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Club M4 Temporarily Closed Effective Tuesday Jan 4th @ 11pm

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Hi Everyone,

As you probably already heard, Premier Ford announced that all bars, restaurants, sex clubs and bathhouses will be shut down at midnight for at least 21 days commencing tomorrow (Tuesday Jan 4th) night at midnight. We will be having our last party from 3pm to 11pm. Covid-19 has again upset our lives with the Omicron variant. We realize it sounds like we are starting this tiresome Pandemic all over again; however the good news is that Omicron is not as lethal as first predicted. It is however very contagious, therefore we must follow the guidelines the government has set up as they attempt to control the spread of this virus. We feel confident that this lockdown will not be as long as the last one. Once we receive the green light to re-open we will notify you via email and here on the Menage Site. There have also been indications that after this Omicron variant passes that this might wipe out the entire Pandemic, but we won't get too optimistic about that until we see how this all plays out. Thank you all for your patience and devotion to the club and hopefully we will be back sooner rather than later.

All memberships will be extended to cover the duration of the lockdown.