Feb. 21, 2020

Jane has been serviced by a Pakistan 'bull' throughout the past several weeks - I have recently waited for her outside of the shop in Handsworth where she meets him. He began the relationship after contacting us on SH and always sent her home in a taxi, however, I so enjoy fucking her as soon as possible after her bull that I now pick her up at the shop.

She gives me whatever I require (usually in a car park or behind a factory), before we set off for home - a continuation of a long held relationship. However, just recently, a new development has proved to be of interest.

Owing to the amount of men fucking her bareback over recent times, she recently made an appointment with her GP for a check-up, re. STD's etc. During the course of her initial consultation her doctor asked her for details of her lifestyle and examined the bruises and welts on her body. Jane was completely frank and told him what both I, and her 'boyfriend'. demanded of her.

He, of course, gave her the usual warnings concerning her promiscuous lifestyle, before referring her to the specialist unit at our local hospital for a check-up (all clear, thankfully) - all very predictable. However, a little less routine, was his request that she return to the surgery at 9.00 pm that evening - (I should say that he is an Asian, around 40 years old) - Jane, of course agreed, and at 9.00 pm was sitting in her car, outside a dark and lonely surgery.

You have probably guessed, by now the outcome of this 'consultation'. Yes, our GP pulled up, opened the surgery door and called Jane over - he took her to the minor surgery theatre, where he gave her an almighty thrashing with his belt, before buggering her mercilessly. He told her not to mention this episode to anyone, and that he would not make her do it again.

She brings out the worst in men,, and I would not have it any other way, but, even I was a little surprised at the doctor's reaction to her 'symptoms', and that he had her bareback, despite his lecture on her lifestyle.

Definitely a case of 'do as I say, not as I do', I guess.

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