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Best Male Poses

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4 months ago
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Forum Virgin
Swinging Heaven Logo 1 like 3 years ago

Curious as to what everyone finds is the best poses for a male when being photographed? I'm always interested in taking some more photos to keep showing SH more and more, but I feel like my poses are getting repetitive and boring. Anyone have suggestions of what they like to see?

Unknown User
Swinging Heaven Logo 0 likes 3 years ago

You have a nice assortment shown in your profile. 

For me, I like the one with you by your sink. You are relaxed and comfortable in your pose. 

Will leave judgement & your pose answer to the Ladies and others to see if your post provokes better images going up around here.  

Warming the Bed
Swinging Heaven Logo 3 likes 2 years ago

I (female half here) do like that your nude shots are not closeups. And you have some variety. That's nice to see. However, since you are asking for suggestions... Personally, I like playing with people and not just bodies. So on that note, I like to see some pictures that show a little "character". You mention that you like the outdoors and have a car, so I'd suggest taking more pictures outside. If you have a nice suit, a lot of women find men in suits hot. Or maybe well-fitted jeans with an open button that merely suggests what awaits. Hope that helps.

Forum Virgin
Swinging Heaven Logo 1 like 2 years ago

Great comments and recommendation jSquared101! Definitely helps having some different perspectives. Always trying to think of how I can merge some of my other passions in photography. Hoping to have some more time to do so in the near future!

Warming the Bed
Swinging Heaven Logo 0 likes 4 months ago

 Best male pose naked is completely subjective and in the eye of the beholder imho!

Personally my favorite pose is a good old fashioned straight forward standing up hanging with a few different angles for all i need and i know if I'm attracted enough to get turned on!Some people have other preferences but that is all that I need to see for simple reasons and not to complicate or distort the reality of what I want and need!