploring my thighs and then my wet pussy bringing me to a mind-blowing orgasm. I am pleased to discover he has a talent for this.

I turn to Dan and take his throbbing cock into my mouth gently taking him deep into my throat. After a bit Dan tells Laurent you have to try this. Laurent and Dan trade places and Now I show Laurent how I can perform. I slowly take my time and explore every inch of him with my tongue and then take him in my mouth an inch at a time. I show him my deep throating skills which almost takes him over the edge. But I know when to stop. Just as I pause Dan brings me to my second orgasm.

After I cum I need to be fucked and I am lucky enough to have to willing volunteers. Dan know this and say to Laurent guests first. Laurent puts a condom on as I go onto my hands and knees. I pull Dan to the side of the bed and as I take him in my mouth I feel Laurent crawl onto the bed behind me and he tells me he is going to fuck me now. He takes his cock and rubs it up and down my wet pussy and then enters me slowly amazed at how tight I am. Slowly his thrusts increase and I match his motions on Dan’s cock. It doesn’t take long and all three of us are Cumming. We all fall onto the bed exhausted but know it’s only for a minute Dan and Laurent have to switch places again. It only fair after all.