Written by Dannette

Dec. 2, 2017

Introduction: This story is written from my point of view and my wife's separate point of view and will be several chapters long. We invite others to write their own perspective as to how this scenario would unfold in their eyes and from their own unique perspective. Would love to receive these stories from you and never know could lead up to more.....

Chapter 1

Dan’s POV

Sherrie and I had been chatting with our guest. We had finally arranged to meet him at a hotel in Ottawa. We were anxiously awaiting his arrival that morning.

Sherrie was dressed to kill in her sexy lingerie and was nervous as this was our first time ever doing anything like this.

She sat in a chair her back to the door and I sat facing her watching the door attentively. I put a small cloth in the door so that with our guest could walk right in.

We heard a slight knock at the door and I answered “Come in”

He did and closed the door behind him. He looked over to see Sherrie’s long blonde hair and quickly noticed that she was wearing sexy lingerie.

I watched his eyes as they lit up with excitement.

Sherrie was looking at me and I told her to look back at our guest.

She did so, slowly looking over her shoulder. With our guest quickly put down his tray of coffee that he generously brought with him and he understood that coffee was not on the menu right now but Sherrie was.

He unbuttoned his shirt took of his shoes socks and pants and approached Sherrie from behind. I could tell Sherrie was nervous but also very aroused. Her eyes kept constant contact with mine.

Our guest gently touched her hair then her neck and slowly crept down towards her breasts. Sherrie tensed up a little in anticipation of his hands on her breasts. I could see her breathing increase and deepen.

Finally our guest’s hands cupped her left breast and cupped it oh so delicately. I could tell he was savoring the moment. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear and Sherrie nodded yes.

His hands were now cupping and massaging both breasts and he would stop only to pinch her nipples which were very hard and erect.

Sherrie then spread her legs and put one on my chair and the other on the bed. She then asked me ”Is this what you want Dan? I could not speak but nodded yes giving our guest a clear message to proceed. Without delay his hand moved over her stomach and approached her inner thighs.

My cock was so hard watching my sexy wife give me this sensual show. His fingers lightly brushed over her pussy making her moan with delight and she spread her legs even wider.

Our guest then pushed the flimsy material to one side giving me a perfect view of her pussy lips. They were glistening already wet with excitement. His fingers gently roamed over her slit stopping on her clit making her quiver with delight. The second touch to her clit made her moan out loud making me rub my cock still bound in my pants.

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Sherrie’s POV

The day has finally come. We have been talking to our guest for a couple of months now.

We travelled to Ottawa and have a beautiful hotel room. I can’t concentrate on my daily tasks.

I’m so nervous and yet so excited. More excited than I have ever been wondering what it will be like to be touched by someone other than my husband.

I spend hours getting ready. I soak in a warm tub filled with enticing aromas. I want him to remember how I smell and feel. I apply my make up with great care and curl my long blonde hair. I have taken time to pick out the perfect lingerie. Finally I am ready.

Dan goes over and blocks the door open. Then he takes my hand and leads me to a chair facing the bed. After a few minutes I hear a soft knock and the door opens. I hear our guest enter and then hear the shuffle of clothes and shoes hitting the floor.

I sense him coming closer and he places a hand on my shoulder. My heart is beating out of my chest. His touch is electrifying. He slowly moves my hair off my shoulder and lowers his head and gently places a kiss on my neck. He takes a deep breath and breathes me in and moans softly in appreciation.

He runs his hand slowly down my neck and chest as if memorizing the path to my breast. He runs his fingers over the lace and then inserts his fingers under the material and takes a deep breath and a small moan as he touches my erect nipple. He then cups my whole breast in his hands. Appreciating the fullness.

I look at Dan and ask him if this is what he wants and he nods, seeming to not be capable of speech.

Our guest then gives the breast one last squeeze and runs his hand down my stomach to my sheer panties enjoying the feel. I spread my legs placing one leg on the bed and one leg on the arm of Dan’s chair. Our guest runs his fingers under the lace and pulls the panties aside revealing my pussy to Dan. Dan takes in a deep breath and I can see his hard cock through his pants.

Our guest then takes his finger and runs it between my lips and is pleasantly surprised to see how wet I am. Then……..

now your turn same story from your perspective

Dan and Sherrie