Dec. 14, 2019

My writings are scattered and not in chronological order, I apologize. This story is about the first time I met my first cuckold couple in person.

I have been fantasizing about becoming a true Bull to a cuck couple for many years. It began from reading erotica as a young 20 something year old and manifested itself while I was on my own life journey for close to 20 years to where I am today. Following an extensive relationship with my hotwife couple, I began to fantasize more about being in a cuckold relationship with the right couple. Online chats with cucks and far too many wannabes kept the fire burning bright for several years. Yes wannabe cucks do serve a purpose.

That is until the evening I met them...the ones that clicked. I had connected with hubby online years earlier but neither of us were at the point where we could venture into a meet. After a long hiatus we somehow were reconnected through a different website and began to chat (and neither one of us realized we had spoken before). It started off a little rocky as there was a request made to validate me that I was uncomfortable agreeing to for discretionary reasons. We ceased chatting yet again. Until one day hubby rolled the dice, struck up yet another string of conversations and agreed to meet for a drink based on our chats.

We met in a small pub on a weeknight in a nearby city. I remember driving there and feeling the same I had felt when meeting a new couple. This only fuels my excitement level as I walk up to the door to the pub. The venue is near empty with only a few small groups finishing their late dinners. I round the corner of the dining room and lay eyes on the 2 of them sitting having a drink. I am immediately drawn to her eyes, blonde hair and ample tits that are on display for me. They certainly knew how to impress.

I introduced myself and took a seat next to her. Keeping an eye on her legs and noticing her chest pushed ever so more closely to me. She exuded sex appeal, she knew it and knew that I knew it. But she also had that sass, underlying yet present. I pegged her quickly as a brat as I carried on with my conversation with the 2 of them. I have engaged in enough conversations and situations where my labeling is needed to direct the evening to make everyone happy and respect the dynamic.

The drinks are flowing and the conversation is fluid. The "dance", or at least that is what I refer to it, begins as we move past the surface level chatter and get to the reason they ventured into the cuckold lifestyle and what they are looking for in a Bull. It is important to establish oneself and see if ideas and fantasies align, although much of that takes place in the chatter leading up to the meet. Every box seems to be getting ticked as our responses match. Her body language shows a level of comfort next to me. I can feel the connection a Bull and wife need established, which is always a hurdle to overcome. Hubby is enjoying himself and the three of ramble on with fun stories that help us learn about one another.

She excuses herself to powder her nose. I stand to let her out and make sure to drink up her beauty of what she has chosen to display for me as she walks past. Hubby and I continue as though we have known one another for some time. She returns and I excuse myself to let them talk without me present. I feel every couple needs to have some time to process and chat whether I am a good fit for them. Upon my return she asks if I would like to join them back at their home for a night cap. Now it was established earlier that there was no play on the first meet. And as much as I would like to honour that, the connection was too strong to pass up. I agreed to go but only for a night cap, it was a weekday after all and I had an early morning to get to.

I find myself sitting on their back deck under the stars as we chat and continue getting to know one another. It begins to get cool and we move to the living room, putting on some music. My respectful gentlemen persona has done it's duty to establish my core motives, fantasies, and who I am as a person but now the Dom Bull needs to come out to play. I know she is a brat but a hierarchy needs to be set forth quickly or this potential relationship will not go as I want it to.

"Can I please have some water?" I ask of her.

She quickly responds bringing me a wine glass full of my request. I drink it quickly and ask for another a short time later. If she gets it she knows where she lies in the pecking order. If not then she is pushing back to see my next move. She responds as she did earlier fetching me yet another glass. One more request for good measure I ask of her, she gets my third glass and I set it down purposefully not drinking it to show that it was done to set the tone.

We continue the flirt and chatter as hubby sits on the end of the couch watching as she snuggles next to me. What is the harm in playing the game if there is no play happening tonight, I ask myself. Might as well make it fun I think. I rest my hand on her leg in plain sight of hubby and run it up and down her exposed thigh. I tell her to hike her dress up so I can see what she is wearing for me. She does so slowly and seductively. I can see the moistness and continue to rub ever so gently at first but with an increased level of firmness as I grab at her to test her tolerance. Hubby sits quietly watching as her and I feel one another. My prey before me ready for the taking and all hubby can do is watch. Although they are new to the scene he understands his role as a cuck quickly. I glance at him every once in a while as my hand draws near her wet pussy. I place it over top cupping her sex to feel the warmth that she exudes for me.

She tries to kiss me as I playfully pull away. As the Rolling Stones say it best, "You can't always get what you want". Hubby is excited, his hand on his cock stroking himself watching the seduction of his pretty wife take place right before his eyes. This is a special moment in the dynamic of a cuckold couple. This is where the fantasy becomes a reality. My hand traces along her pussy lips as I lick the wetness off off my fingers. I turn to hubby, who has now assumed himself as "cucky", and tell him how wet her pussy is for me. He asks if we wish to take it upstairs. I leave it in their hands at this point as this is a big step. I look to the hot vixen at the end of my hand with the needy pussy, her eyes stare at me. I whisper and tell her if she walks upstairs I will follow but once she gets there she is under my control. If she stays on the couch we will finish our evening as planned and make arrangements for a proper night together.

She slowly stands, takes my hand and leads me up the stairs with cucky following. As we enter the bedroom I have cucky strip her clothes for me and order her to kneel before me. Such a good girl my new sexy slut is. Her head bowed down I walk around her, gazing upon her tits, her hands in her lap, her shaved kitty so prominent and hungry.

"Spread your legs" I command.

She pushes them apart as my hand fondles her tits. Squeezing the ample breast in my hand. My rock hard cock straining in my pants. I forget for a moment that I have an audience member in the room. I turn to cucky and smile. He responds affirmatively as he stands stroking his cock from the corner. I maintain my eye contact with him as I unbuckle my belt and pull my cock out and begin to stroke it infront of his wife's face.

"Suck" I say in his direction as his wife faces my cock.

She dutifully takes it into her warm mouth as my hand and eyes draw themselves back to her. I slide into her velvety mouth slowly and use her to get me ready for her. I move myself in and out of her mouth as she gets me harder and harder. Moans escape me as I am being serviced by this married mother, while her cuck hubby stands a few feet away from me with a grin like no other.

I realize that I have come to a fork in the road as I did not plan a play time tonight. Thus condoms were not on my list of things to bring. As my cock is being worshiped I pull her off and ask if they had any. The look of distress appears on both of their eyes and they too had not thought the night was to go this way! I can understand when the universe is telling me something, and soon come to the realization that tonight was not going to end as it was heading.

Grabbing her head I put her back on my cock where she feels most at ease. Now to plan B. I order her onto their marital bed with her legs spread. I move between her smooth and milky legs and begin to devour that hot pussy. My lips and tongue dance along her clit as I watch her squirm under my touch. She tastes delicious and like a woman in heat. Oh how I wish to sink myself into her. Having cucky watch as I penetrate her married hole for everyone's pleasure. But tonight was not that night, there will surely be more nights where I can claim her properly. I begin to finger her pussy while my tongue skates around her most delicate spots of her body. I kneel beside her, my hand still working her like my a musical instrument.

"Suck" I order.

She can't get to my cock fast enough as I continue to add fingers into her wanton pussy. I release myself from the gentleness from before as I can sense her need is of more dominance. I begin to finger her with a more determined force as she screams around my cock. I pull out and look at her...she stares up at me as I tell her to keep her mouth full and stay quiet. I plunge back into her as I continue my forceful control of her sex.

My hand drenched with her juices, my arm sore from the hammering and movement but I dare not stop. The time flies by as I continue my ministrations of her kitty. Making her remember this night to solidify my role in their life. I hear cucky cum behind me as my cock is lodged in her mouth and hand is dictating her every pleasure.

The night goes on into the wee hours as I establish my presence but the time comes where I need to get home to sleep for an early morning. She begs me to cum but I refuse, telling her that cucky will need to arrange for another date to receive that pleasure. We get dressed and cucky walks me out to my car. I shake his hand, the hand I finger fucked his wife with for the past hours, and thank him for the hospitality. Looking forward to hearing from them as we explore this magnificent lifestyle.

Note: I had the chance to play with this couple on a few wonderful occasions. With the cuckold element progressing deeper each time, but we were unable to sustain it. If you wish to hear more about our adventures together please let me know.

Thanks for reading,