Nov. 17, 2013

Cassie was like any other girl or so she thought, then she started making friends and hanging out with ladies from her neighborhood after a girls night she started to wonder if she were wrong. That night she had been DD so when the girls started to talk she quickly realized how different her and her husband were. Since then Cassie was careful to mind what she said around her new friends somehow she didn’t think they would understand. Cassie never told Rick about the things that she had learnt that night, she also didn’t let it effect her new relationships but it did make her wonder. After giving into curiosity she stumbled upon a source of information that she could relate to soon forgetting that night and all the unease it had brought her. When talking with a friend a number of months later a whole new topic came up, one that stayed with her. The friend was talking about a friend of hers who has a threesome and she went on and on about how taboo it was and that it was wrong Cassie just smiled because she herself had a threesome a number of years back, she knew more about the topic than her friend would ever know.

She ended up talking to rick about the conversation she had with her friend telling him just how shocked she was that this friend reacted the way she had “I mean hello it’s not the dark ages, how can she be so judgmental?” Rick told her “maybe she is just unsatisfied with her bedroom life and doesn’t know how to deal don’t worry about it” she nodded and let it go. Cassie wondered if “normal people” had as much sex as her and rick did, she wondered 'is every other night too much?' Would rick get tired of her? She found herself at odds with her thoughts unsure of what to think, then the worst thing that could happen did Rick walked into the room one day and said “ we need to talk” her eyebrows shot up but she managed not to say a word.

She couldn’t breathe while she awaited him to talk, “I was wondering how open you might be to a new idea” she felt her brows furrow before she could stop it “now don’t get mad, I just want to run something by you” “okay… what?” she managed after a moment. “well you and I have done a lot of things over the years, don’t look at me like that” “like what? Where are you going with this just spit it out Rick” she wanted to know if he was going to say he was leaving her for someone new she just wanted to rip the band aid off she didn’t want to pussyfoot around. “Fine, I want to have more adventurous sex” she couldn’t help but grin which only confused her now flustered husband. “don’t get me wrong I love having sex with you no matter where or how I can get it. I just thought we could explore a little more and wanted to know what you thought of the idea” she was quiet for a few moments thinking of what to say and how “what do you mean more adventurous? We have done more than most people we know” she tried hard not to remember the things that had upset her not all that long ago. To which he replied “well how about exploring fantasies, we had discussed them a while back” “yah but I thought we were just talking I didn’t ever think that you would want to enact them” “it’s a thought” “you are telling me that you would be willing to allow another man join our bed?” “sure” “I think you haven’t thought about this, you get jealous if I talk to another man, how are you going to handle watching me fuck one” “well we could do another girl” “mmm I don’t know” “thought you said you would consider it” “I did… yes” she admitted before falling silent and prey to her thoughts. She thought of all the things that she had heard from her friends over the past few months about her self doubts, wondering if this would just prove all her fears or if she was just over thinking other people and their opinions. “all I am asking is that we think about it at the very least” he said sensing her unease “okay I can handle that”

They left it at that for a while the topic didn’t arise again; while out for dinner at a friend of his from work they met some new friends, they all agreed to continue the dinner parties and rick and Cassie agreed to host next time. As the guests lingered at their party Rick and Tom went on a liquor run while the rest of the guests chit chatted in the living room. After a few rounds of drinks most of the party goers had departed leaving just a handful of people, Cassie decided to excuse herself to clean the dishes that had been forgotten on the dinning room table.

She felt a pair of male arms reach around her to place a plate in the dishwasher that she was currently bent over fussing with knives and forks. “sorry” a male voice said that wasn’t ricks, she tried not to panic as he stood and moved back from her she stood and turned to face him pasting a polite smile on her face “thanks for helping out but I got this why don’t you go back in with the others Tom” “oh you are very welcome, and just so you know the others are gone just me and Mandy left” she smiled and said “oh okay well I will be out to see you off in a few minutes” he smirked then nodded leaving the kitchen. Once he was gone she exhaled a breath she was holding. Once their guests were gone and they retired to their room rick asked “what did you think of Tom and Mandy?” “they seem nice….. though I had a weird experience with Tom” his eyebrows shot up and he said “oh” “well I was fixing the utensils and he came in with a plate and reached around me to put it in the dishwasher but it left us in a rather not so appropriate situation he didn’t stay longer than putting it in and stepping back but I have to tell you this because I thought he was you till he spoke”

Rick chuckled a little then kissed her softly running his hand over her shoulder and down to her right breast grazing that while continuing south to cup her hip and pull her beneath him. Looking into her eyes he leaned in for another slow senual kiss before sucking her earlobe into his mouth and nibbling on it a little. She squirmed under his attentions, gasping then sighing he ground his hips forward to let her know how much her little noises meant to him. He kissed then sucked on her neck causing her hips to buck upward of their own regard. Traveling further south he sucked her nipple through her thin silky nightgown and she moaned at the contact. She felt his hand on her thigh traveling up so slow she thought she might burst before he reached her drenched cunt. Just as he reached the promised land his hand went back down to her knee resisting the urge to growl at him she pulled his bottom lip into her mouth sucking on it lightly. He couldn’t help but growl as his hand made it’s return north satisfied with his reaction she proceeded to kiss him as if she were on fire and he was the air to supply more fuel for her flame. When he probed her mouth with his tongue she sucked his into her mouth he ground forward again letting her feel every inch of excitement he was feeling for her, she shuddered lightly.

He continued his travels up and down her thigh driving her insane with the idea that he might set her free with his touches, but each time he went back to her knee her frustration built as well as her need. Just when she thought she might die “please?” she asked “what baby” “I need it” “tell me what you need” “I need your cock in me now” “do you, can’t handle it baby?” “I need you to fuck me till we are both sated” he growled at her words “please rick fuck me now” “you need a good fucking do you? are you wet?” “why don’t you check?” “no you need to tell me” “yes I am soaked” he smiled before his hand rested right on top of her pelvic bone. She tried to move her hips upward he shook his head no “tell me how bad you want me” “more than I need to breathe” “really?” “yes don’t make me beg I need you to stick your big hard cock in me and drive me over the edge until we both cum screaming our pleasure to the ceiling” at that he couldn’t hold back any longer he didn’t bother with clothes releasing his cock through the hole in his boxers and shoving her nightgown up he sunk into her inch by inch. Once into the hilt she shook he smirked before starting a slow rhythm making her more insane with need with each stroke, “mmm harder baby” she whispered. He ignored her request leaning down to suck a nipple into his mouth almost stopping all movements. She moaned though she wanted to growl aloud, he kissed her neck sending shudders south causing her pussy to convulse around his cock and him to moan. His movements became more urgent his pelvic bone touching her swollen sensitive clit over and over with each stroke. “ yes fuck me rick” and at that the little control he had left snapped and he pumped his hips for all he was worth watching her face as he picked up the pace going from needy to pleasured. It did little to clam him, he told her “hold on” and went on at that pace each time he ground forward she moaned a little louder until she came screaming “oh god, yes!” as she came. He didn’t stop, her pussy muscles tightening around his cock making it so much tighter he ground his teeth together as he continued to move before calling out his pleasure and cumming inside her. When he looked down at her she smiled and he kissed her. She realized that it didn’t matter where they explored together or what others thought of it, so long as they had each other the rest of it would work it’s self out.