Updating or removing adverts

If you fancy freshening up your adverts or you have decided that you no longer want to post an advert, you can do this very easily.

Once you have logged into your account, from the top of the website click where your name is shown to open the menu that includes Adverts - mouse click this option to proceed.

Updating your advert

If you want to revise your advert text or change the category that you have posted in, you can do so by mouse clicking 'Edit' on your advert. This will then load up a page with your current advert title and description which you can customise and finalise by mouse clicking 'List'.

Can't see your advert?

If you can't see your advert or any edit button, you may not even had an advert in which case you will need to post a new one. You can follow these instructions to do this by reading this article: How to create Adverts

Removing your Adverts

To remove your advert, press the 'Delete' button shown on the advert. Please note this will permanently delete the advert, we will not be able to restore it for you.