Written by Dasher

Feb 23, 2018

We were at a really hot lifestyle party hosted by friends of our's. It was a sexy night filled with lots of sexy sensual couples.

Around midnight my wife and I were at the buffet table and the host came by and looked at my wife and brazenly

said to her, "Hey you wanna go?" My wife smiled and said, "sure." I grabbed her and pulled her into me and said,

"really, now?" She looked at me and said, "if not now, when?"

I couldn't argue with that logic. I watched my Diane and the host, Frank walk away, just before they reached the stairs

he stopped, turned and grabbed her ass and pulled her in close for a big kiss. Her skirt lifted up, just showing the edge

of her black thigh highs. Damn she looked hot. My heart skipped.

My thoughts are a jumble. As much as Im turned on, I have a heavy pit in my stomach, hoping they turn around. But not to be. The kiss I guess was a pre-flight check. He pulled away and taking her hand they walked out of the room and I could see thru the foyer, they were ascending the stairs.

I went over and chatted with a few couples, although I doubt I heard a word they said. So distracting were my thoughts, I barely felt it, when the hostess, Brenda, came up and snuggled one arm around me.

"Do you know what our spouses are up to?" she said with a devlish smirk.

"As a matter of fact I do."

We went back arm in arm through the foyer and over to the stairway. As I took the stairs, my heart was pounding, my ears ringing. Brenda led me to the master bedroom and reached the handle of the door and in one motion pushed it open.

And there before me, Diane's black mini, thong and bra, puddled together. My eyes lifted from the floor to the bed and my beautiful wife, in just highheels and black stockings was giving Frank a blow job. Long licks of his cock followed by a few bobs up and down on the head. I stood transfixed. Brenda was making murmurs of delight and running her hand along the front of my pants, and caressing my increasing hardness

I swallowed hard taking the scene in. Frank went into action and pushed Diane back and then rolled over to return the favor and started eating her for all his worth. Her moans rang in my ears.

I leaned down and gave Diane a deep kiss and whispered to her enjoy. She smiled and said, "make Brenda happy."

I turned back and Brenda was completely naked. By the time I had removed my shirt, Brenda was kneeling in front of me

and had unzipped me and pulled my pants and underwear down for me to kick off. She pulled off my socks and then leaned in and took my cock in her mouth.

I looked over and now Diane had moved back and was straddling Frank as he fumbled with a condom. Lifting her ass, she slowly moved up until she was astride and over his gloved cock. She moved her pussy up and over and impaled herself. I watched as she slowly and sensually rocked back and forth as Frank thrusted up at her.

It was too much for me. I tried to pull away from Brenda, telling her I was about to come. And what proved to put me over the edge, she pulled back and holding my cock, told me to come on her face.

Just as I burst, I heard Diane give one huge guttural groan and then a series of screams as she came all over Frank's cock.

Brenda and I retired to the bathroom to clean up. I said, thank you. But she laughed and said, oh no need, you will repay me.

We walked back into the bedroom and Diane was again leaning over Frank as he laid back on a pillow and she was licking his cock clean, her ass high in the air. Brenda strode over and jumped on the bed and almost in one motion, leaned in

and started licking Diane's pussy.

My nerves now settled, I stood there taking in this erotic scene. I played over the scenes in my head, Frank's approach.

Their disappearing up the stairs arm in arm. Brenda snuggling up to me. The view that greeted us as we walked in the room. Watching Diane's beautiful body work it's charms on top of Frank. These memories are never to be forgotten

I whispered. Never to be forgotten. I moved towards the bed.