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Round 2…. And 3? Part 2

"After fucking an old coworker my wife’s ex returns."
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Published 4 weeks ago

Cont’d from Part 1

So approximately 1/2 an hour after my wife’s coworker had made my wife/then gf, cum hard on his cock, my wife’s ex was on his way over for their second meeting since her and I had been together. I sat on the couch acting casual and watching tv. He arrived and met my now clothed gf at the door and they immediately headed for our bedroom and closed the door behind themselves. There was room under the door so a few minutes later I went up to the door and laid down to peek in. I could only see about knee height into the back of the bedroom, but I could clearly see she was sitting on the bed facing him. He was standing in front of her with his pants and underwear already around his ankles. I could hear loud sucking noises coming from her. In between taking his cock deep into her mouth I watched as his shirt hit the floor, followed by hers. I head a bra strap snap and a loud sucking sound as she stated “hmmm, that was skillful” as she still had half of his cock down her throat. He agreed with her and whispered something in her ear which made her giggle. Then he slowly kissed her and climb on top of her. Not being able to see them anymore, I watched as my wife’s pants and underwear hit the floor one by one. I heard a slight moan followed by lots of kissing. Then I heard his hand slapping in and out of her pussy hard, making sloshing and slapping noises. She cried out “Oh my God, holy fuck!” She started screaming out his name loudly. My cock was rock solid in my hand at this point as I edged myself knowing there was more to come. A few minutes later I could hear my future wife moving around on the bed looking for something. I saw her hair dangling down as she looked around the floor. As she was on all fours I heard her let out a gasp as he had apparently run out of patience and stuck his fingers inside her from behind. I saw her hands and watched as she pushed her body back and forth against his fingers making the bed creek. She stated “Ummm I was looking for something” in a sarcastic tone. He stated “oh yeah?” In a equally sarcastic tone. She barely got the words out this time saying “yeah!” And she started rocking back and forth against his fingers again. 

Now my future wife must have found what she was looking for on the floor because she disappeared from my sight again and after hearing a lube bottle cap snap, I knew he was going to take her ass again! I heard her gasp and take a deep breath in and then moan loudly as he pushed his full shaft into her ass. Our old bed at this time was really squeaky and had a large headboard that knock against the wall. Also we had a landlord up stairs I mentioned in part 1. I knew this was going to get loud, my wife was normally shy and was usually pretty good at stifling her moans and keeping herself quiet so the landlord would not hear, but I had no idea, exactly how loud this was going to get. With every deep, hard, slow paced slamming thrust of his cock, my then gf gasped for air. He then started talking to my panting, wife to be, asking her “do you like my big cock in your ass?” In a sexy weak voice my wife muttered “yes!” He asked “Do you like my cock buried deep in your ass, while your husband sits outside the door listening to you get fucked?” She again weakly muttered “yes!” He then asked her “Do you want me to keep pounding your tight little ass?” She said loudly this time almost begging “Yes, force your cock in my ass, please!!” With this his pace quickened greatly as the headboard of the bed slammed back and forth against the wall, the bed squeaked loudly and I could make out the sound of his balls slapping loudly against my wife dripping pussy. She started moaning wildly and almost shouting “Ohhhhh I missed you!” “I missed your cock so much!” Then my wife started almost grunting and bucking like an animal as she orgasmed loudly from the swollen cock in her ass. When she was able to catch her breath I heard one last gasp as he withdrew his cock from her ass and then he moved to lay on his back. I was scared that the landlord might be home and I thought to myself that there was no way he didn’t hear that.

After my wife was mounted on top of him and she started to bounce on top of him. I could hear her massive tits slapping back and fourth freely as she rode him. This is the greatest thing a man can experience with my wife as her tits are basically perfect, huge and natural and she loves teasing and smacking her partners in the face with them, when she rides their cock. I watched as her ex’s hand reached down towards the night table grabbing her vibrator and then she let out a soft moan as he appeared to place it on her clit. Then he pulled her down against him and I watched as he pretty much placed her in the same position as her ex-coworker had a hour or so earlier, and with his arms wrapped around her he started thrusting his cock hard, deep and fast, into her soaking wet pussy. At this point I realized I could position myself even lower to get more of a view. As his pace quickened getting faster and faster, I watched in amazement as I had a full view of his cock pounding her without a condom this time. Usually my wife would always insist on any partner even myself wear one. His cock was fully naked, bareback slamming upward into my screaming wife as her juices slid glistening down his shaft. She started cumming hard for her third time of the night and grunted bucking hard in rhythm of his cock. At this point, I shot my third or fourth load of the night against the door making a big mess to wipe up. She started gasping for air as his pace slowed. I heard him sucking hard on her nipples and asked her “Was it worth it?” My wife choked and gasped for air and finally caught her breath, stating “ it was worth it when you stuck your fingers inside me”. She started rocking back and forth on his cock again for a little while before he shouted that he was going to cum. He pushed her off violently and grabbed her by the hand and then the shoulder pushing her down onto the floor, onto her knees. I watched as he grabbed a fist full of her hair in one hand and jerked his cock in the other. He stated to her “Smile for me!” As his knees began to buckle as he began to grunt loudly as he came huge globs of cum all over her face. I couldn’t see much, but I could see his cum dripping slowly down her big tits and then dripping off of her nipples. At this point I came again knowing that she would never let me do this to her as she found it to be degrading. Unfortunately she towelled off before I could even see her in this state. But it turns me on to this day knowing that her ex saw her extremely satisfied and pretty face smiling up at him with globs of cum running down her face and I never have and maybe never will.

Shortly after this he left and I was quick to return to the couch like nothing happened. As soon as he left my wife attacked me stating “fuck that was hot”! She kissed me deeply, sticking her tongue in my mouth, and pulled my pants down and in one swift motion and started giving me the best blow-job of my life, before climbing on top of my, again, hard cock and riding it. This was the first and last time, to date, that my wife fucked and drained 3 different cocks in one night!


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