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How to get started as a couple...

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Forum Virgin
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My wife and I have decided, after years of discussing it, to expand our sexual horizons and explore sex with other people as a couple.  We are just not sure the best approach.  There are clubs, hotel takeovers, sites like this....

Just looking for advice or examples of experiences on how to get started....

Warming the Bed
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I'm sure you have chatted with prospects on here. Make it know what is out of bounds for you. Then chat about what your looking for. Meet for a coffee, if all goes well set a play date and location that works for both parties.

Forum Virgin
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We would recommend either a club or another couple here. Not parties, they might be too much for the start… The club has the advantage that you can test how you feel seeing other people having sex, how you feel having sex with your partner in front of strangers, how do you feel interacting with other people without necessarily commiting to full swap from the very first time. With another couple on sw, you have to find somebody who would be patient and take things easy… 

Forum Virgin
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We've been playing full-swap for almost 12 years and before we took the plunge, there was Communication about every little thing. Health concerns, play preferences, full-vs-soft swap, jealousy, etc,,, they key here is that we were BOTH interested in pursuing this. Not just the male. After we crossed that particularly large hurdle, we dipped our toes by visiting various clubs. Once we realized that everyone was pretty much looking for other couples like themselves, we began organizing meet and greets with various couples. Once we met a couple that we were interested in sharing a night of Naughty fun, we realized that the other couple went through the same things. So we would suggest, get horny, get naughty and get out there and start meeting your peeps ! If you don't do it together, it will be finished before it started. If you do it together (everything) then it will be the best life journey you'll ever experience! 

Warming the Bed
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Have a couples account maybe to start

Forum Virgin
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We are new to all this as a couple. My 1st marriage ended because he got attached and chose her and got her pregnant, so my now husband ( of 12 years) and I have started talking about dipping our toes in. I really enjoy being with other women and he wants me to have that but we as a couple are looking for another male (maybe couple) but very overwhelming on where to start. How do you do meet ups, where do you go to have hook ups ( our home is off limits- 2 teenager home bodies here lol). I am not comfortable just yet going to clubs with everything going on.

This is something we have talked about and feel we are in a good place to take this step.

Help please 🥰