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Single Females

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Forum Virgin
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I am a single bisexual female that joined this site about a month ago and my mailbox just blew up! I have so many messages sent everyday, that I literally can not keep up. Many go unanswered, and some I forgot to reply back when I have answered. Putting a star beside the message helps a bit....LIE . Some members keep sending messages, even though I haven’t opened the first one they have sent ( those members are the ones I find to be pushy or I get a not so good feeling about and I delete) I get that there really isn’t a lot of single women on this site and when new ones join, it must be a race to get to her first, but it’s pretty overwhelming! 200 different couples or single men messaging in 5weeks! Maybe this is why there isn’t a lot of single women on this site or other sites. We have to keep our guard up as well going into this. We are meeting people alone, not with a partner for that added comfort. We have to vibe it out and hope we meet genuine, respectful people. There is a lot of creeps out there and I have already found a handful of liars on this site. I hope some couples and single men will keep this in mind when trying to contact a single female. Send 1 message and give her time to reply because 15 others sent her a message before you did. If there is no answer after 1-2 weeks, move on! Read her profile and make sure you are what she is looking for. If not, don’t waste your time and READ the next profile.

The people that did take the time to read my profile and wait for me to reply are the reason I’m still on this site. I’ve met a couple sexy and respectful gentlemen on here smile 

Forum Virgin
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Not sure if I have tried contacting you already, if I have well I will try again and maybe lucky enough to get a reply back lol

Warming the Bed
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Being a unicorn, you are afforded the luxury of being picky. Stand your ground and know that you will be rewarded as the cream rises to the top.

Warming the Bed
Swinging Heaven Logo 1 like 5 months ago

We have joined sites and had contacts even before putting up a photo!!  I can only imagine the amount of mail a new, younger, pretty female would get.  Now, we'd love to add to your inbox too, but alas, we are outside the desired age range.  ( but we don't act our age!  lol )

My philosophy is to respond to a note/profile that piques your interest.  There is really no need to respond to unsolicited mail, any more than listening to a sales pitch from a telemarketer.  Read, delete, move on.

Have fun and good luck.  It will likely subside over time.