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PCR testing in Cancun

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Now that the board restrictions are getting lifted and people are starting to travel, I have noticed that the Desire and Temptation brand hotels are not offering PCR testing on site which is obviously needed to get back into Canada. 

Does anyone, or would anyone know of any solutions to this problem for those on this site who might be planning a trip down to either of those properties.  

Forum Virgin
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We can help with PCR swabbing in the GTHA area. 

Resort doctors or hospitals often have something set up.  If nothing on-site, you may have to make your way to a local hospital or clinic. 

They should atleast be able to refer you to local resources. 

Forum Virgin
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Great question, I’ll be following this as I’m up their in a few months.

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Wonderful looking forward to hearing how your trip went, and would also be interested in hearing if the property has brought in rapid testing for guests when they check in for over all safety and piece of mind for the guests.