Chat Room Basics

This help article summarises the basic chat room functions.

Parts of this article are already explained in the chatroom if you click 'Help' from the settings menu.

Sending a message

At the bottom of the chat room is a text bar. This is where you write your message and press Send to publish it to the rest of the chat room users to read.


You can whisper another user in the chatroom by firstly clicking on their username from the members list. Open it expands, choose the whisper chat button icon. This initiates a private conversation that only you and the user can read.

Viewing a web cam

You can view a web cam in the chat room by mouse clicking on one of the names in the Live Cams list in the top right section of the chat room.

Joining a chatroom

To see the rooms available to join, choose the 'Rooms' tab.

Click onto the room that you'd like to join to expand the available options. Choose either Join in a new tab to join in addition to the room that you are already in, or Join to replace the room that you are already in.

Creating a chatroom

To create a chatroom, choose the + icon.

Enter the Room name that you would like to have. If you would like to make the room private, also enter a Password. Only other chatroom users who know this password will be able to join the room.

Changing your font color and style

At the bottom of the chat room, you can change the color of your text by choosing the coloured square. Your choice of color will be remembered by the chat room the next time you enter. You also have various options to make your text that you write into the chat room bold ( B ), italic ( I ) or underscored ( U ). You can turn this options on or off by mouse clicking on them, to suit your style.

Member list explained


If you select a member in the members list, their name will expand and provide you with some options. You can view their profile by mouse clicking onto the user icon or whisper them by mouse clicking onto the speech bubble icon.


The symbols next the names in the members list represent their sexuality - blue for male, pink for female.


The Admin staff on the site will display in the chat room with a red star next to their name. Moderators will appear with a blue star next to their name. A room host (the person who created the room) will appear with a green key next to their name. Room hosts have the ability to kick a user from their room and also clear the room text.

Filter and sort

You can filter the member list by choosing the respective icons at the bottom of the filter list. You can also sort the member list either alphabetically or by distance from your location. If the latter, you can see the distance by mouse hoovering over the member name.

Changing the room font size and other settings

You can increase or decrease the font size of the chat room text by entering the chat room settings menu.

Choose Settings.

Adjust your settings accordingly and choose OK to save.