Jul 11, 2019

For some reason unknown to me, I just love sinking my hard hungry aching cock into a beautiful wife in front of her husband. It seems so kinky and fun at the same time. The forbidden desires are the ones we yearn for the most perhaps.

For me it's like I'm showing her husband how sexy his wife is and how much I appreciate her with my hard cock sliding inside her.

It is a great honour for me being able to do this with a beautiful wife, with her husband present.

I hope to do a video at some point in the future, of the wife and myself appreciating each other.

Understanding the need for privacy, while at the same time balancing our needs for some good kinky fun.

I personally think there is nothing sexier than seeing a beautiful wife enjoying a couple of nice hard cocks at the same time or individually.

When I met the Mrs for our first three mfm threesomes it seemed fairly clear she would want more.

I had chatted with her husband a few times about wanting to pump a nice load of cum inside his beautiful wife. Back then he didn't like the idea, so I didn't ask further.

As a few years went by I often fantasized about this, but knowing that limits need to be respected didn't mention it further.

From time to the time the Mrs and I would chat and I suggested she might enjoy having three hard cocks at the same time and that I'd love to be her cameraman..

Truth is the cameraman role might not last very long upon seeing this sexy wife enjoying her cocks.

She has a gorgeous ass and I always wanted to fuck her doggystyle in front of her husband of course... I'd love to fill her pretty pussy with cum from this position. Since I've had a vasectomy and am disease and drug free it seems only natural that we would evolve to this level...

With summer here I often think about how she might look in her bikini. Her beautiful soft tan lines and soft skin. How beautiful she would look sliding her beautiful pussy up and down the shaft of my hard hungry cock.. that beautiful ass bouncing up and down... Her soft moans as she rides my achey hard cock in front of her husband.

She has long beautiful dark hair, carefully french manicured nails, and a nicely trimmed pussy... quite a beauty. Yet she has a down to earth personality at the same time. A beautiful down to earth french lady. I want to appreciate her body, nurturing it, fanning the flames of our desires.

It is only natural to have such desires and they are really only out of a deep admiration for the Mrs.

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