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Covid cuckolding

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Warming the Bed
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Just curious about what people are doing to supplement their horny hotwife lifestyle choices! Such as homemade movies including voyeurism,masterbation toys, public nudity are people still finding a way to do it safely clean discreet and healthy? Heard some different ways people are claiming to satisfy their needs such as doggystyle dating has become more popular than ever as strangers still agree to hook up but wear PPE including face mask,latex gloves etc. Of course condoms!(hazmat suit) Lol!with absolute minimal contact just doggy fucking sometimes in a gloryhole type of scenario eg. Tarp hanging in garage or partition in basement and so on. Still getting that big cock stranger or tight married pussy depending upon what side of the gloryhole you are on! Not judging nor condoning or condemning either!  Just as frustrated and restless as you are but still hot and bothered to hear your personal thoughts and experiences if any and how you are really coping with the situation and what you have done to get your personal fix in the mean time as our bodies go into overdrive and fantasies become more wild and way too strong to ignore any longer and our resistance is being challenged by our temptations!  Thoughts please folks? And please be respectful of others choices and personal opinions and situations and suggestions!