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Didn’t expect that

"Fantasy fulfilled"
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Published 4 weeks ago

Hello everyone 

Thought I would share this experience 

Met this mature couple thru this site(SW)

We arranged to meet at the Burlington beach strip to chat and get to know each other better

When I saw them walking king towards me

I started to get anxious and a bit nervous 

Getting closer I noticed Pam wearing short shorts and a tight V neck tee shirt showing off her ample boobs adorable face and a voluptuous full figure body

Her husband Tim also good looking dude for his age and easy to speak to

We talked for some time and said we’ll keep in touch I could tell we would meet again 

Tim got a hold of me asked to come by the house for 8 pm the next Saturday didn’t need to ask me twice

Saturday finally came I couldn’t of waited longer 

Tim greeted me at the door offered me a drink and said Pam is just getting ready

And ready she was OMG breathtaking dressed in a black corset sheer panties mesh black stockings and spiked heels 

I could hardly breathe wow was she ever 


She sat between Pat and me rubbing our legs time went on and Tim suggested to go to there basement which was all laid out for an evening of pleasure

So my role was to watch which I was content with but that didn’t last long 

Pam asked Tim if I could use my tongue on her I got his blessing she was on her hands and knees I moved underneath she squatted down on my face I took it all in a very juicy wet woman my tongue was sliding all over her delicious pussy

We continued for awhile I was so mesmerized by how wet she was then she called out to Pat and before I knew it he was sliding his cock into her pussy and back and forth on my tongue what a rush  and occasionally dipping his cock in my mouth I could taste Pam’s juices on Tim’s cock

He asked me if it was ok  couldn’t really say much with his cock in my mouth except grunt that I approved Pam was so wet actually dripping this went on for 30 minutes or so Tim was going at it hard Pam was squealing in delight all of a sudden  I could feel is his cock pulsating in her pussy, he pumped a few more times his cock slid out very wet

He forced it in my mouth and asked me to clean off the juices which I did  he sat back after and asked if I could clean Pat up

She plopped her ass and pussy on my mouth and I couldn’t get enough of her wet used pussy I cleaned it well

Totally exhausted I still wanted to do it again

Pat and Tim then went on to ask me if I would like to be there cleaner upper

Can’t say no to that till next adventure 


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