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A Bull is born….a cuck too.

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Published 3 months ago
L was a cute blonde, petite and thin and had been my girlfriend for about 2 years when life/careers took us apart after graduating university. We stayed in touch, great friends and was truly happy to hear when she had announced her engagement. A few months later L had found a short term job in my city (she lived a few hours away) and wanted to know if she could stay with me during the week, going home to M on weekends. I had a 1 bd in the city with a futon couch that became a bed in the living room. M knew me well and had no problem with the arrangement. L always had a wild streak and after a week said she had spoken to M about giving each other a hall pass for a fling before getting married…8 months away. She told him that I was her choice, if he approved. He did…I didn’t see that coming since she still had a few months on the job to go. Pretty much every night or so after that we enjoyed each other fully, with the occasional good morning BJ wake up call. Luckily I was in my 20’s so stamina and a full load never took long to be ready for action. Then a long weekend came and M was coming into town. I yielded the bed and took the futon and enjoyed listening to their passions. I wasn’t expecting anything, but L surprised again the next morning with her good morning BJ….which half way through I noticed M was watching, smiling. Honestly, I felt uncomfortable with the whole thing as this was virgin territory for me, and I later learned, for them as well…but it’s always been, um, hard 😉 to refuse a good BJ! I couldn’t imagine That night I was listening again to their sexercise session when L asked if I could come into the bedroom. She asked if I’d like to join them…now I’ve watched my fair share of porn, and over the next while we traded positions, pretty much the usual MMF stuff, sometimes M alone, sometimes me, sometimes spitroasting…but then it happened…L lay on the bed and I slowly moved up her legs, licking and caressing, holding her wrists above her head, teasing her pussy with my cock, M watching us…then she asked M for some help…and I then felt a hand wrap around my cock and guide it into L. I didn’t know it at the time, but, dripping in pussy juice, I had just been christened a true bull, and M a cuck. M would always go down on and clean L after we had both emptied our loads into her. Our adventures lasted until they got married, moved farther away and, well, got awkward as they said they were considering starting a family and, although unsaid, me sending a hot load into L now and again may have eventually raised some difficult questions. We went our separate ways. I look back on those years and yearn to feel that virginal excitement again…realizing that I gave them both such pleasure, a true win win win situation for us all.

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