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Warming the Bed
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We have always wanted to find a complete stranger with a nice sized cock,enthusiastic and friendly ready for some adventure and set up a blind date or anonymous encounter in a public place where we would bump at a bar or in a line up over the course of an evening starting with a little cock through pants against ass in leggings until the harder and bigger it grows the more frisky the flirting like hanging hard pressed between ass cheeks crack through yoga pants and eventually a bit of mutual touching finger tip stroking to the point of moisture penetration of fabric! All this throughout an evening and getting worked up and so damn hot we can't wait or take it anymore and ultimately wind up in a nearby pre-booked room set up in advance for the occasion! This scenario is to us as similar to a real life amature porno graph scene without filming or any other distraction just pure adult fantasy fun between consensual adults for the sake of the mystery and the pleasure of physical contact with a complete stranger who doesn't know your name or anything else other than the touch,scent, and erotic pleasure of fantasy becoming a reality! Too much porn growing up? Or do many mature adults share similar guilty thoughts interests and desires?

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I am very interested !!

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I love this idea! It’s sort of the same fantasy I have love to help. Is your wife good looking or teasy enough to make this happen? Where are you located? After we connected with eyes maybe my hand under the table would stroke her bare thigh... would she have on something that showed lots of cleavage? Or showed her stiff nipples through? Having her encourage me with her words and actions would be a huge turn on.