Dec. 21, 2019

After our first date, my cuck couple and I had some unfinished business to attend to. Cucky, wifey, and I began to chat over [removed] to explore more of our fantasies and engage in some hot and heavy sexting. I began to learn more about their dynamic and formulated my plan for how I was going to fit in, to make the best out of this relationship.

As a Bull I find it important to discover what motivates and drives the couple. Normally you rely on the information from the cuck as he is most likely the driving force behind the fantasy, however the wifey also needs to be honoured and have her voice heard. This particular couple enjoyed a FLR (female led relationship) when it comes to bedroom fun. And wifey certainly had the skills to put cucky in his place if need be. As I said in a previous post I could sense she had a sassy attitude and I labelled her as a brat, which is where she thrived in leading cucky to go along with whatever she wanted. But brats also need some taming and she recognized her own need to be dominated.

Over the course of the weeks leading up to our 2nd date I had begun some light training and dominance. Sexy photos to be posted on [removed] ordered play time, and minor denial. Her pussy was also not to be shaved until we met just for an added mind fuck. All things that test the waters of how sub she was, and where cuck and her were willing to take this adventure.

The time came for their visit. They arrived with wine in hand and smiles on their faces. She wore the dress I told her to and even had painted her nails my favourite colour. She quickly removed her heels as she was made aware that in my presence the heels were to come off regardless of the location. The 3 of us soon were chatting freely and as easily as the first time. She sat beside me as I had my hand on her leg while cucky sat opposite of us on the love seat.

We talked about what we enjoyed about our first visit, and more ideas that were swirling around in our perverted heads. A necessity Instrumental in learning more about the specific fun we wish to have. Cucky was loving the talk and I was loving the fact that my hand was caressing her now freshly shaved pussy as the 3 of us casually spoke.

"Did you bring the anklet?" I asked of them.

Wifey fetched the anklet they had bought before meeting me and brought it to me. A delicate piece of jewelry with with a large connecting charm stamped, "hotwife". I handed it back to her and whispered to her to crawl to her husband along with some other directions. I flipped her short dress up so I could check out her ass as she swayed towards him. Cucky was unaware of what he was supposed to do and began to question...I told him to be remain quiet, be patient, and he will be told.

As she reached him she kissed him and told him to put on the anklet to symbolize her being handed over to me. He fumbled excitedly to place the anklet on her and after some teamwork was able to get it on. They kissed, followed by her crawling back to me.

As she knelt beside me my hand stroking her hair I turn and look at cucky sitting there with an excited grin on his face. "Cucky, this wife of yours now belongs to me for the evening for my pleasure. You will not say a word but are welcome to watch and play with yourself as much as you need. Understood?"

He could not find the words but I took the nodding of his head to signify his agreement. I turned her around on her knees so that her back was cuddled between my legs and began to roam and massage her tits. Holding the heavy orbs in my hand I squeezed softly and began pinching her nipples delicately. Spreading her legs my right hand found her dripping before me. After some time I slowly began to rub and massage her tiny clit, having her lick her juices off of my fingers every so often as I continued to probe and play. I could feel her melt under my touch and glanced over at cucky. His cock in hand stroking at the sight before him. Such a good boy I thought, keeping quiet as asked.

I turn her around to hold her face in my hands as I kiss and lick her seductively. Not wanting to touch her lips quite yet I plant my lips and tongue on every other part of her body.

"Cucky, remove her dress for me so I can drink up all of her" I say.

He quickly moves into position to help her out of her dress as she stands before me, and just as fast resumes his seated position opposite of us. I turn her around so her back is to me. While raising her up I wrap my arms around her body. Making her face cucky I begin to finger fuck her as we stand. Her moans echo in my apartment. My hand finds her neck and I close it softly around her as my other hand continues to fuck her in front of cucky.

I push her to her knees and sit in front of her.

"Take it out" I whisper to her.

She reaches for my belt and pulls my semi hard cock from my pants. Her mouth approaches it submissively and slowly as she begins to take my cock into her married mouth. Inch by pain staking inch she wraps her lips around my cock and takes her time to get re-acquanted with me. My cock responds quickly to her agonizingly slow method as it has never endured this molasses-like sucking action. After a few moments I recognize that I best take control. I pull her off of my cock and hold her by her hair gently as I look deep into her eyes.

"Cucky, your wife is a wonderful cock sucker. I most definitely am going to enjoy her mouth often!"

I guide her back to her task at hand, this time prepared mentally for her techniques. I had a playground of sexual fun in front of me, I wasn't going to miss taking full advantage of it by allowing wifey to get my cum quickly.

I present her a condom and tell her put it on me. They laughed and said they also brought a box just in case...they wouldn't want to miss this opportunity like our last encounter. She rolls it onto me, plants a kiss, and then looks for her next command.

I have her sit on my cock and look at cucky as she glides me into her married pussy. She begins to ride me slow, but a quick reminder has her bouncing harder on my cock as she tries to keep an eye on her hubby sitting and stroking in front of us. She is more pre-occupied with the cock pistoning inside of her to remember to keep looking his way.

"Look at him as I fuck you!" I growl, and turns her head to obey.

I stand her up and grab her elbows as I guide myself into her from behind. Holding onto her elbows I begin to bang harder into her as we stand a few feet away from cucky who is in his own heaven watching his wife submit to me.

"On the bed, now!" I command and she quickly rushes to it.

I begin to eat and finger her pussy as cucky moves to a new position standing next to the bed where he can see better. She is in a euphoric state and we all know it.

"Tell cucky what I am doing to you." I say to get the full experience of a cuckold couple.

She begins to describe the feelings and emotions she is experiencing under me and mocks/teases him accordingly.

I turn her on her back and mount her in a missionary position as I slide back in and begin to thrust myself into her with full force. I hear a groan from cucky and see that he shot all over my bed with excitement as I plow into his wife. Well looks like someone is having a good time I think to myself :) I continue to fuck her with determination as her tits move with every hard thrust.

"On your knees."

She moves to all fours as I grab her ass and penetrate her from behind. I love fucking women in this position and enjoy every stroke of my cock into her. She reaches for cucky's cock and begins to stroke him as I fuck. I tell her to stop stroking him and to keep her hand still.

"If cucky wants pleasure he can fuck your hand, but you attention is to me"

I try to keep my smile to myself as this comment was made for cucky's benefit. He eagerly and obediently begins to try and squeek some pleasure by humping her outstretched hand as I continue to take his wife in this position. My hands sinking into her hips to pull her back onto me. My balls and body slamming into her with each movement. Her wet pussy lubing up my cock so nicely, I make several more comments to them both about her desire for this.

I feel the need to cum and pull out of her for the final act. Laying on my back I tell her to service me properly with that mouth of hers. She removes the condom delicately. The thought crosses my mind to have cucky hold it for me, but no point in giving away all of my secrets too early in our adventure. She begins the assault on my cock, worshiping it properly. Her blonde hair keeps getting in the way so I problem solve.

"Cucky, hold your wife's hair as she pleasures me."

He moves to the side nearest her bobbing head and holds her long hair as she devours my cock down her throat.

"Beg her to make me cum, cucky"

He begins to fulfill my command as his wife expertly sucks on my manhood, hungry for my hot cum. I begin to feel my balls boil with excitement at the act that is about to take place.

"Is my little brat hungry?" I ask with a grin.

She moans her agreement as my hand takes over the guidance of her hair from cucky. I begin to fuck her face a little faster urging my cum to flood her mouth. It's had been 2 days since my last release so I knew there was a lot built up in me. I was going to make sure I emptied myself properly. My moans and groans urged her on to suck harder. Gripping her hair I held her in place as I exploded inside her mouth with an eruption like no other. Cum spilling out of her mouth and dripping onto me. She slurped and swallowed it up the best she could and then dutifully cleaned up what had escaped her. I lay in total bliss as cucky stood with a spent cock himself next to us. Wifey carefully licking the remnants from my cock and balls, mewing with excitement and happiness.

"Good girl, now go give cucky a kiss."

The aftermath of our night was seen with all the cum explosions cucky had around my place. Guess he enjoyed the show and there is a good chance they will be back for more!