Aug. 26, 2019

I’ve always had this fantasy of you being with other men. One, two, or even three, I’m not really sure why but it has always really turned me on. It would sort of go like this.

You come home complaining about your busy day and ask me for a foot rub (practically begging me to attend and rub your feet). You sit in my Lazy boy chair; pull the footrest up, toes outward, with your legs slightly parted. As I rub your feet I begin to notice the distinctive smell of sex. You notice my change in demeanor and offer this as your explanation. You tell me to lower your panties but not to remove them. I slide them past your hips while you lift your bottom. I do as you ask and see the mess of another’s ejaculate all over the inside of your panties. You’re looking down at me with a special smirk and say, well this is what you wanted, isn’t it? You repeat the sentence again and I hang my head a little and nod, you say that’s not good enough and demand a better response for which I say yes this is what I wanted. You relish the thought for a few seconds while drinking in my embarrassment – you scoot down your panties, open your legs, and tell me to clean your underpants. I lick, suck, and devour them until they’re absolutely spotless, you tell me that I need to wear them if I want to hear what an interesting afternoon you had. It seems humiliating putting these wet panties on my bottom and yet my hardness totally betrays me, I shiver and try to slow my breathing since I’m stuck between anger and turn on – she seems to revel in my discomfort.

As some sperm bubbles out of your vagina you nod to me to start cleaning you up as you stroke your outer labia. My penis is so hard that it aches and hurts, but I do not touch it.

Stroking yourself, you orgasm several times as you tell me all the things those men did to you and what you did with them and how much everybody enjoyed the afternoon. You stand up, turn around and kneel on the Lazy boy. Looking over your shoulder at me, you tell me that they fucked you in the ass as well and to clean you up back there too.

I really like that they buggered you since you gave yourself to them completely and now you’re feeding their sperm to me as I suck it out of your sweet bottom.

I really want this to happen so mush so that I don’t need to be present.

I especially liked the part where you had them wear condoms only to remove them at the right moment so you could feed it to your husband.

I asked how you managed to tempt the men to participate and where did you find them. You met them in a bar in Guelph and simply told the truth, that your husband is diabetic and cannot maintain an erection, that he loves you very much but really needs to see you pleasured by others and to share your experiences with him afterwards, while making love.

For the next time, I am required to select potential sex partners with you sitting beside me so that I have a stake in these adventures as well. I need you to look a bit slutty or sexy with revealing clothing just in case they need to stroke your breasts or fondle your bottom.

It’s a big step to try this on your own and that I can only hope that you will do this with me some day. The biggest turn on of all would be to watch you repeatedly orgasm with other men and to hear you telling them to fuck you harder.