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Over 90 days ago
Bi-curious Female, 39
Straight Male, 51



About Us:

Happily married; be together for many of years, with children. We're also a friendly laid-back couple that enjoys having fun! (If we can) and need to get to know you or anyone beforehand as just friends. We're a clean couple; as we DO NOT do drugs and we are not drunks. (Only do social drinks at best)". We're very eager and/or curious to maybe meet others that are very much like ourselves that are open-minded people/person(s) †.

† Lana: 
She likes to make friends with a sexy sense of humor and is very open-minded. Enjoys; reading/writing hot Erotic (hardcore) Stories. Very sociable and friendly but likes to keep personal details private, until she gets to know the person(s) asking. She is also very bright and can pretty much get to know another just by talking/chatting to them, She does not like to play head games, and/or deal with liars and deviants. Very attractive inside and out.

† Will: 
Usually busy (so doesn't chat much online). Once he gets to know you, would be the kind of friend you wish you had. If he has an opinion, you will hear it. He is cautious around unknown people, but friendly, and has many interests. Like his wife doesn't play head games or deal in lies or liars he also has no desire to waste time or energy on nonsense. Can be the life of the party when caught in the mood, and has quite the sense of humor, but don't tell him I told you that...

If you would like to get to know us a bit more, then feel free to (Private Message) PM us? Once we have five minutes to do so we'll try to reply. As we both have busy lives.

Things you need to know:

We’re interested in meeting new people in the lifestyle and maybe making some friends (w/benefits). We as a married couple (Lana and I) are very much interested in having some truly hot fun with Single Males (of any size) and/or as a group. But we do have some guidelines we like to work with... So read below before you react...

We need to be comfortable and willing to do so once ready, without any pressure as we do like to get to know them somewhat first (via Chat or Meet for coffee) so please respect that and get that straight first! 

We are NOT into having separate sexual encounters alone (so don't ask!!), "Will" likes to share his wife with the right people or person(s) and maybe watch, So it's both or nothing!. We Also do Not do online sexting, (unless we know you)...

We also would like to see some personal photos via email or profile, "That we can see one face", NOT just photos of one's lower asset(s) as size does not matter (it's how one can use it!!). Maybe it's what some like to see. We Do Not!!

We also like to see some sort of personal description about you as a single person or if you're a part of a couple. So we can have and/or get an idea of who and what you’re all about and without that little bit of detail you can most likely bet we’re not going to be too interested; unless we have talked before and got to know you first. There truly needs to be a degree of sociability beforehand without question!

We DO NOT have any Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections and DON`T want any either! So you need to be just as clean, I.e. D&D and STD Free..or it will NOT happen!

"If you have zero interest in being friends with maybe benefits, don't lie and say you are interested. Don't pretend to be into us, if all you want is to just have fun at least be honest...or don't bother wasting our time and patience."

Thanks for visiting our profile

Will & Lana


Please Note: Lana does not deal with photos. You need to request access through Will. Keep in mind If you're wishing to get access to more photos, we have to get to know you first; We don`t throw around access to any private photo album until we get to know you and/or trust you first!... 

 WARNING/NOTICE: All photos or content that is posted on this website via our profile or other (i.e. Personal Photos, Erotic, etc.) is not allowed to be posted on any other websites. Use of this content (on another third-party site) without our permission is prohibited without full consent by us. Therefore you are not allowed to use any of our photo(s), writing, etc., that we have presented here for any reason without receiving our full consent beforehand.


Lana is a very kind and wonderful woman...extremely easy to talk to and is straight forward and honest. A joy to know! Very intelligent and engaging.
best person to talk to very funny and sweet sexy too dame girl


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Age: 26 - 56
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