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Club M4 Interracial Meet, Greet & Play Party Sunday Afternoon June 25th
Public - 20 Attendees

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Club M4 Interracial Afternoon Play Party Saturday June 25th

This is an event that is open to people of all colors who enjoy the diversity and acceptance that the lifestyle has to offer. 

Open:  To all races, colors and sexual orientations.

It was decided on the theme based on many conversations we have had about how interracial couples are perceived differently not only in the vanilla world but in the lifestyle. 

We hope to make this party a celebration of diverse races and groups. 

Our promotion skills might be a bit rusty, but we hope that we can make it a fun and playful afternoon for all who attend.


*Single Males $100.00

*Single Females Free

*Club M4 Membership Required- $40 Annually

Club M4

1989A Dundas Street East,

Mississauga, Ontario

Party Host


Club M4 1989A Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario Jun 25, 2022, 7:00:00 PM UTC Open to Anyone 20 / 605 Attendees Guests Allowed


$100.00 per male $40.00 per couple