Cancelling your account

If regrettably you wish to leave the site, you can cancel your account. The process will involve email confirmation and will take effect immediately. Please understand that once an account has been cancelled, the process is irreversible.

Cancellation section

To enter your cancellation section, click your username from the top menu followed by Settings.

From the options where Membership is shown, choose Manage.

Cancel your paid subscription

Only members who pay monthly for their membership have subscriptions. For an annual membership, there is no subscription that needs to be cancelled. If you have accepted an offer that mentions a recurring subscription, you will need to cancel your paid subscription otherwise you will be charged once the period ends.

To cancel your paid subscription in the cancellation section as per the above, under the Subscription heading, choose the Cancel button.

Once you refresh the page, you should see confirmation that the subscription has been cancelled.

Cancel your account

To cancel your account in the cancellation section as per the above, under the Account heading, select the Cancel button.

You will now need to check your emails for one from the website regarding the cancellation. You must click the cancellation link inside the email in order to complete the process. Once clicked, your account will be permanently removed and you will not be able to login again.

If you have not received an email from us regarding the cancellation, please check that your account email address is correct or update this to one that is more suitable.

Subscription refunds

In accordance with the terms and conditions, there are no refunds provided for either partially used membership, or if the cancellation instructions have not been completed correctly.