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Not enough access to what you want...try here. This is a no holds barred, all welcome, way to meet the people that you are interested in.… Read more
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For those couples who get a charge out of watching their mates and loved ones have sex with other people… Read more
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A group for those that enjoy the act of pegging, for males and females. For those that are well versed in what it is and the pleasures that it holds, if you are n… Read more
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Just starting a group for a Calgary and area. Anyone is welcome to join, main focus is to meet new people, Chad, share stories and pictures, anything goes.… Read more
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Place for SH members to share AIRBNB's/BNB that are owned and operated by people in the lifestyle or that are lifestyle friendly. Lets have fun and support our LS f… Read more
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Group for those whose schedule or discretionary needs involve daytime play.… Read more
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Serendipity House– A New Aged Lifestyle Club If you're looking for a little more sizzle….. A sexually charged atmosphere! If you wish to add some erotic encou… Read more
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for all who enjoy bi sex. singles or couples, please add media to make this group more fun to visit (please refrain from pinning your posts so that they stay at the … Read more
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This year I have been contacted by numerous couples wanting to meet up for MFM or MF where the husband watches me ravage and blow his wife's mind. The couples I hav… Read more
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This is a group organized to let people meet and greet within B.C.… Read more
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Anyone looking to meet up, have fun no judgement on size of body, boob, cock, just clean fun with all open ages. Just open minds to please each another. On a nude p… Read more
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How many like to do it with an MFM, FMF, or threesome. Show off your photos or feel free to discuss them. why keep it private... Notice: Due to this one not working… Read more
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Like every man there's something special about fucking a hot young pussy. And younger women really like an experienced man in and out of the bedroom. Please join … Read more
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Swingers located in the Okanagan BC… Read more
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A group for BC couples. Lets hear from you and meet friends in beautiful British Columbia.… Read more
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For swingers in Kamloops and the surrounding area.… Read more
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For couples and single men who like to partake in threesomes and enjoy MILFs. Check out the Forum section and add your thoughts/stories. We posted ours! We… Read more
Heading down south? Out to cottage country? Away on business? Or just passing through? Up for meeting or down to f**k. Let others know where you’ll be and what you… Read more