Apr. 1, 2020

This happens on new years the wife and I went to a club to go dancing and we took a uber they went dancing and had a few drinks when it was time to leave we called for a uber to get us home .he came picked us up the wife and I went into the back seat while back there i put my wifes hand on my cock of course she didn't resist. I was feeling really horny knowing the uber driver could see us in the mirror...I grab my wifes head pull her to my cock and she took it out and began to suck me off . I could see the driver looking in the mirror watching so I pulled her hair to one side so he could get a really good look he kept on saying sir you have a really good woman there your a lucky man I said yes I am .then I told him my wife could do the same to him .he laughed so I took my wifes mouth off my cock and guided her towards the front seat she did not hesitate and placed her head on the big bulge in his pants I told him to watch the road because he was still driving i saw my wife start kissing him .we finally pull in front of our house i told the driver why doesn't he get in backseat with us he rushed right back there my wife took out his cock and I guided my wifes head so I could watch her suck him off right in front of our house the neighbors could of seen. She sucked him off for a couple of minutes and then I said it was time for us to go we went inside fooled around abit and then I made my wife call back the uber driver to see if would come back to our house in 15 minutes he was at our front door I made my wife go meet him she did dropped to her knees and started to give him head with the front door open then she brought him to our living room to have mr watch her suck his big cock she got undressed for him he forcefully brought her to the couch and pull her head off the arm so he could fuck her face really hard making her gag on him i the went over and started to fuck my wife while he was fucking my wifes face nice and hard he then came and like a good wife she swallowed it all we sent him on his way and we continued our fun thinking about what happened it was awesome