Written by WifePleaser

Aug 16, 2015

Kelli made it clear that she was happy with most aspects of her relationship and had no intention of changing her current living arrangements.

That is to say that; although she is willing to entertain the idea of a discrete, sexual relationship with someone other than her husband, she did in fact love him and would not leave under any circumstance. Her husband of quite a few years is also the father to several children.

I first contacted Kelli after having viewed her profile on a website that caters to the kinky. Many call the site ‘Facebook for the kinky’. On this site, you can create a profile, show pictures and add friends; in essence, just like facebook.

Generally; I peruse pictures of individual profiles and if I like the picture or am interested in meeting that person; I click ‘love’ on their picture/s similar to ‘liking’ a facebook picture. It’s my way of telling the person their picture does it for me or are interested in meeting them.

I ‘love’ many pictures however; would consider meeting very few women because only a few ever really capture my interest and keep it.

In Kelli’s case; I had wrote a story and placed it on my profile page in the ‘journal’ section which was inspired by the very first woman I spoke to on FetLife.

The girl in the story titled ‘My LeatherGirl Kat’ however; is to date, my perfect match and possible soul mate. She on the other hand would be someone I would and could see myself with long term but as I said, difficulties so far anyway, have prevented that from happening.

When asked; Kelli sent ten or so pictures to my email; I wanted to know what the face looked like beyond her profile. Jesus H. (holy) Christ she was a good looking girl and there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to enjoy each and every moment making her submit to me when the time came.

Oh let there be no doubt I thought; this girl was going to submit to me in every sexual way possible but at this point was unsure of just how submissive she really was. I intended to find out.

Kelli lives fairly close by and meeting her was not difficult at all. I work in the type of job that sees regular travel across the province so we quickly made plans to meet.

This is the story of what took place that one warm summer’s night when Kelli and I got together for the first time.

I had some work to do in her city in the coming days leading up to meeting and contacted her to make arrangements.

I told her the name of the motel I would be staying at while there and would simply be an overnight stay as I had commitments the following day. She agreed to meet and made note of the location and name of the motel.

I also told Kelli to dress conservatively as I wanted her to look more like the kind of woman you take home to mother. I also told her to make sure she was shaved smooth between the legs; no hair and bald to be precise and to wear ‘Knowing Perfume’ by Este’ Lauder as this was my favorite.

Nothing sexier than a woman shaven between the legs in my books and finally; make sure to have makeup on. I explained that I prefer dark makeup around the eyes because I find it mysterious, sexy and honestly; a bit slutty but hugely a turn-on for me.

This would allow me to drastically transform her into a leather and latex wearing submissive slut right before her eyes once we got to the motel room; my submissive slut.

I packed my suitcase the night before and filled it with items I would normally take for an overnight stay but placed a few other things in my bag which I felt would come in ‘handy’ the following night.

I arrived at the motel, stowed my gear and headed straight for the bathroom.

Not unlike my desire for a woman to be shaved, I also can’t stand hair between my legs; I find it takes away from sex. I like it clean down there so I can feel everything sex has to offer in so far as the act of filling a woman with my cock and so for this reason; I also shave before sex.

Afterwards; a quick shave of the face and it was into the shower for a very hot scrub. When it was time to dress for the occasion, I took my black suit from the protective covering and lay it on the bed and started to dress.

No briefs for this guy as I like the freedom between the legs and I am not interested in fumbling with underwear when trying to get my cock out should I choose to leave some clothing on and so in the buff is the way I roll.

When I was finished, I had put on a black suit, bright, white, long sleeved shirt, red tie, black shoes, sports jacket and belt.

The belt was one of my favorites in that it was shiny, black, leather and looked very classy. The white shirt against my very dark skin stood out in a very attractive way. My teeth looked like they were being lit by a black light and were beyond bright.

My teeth; among other traits are something to behold. I know what you’re thinking; ‘this fuckers not shy with compliments about him eh?’ But honestly; they are abnormally bright. I have a mouth definitely worth kissing not to mention one you would enjoy between your legs.

I am six foot - two inches in height and weight - one hundred, eighty five pounds. I have no gut and a great body; I have to because of the line of work I am in.

I put my watch on and finished the ordeal with a spray of cologne. I am not going to tell you the name of the cologne I wear because then there will be too many of you fuckers out there smelling like me and that could present a shortage of available women for me but suffice it to say; women melt in my arms when I wear it.

A good smelling man is a man that cares about himself I always say; that and great hygiene.

Given that Kelli can’t be seen in any public setting with me because as I have said she is married; I opted to have her come to the room after I had already checked in.

Sitting there at the edge of the bed waiting for that discrete knock at the door, I looked around the beautiful room I had checked into and I found myself digressing back to the many images I had seen of Kat and the many, many conversations we had had to date.

Few women have ever had any hold on me in my life and fewer still have left me breathless at the thought of them. Kat was; well is, my dream girl.

At five past nine by my watch, there was a knock at the door and I knew it was Kelli. No one knew I was here but it had occurred to me that perhaps it was not her; what if her husband had found out about our meeting.

I rose from where I was seated and answered the door. The door opened in what seemed to be slow motion; the light crept into the room and I could see Kelli’s silhouette standing in the doorway.

She stood about five feet - six inches tall, slender and had the look of submission written all over here face. Her head hung low and her eyes pointed towards the floor of the hallway.

She didn’t say a word; just stood there waiting silently; waiting for instructions.

I reached out and tenderly took her by the chin and lifted her head so that I may see her face. Her eyes very slowly lifted and eventually met mine. I admired her looks for just a moment before pulling her into the room and once past the doorway, let the door close behind her.

While holding her; her eyes still transfixed on mine, I locked the door behind her. The latching sound of the clasp made her twitch a bit similar to what you could expect of someone startled.

I could tell she was shy and nervous but that is exactly what feeds my mind; the power over someone; the ability to make them wet simply by touching them; I love it and I loved the look.

She had listened well and was wearing ‘Knowing’ perfume because I could smell her just as the door opened. She smelled delicious. Her eyes were dark and sexy much like you could imagine if you had ever seen a high-price hooker.

She wore brown boots, blue jeans, a black loosely fit top and a green cardigan.

Gold chains were placed around her neck and frankly; there was nothing special about this girl in the least and had I not asked her to dress this way, would not give her a second look if I had seen her pass me on the street.

Her body, face and hair on the other hand were impeccable and I could see that she would make the clothing I had brought with me look better than it does if that’s even possible and the fact that she was wearing glasses was just a bonus.

I find most women in glasses are far sexier than not perhaps due in part to the librarian fetish most men have. I do not have that fetish mind you but I do find glasses attractive.

The transformation that would take place momentarily will be far different in the way she will look once I get done with her.

I placed my hand on the small of her back and guided her to my bed. I had placed my trusty duffel bag on the table situated at the window located at the far end of the room. The thought; previous to Kelli arriving had quickly entered my mind in so far as the best location for my bag.

I choose the table so that it would take a bit more time going back and forth to retrieve items one at a time.

I thought of kissing her as she stood at the foot of the bed however; felt it was best to complete her transformation first and so I slowly removed the chains from around her neck and placed them on the table.

As I did so; Kelli reached to hold her hair back to assist with the removal and I quickly stated “don’t!’ to which she quickly lowered her hands to her side and bent her head submissively in an effort to regain some level of desire on my part.

“I will let you know when I need you to do something and it’s best for your sake; to let me take control of you.” I said. She responded by softly saying “yes Sir”.

I removed her cardigan and threw it gently to the side and then turned and retrieved something from my bag. I reached around her head, gathered her long beautiful hair which I had seen from previous pictures, bunched it into a ponytail and secured it with a band.

Once secured; I brought a beautiful; leather mask up to Kelli’s face and while looking deep into her eyes and pausing only briefly; pulled it down and fitted it to cover her eyes. Now normally; I would have opted for a full leather mask as it is my favorites of all headgear but Kelli had expressed a concern with a full mask because she would be scared.

With the eye mask in place, she could see nothing but hear everything and mostly; the pounding sound coming from her chest that her heart was now making.

Kelli had lived in a relationship with her husband for years and had played the dominate one in their relationship because that is what her husband desired but this was a role she never experienced; she was and is a true submissive and for once; she was with a man that was going to dominate her in a way that she needed. Her desires would be of foremost importance.

She wanted to be helpless but she needed it more than wanted and I was just the man for the job I thought.

I removed her vanilla clothing straight away after she was blindfolded; it did nothing for me and I was anxious to dress her myself. I am a very particular guy in how I like a woman to dress for sex and so take it upon myself or rather; insist on dressing anyone I am going to have sex with.

I happen to think allowing your man to dress you is rather sexy in itself as an act of foreplay.

Standing there naked and before me; her master for the evening; I could see that she had been a good girl and shaved prior to coming over. Good I thought, as I hate disobedience which must be punished with a firm hand; my hand.

Regardless of the low level lighting in the room, I could see that Kelli was trembling at this point and clearly, I could physically see that her chest was pounding. Her breath was quick and very short and had to whisper to her to relax; to which she responded ‘yes Sir, I will do my best’.

‘You’re best?’ I questioned; she didn’t respond.

At this point, I knelt and took her left leg and positioned it slightly apart from one another to ease dressing her and then stood and moved to the table for article number one.

From the bag, I removed a black pair of high cut rubber panties that were not crotch-less as you may expect. I wanted these panties to have a crotch and before you go all primal on me and shit for not placing the panties over the garter as you have previously read in the story about Kat and the fact that I have said I prefer panties over garters; stop right there and I will explain why.

Although true in that I do as a rule prefer panties over the garter so that when the panties come off, the garter and stockings will still be on, every now and then, someone needs to be screwed with panties still on. Kelli is one of these people.

The only difference is that when the panties are on, you have to fight a bit more to push your cock past them to penetrate her and I am all about that right now.

So as I was saying; these beautiful full rubber panties were placed at Kelli’s feet and I guided both feet through the leg holes one at a time and then slowly, inch by inch slid them up her beautiful legs, over her waist, over her hips until the rubber gusset of the panties slipped up and slapped against her clit and were snugly in place.

I heard the smack against her and the sound was so damn sexy I felt my cock twitch for a fleeting second.

The moonlight which had been trying to creep into the room via the window had finally made it through and was highlighting the black shiny rubber which was now encasing Kelli’s pussy.

I grabbed the waistband and lifted upward to ensure they were as snug as could be. Kelli lifted slightly and I knew they were tight enough at that point.

I could go for a leather garter at this point but trusted my instincts and positioned a rubber one around her waist and as you know, I always choose a vintage style garter because they are sexier and have more material. In fact; they hang low enough and specifically; just to the top of her pussy where all garters should rest.

I snugged Kelli’s waist into that garter and pulled it ever so tightly as I didn’t want it moving about later. When I clasped it together, it was so tight and form fitting that I could see a bit of her waist being forced over the top of it. Just right I thought to myself; that’s snug.

In this particular instance, I opted for black nylon stockings with the traditional black seem down the back and ‘C’ in length. I slipped her legs in one at a time and rolled them up into place one at a time and when finished, each of the tops was positioned at the very top of each leg.

Once attached to the garter straps one at a time and very slowly fastened, Kelli was beginning to look like my fantasy fuck doll.

Because I do not like any of the clothing to be removed when I dress someone for sex, it’s imperative to always choose the right clothing for the situation and with that; next out of the bag was one of my favorite soft, black, leather skirts.

Just holding it in my hand made me instantly hard as a rock and if not for the fact that I had no underwear on to strain myself, I would have been very uncomfortable.

Each time I feel this particular skirt, I am uncontrollably turned on and have to fight the feeling of total and utter rape.

I placed Kelli’s hands on my shoulders as I bent to allow her to step into the skirt. She did so willingly and without hesitation. I dropped her arms back to her side and moved behind her.

As I started to slowly do up her zipper and leaned into her neck and in doing so, could smell her perfume. God she smelled so good. I wanted to bite her hard but choose to kiss her softly on her neck. Tender, soft kisses and when I did so, immediately; goose pimples rose before my eyes.

She titled her neck towards my lips and pressed herself against my mouth. Little moans were prevalent coming deep from her gut now and I could see she was responding to my touch.

I finished zipping her up and closed the clasp to her leather skirt. She looked magnificent in leather and I knew she would.

I wanted to make sure I had not chosen a skirt that would be too restrictive and so while kissing her neck, grabbed the bottom hem of the skirt and lifted it slowly to expose he rubber bound, tightly covered ass. Her legs still parted but not enough for my liking; I parted them further.

I wanted her so bad at this point but settled simply to touch her between the legs ever so softly.

I reached beneath her skirt and my fingers found her; she was wet, hot and juicy. I could feel that cum has long since started to drip from between her legs and was now running down her inner thighs.

I forced my fingers past the rubber panties and slid them into her; Kelli was now very unsteady on her feet. I could feel that she was quivering and was not sure if I continued, that she would be able to remain standing.

I removed my fingers from inside her and pulled her skirt back down into place and moved around her and back to the table.

Something about the smell of rubber drives me to the point of insatiability and perhaps why I continually mix articles of rubber clothing with leather. Don’t get me wrong; I love both and frankly would not, could not choose between the two.

At the table, I removed a black shiny rubber bra and not just any rubber bra but one with the nipples cut out. I was sure to bring one that was one size smaller than Kelli because of my affinity for small breasts but more so; small tightly bound breasts.

I once again found myself in behind her and wrapped her little tits in that beautiful bra and pulled it very snug against her and fastened the back.

Moving around to the front now I took hold of her boobs one at a time and positioned her nipples so that they poked through the openings.

Because of the under sizing of the bra, her nipples strained to poke through and would serve me well when the time came to suck on them.

Touching her boobs and moving them about while position them caused Kelli to squirm with pleasure. I could tell she wanted me to suck them now rather than later but at this moment; I am running the show and so chose not to.

Next item on the agenda was a beautiful mid-drift leather corset; black of course. This type of corset is worn to cover only the mid-drift. It allows you to show a full bra and in this case nipples which is why I use it with nipple-less bras.

I pulled this article of clothing tightly across her mid-section and fastened the heavy buckles at the back. Just about done I thought but not quite.

I turned my beautiful Kelli around and faced her to the headboard; pulled he arms around back of her body and fastened her with wrist restraints. These are held together with buckles but make no mistake about it; once you’re in them, you do not get out until your partner frees you.

Leg restraints were only fitting given what I had planned next and finally; one last thing. Yes, I would not be me if I didn’t place a ball-gag in her mouth and if you are going to experience me, you better get used to that idea.

In Kelli’s case though, I used an inflatable gag which works like this; you open her mouth, place a soft rubber ball of sorts into her mouth which is oval in shape. You pump the ball full of air via a ball pump and shazam, instant rubber cock in the mouth.

I pumped her up just a bit but not too much as I said she is a wee bit apprehensive and one has to respect another’s limits but none the less, it was fucking sexy. All I was interested in really, was not disturbing the neighbors.

As I stood once again and admired my handiwork, I saw Kelli but in my heart I had wished it was Kat but either way, I seriously do know how to dress a woman well.

Now then, standing there at the foot of the bed, Kelli was totally helpless and I mean my gift to me from God.

I can do anything to her right now and regardless of any protest, she’s mine and so for starters, let’s get back to the part where she moved her hands without asking and also said she ‘would do her best’ at the beginning of this story.

Yeah I’m sorry but your best just isn’t good enough for me and someone will have to pay for that mistake I am afraid.

I leaned into her and whispered ‘I am done dressing you and now we can begin’. ‘Be a good girl and stand here for just a moment and then I will get to you’.

I reached for the belt buckle of my beautiful black belt and started to untie it.

Kelli could be seen swallowing softly as she heard the belt slide out and off of my dress pants.

I took the belt and folded it; grabbed it at either end and pulled it sharply which made a cracking sound. It was a sharp twack if you will which caused her to jump.

I grabbed Kelli forcefully by her pony tail but not too rough but enough for her to understand that submission better follow soon and put pressure on her head and forced her to her knees. She whimpered slightly but complied by absence of choice.

I pulled her towards the foot of the bed walking her on her knees and positioned her flat on her tummy bent over the bed. She was breathing heavy and fast now and I could see her back rise with every breath.

I bent and reached for the hem of her skirt and lifted it up and over top of her shiny rubber panties which exposed her beautiful ass. The moonlight had found a resting place and it enhanced the look and form lying across my bed.

I positioned myself close to her now and was ready so I hoped that she was also.

But wait; what had I forgotten?

Ah yes and with that fleeting thought, stood to retrieve my special toy. I knelt directly behind Kelli and reached for the rubber gusset of her panties and pushed them to one side.

Lying there she glistened between her legs, squirmed just a little and although not quite sure why she was squirming, perhaps it was because she sensed something was about to happen.

She was oh so right and with that, she heard a buzzing noise from behind her; the noise stopped her dead in her tracks and before she realized it, I had put a finger inside her; not more than one, simply one and I slathered my finger with her cum; cum that had been leaking from her pussy since we began.

I took my finger out and rubbed it all over a vibrator I had been holding and lubed it up well. It was not a big one but big enough to drive the point home and that point was; it was soon to be submission time and I expected no; demanded compliance.

I slowly eased the vibrator into her ass, yes her ass; I wanted her to concentrate on the next set of events and feel this would heighten that experience and so in her ass went the vibrator. Kelli squirmed and now she had good reason and squirmed until it was buried deep.

After that, I moved her panties over the wire just to keep everything in place.

She was vocal now or at least as much as you can expect with a ball-gag in and now; we are finally ready.

With Kelli bent over the bed at the waist, belt in hand; it was time to instill in her mind; the importance of acceptance in her role to me as my submissive.

I reached down behind her head, grabbed her by the pony-tail and forced her head into the mattress; grabbed my belt and came down with a sharp crack of the belt which landed squarely on her ass. The crack of the belt was fairly loud and firm and it found its mark first crack.

Kelli hadn’t been prepared for such a strike and stiffened like a board and had it not been for me holding her, would have slid down and off the bed.

I heard a muffled scream of shock come from her mouth as the belt hit her ass and she struggled.

I on the other hand sprung a boner right away as soon as I saw her rubber bound ass compress and knew with ever slap of the belt, would only get more erect.

She tried to fight it off but her weight and my hand pressure was too much for her; she was going nowhere and would have to endure what I had to offer.

Before I continued, I removed the blindfold so she could have some warning before the spanking continued; I felt it was the least could do and anyway, I wanted to see if she would cry.

Once again; another crack and again she whimpered. That belt looked awesome on her ass.

I said softly ‘I am not mad at you Kelli and in fact am very fond of you but it’s important that you realize that ‘do your best’ is not good enough but doing it correctly is what’s needed’.

Again and again the strap found her ass and with each strike, I could see she was learning to accept her fate.

Her ass was red now and I could hear the vibrator still buzzing and then after ten sharp lashes; I asked her ‘Kelli; who owns your body; Blink once for me, twice for you’.

Looking up with tears in her eyes; she merely blinked once slowly as a sign of conceit. I placed my hand on her ass and patted her saying that’s my girl.

I rose up and grabbed a Kleenex to wipe her tears away and was satisfied that we had now established our roles. After wiping her tears, I knelt close to her face and kissed her for the first time but not on the lips. That would come later.

At this point, I felt that Kelli had earned the right to have me inside her and I had looked forward to showing her some love; I mean yes, I get excited administering punishment but equally; I look forward to the moment I can administer love and affection.

After she had simmered down and was relieved that the spanking was over, she was less ridged and lay comfortably in the submissive position I had placed her in.

I removed the vibrator from her ass and in doing so, took note that she was drenched between the legs. When I say drenched, I mean extremely wet; cum was literally everywhere.

Had she had an orgasm during the spanking I wondered? I hope not; punishment is not to be taken lightly.

I rose and undid my pants and let them fall to the floor; stepped out of my clothing and sauntered over to the table.

Being six foot –two inches tall, I had no problem fitting at just the right height to fuck Kelli from behind as she lay bent over the bed. That’s the great thing about being tall and took advantage of this very fact as I positioned myself right behind her.

As I sat for what seemed eternity looking at how beautiful her ass looked all wrapped up in tight rubber; the moonlight providing the right ambiance; her leather skirt hiked up just enough to reveal her rubber panties, garter, and the top of her nylons; everything was perfect; the room was filled with all the aroma one could hope for; she was perfect.

I was rock hard and I needed her right now. I knew I would not last long fucking this beautiful, submissive slut so would have to do my best to hold off cuming as long as possible. – That would be a chore I thought but there are measures I can take to hold off.

I positioned the head of my cock in front of her pussy and eased just the head into her. Speaking of cocks; in so far as cocks go, mine is perfect.

It has a slight curve upwards to it which is great for the possibility of pumping the head right into the ‘G’-spot and It has a beautiful shape to it, cut, clean shaven and frankly, beautiful. If I was a chick as fussy as I am; in so far as cocks go; I would love mine.

I am wider than most and are the guy you think about when you hear that saying; ‘I may not be able to hit bottom but I sure can bang the shit out of the walls’.

I placed both of my hands on Kelli’s waist and grabbed handful s of the waistband on her leather skirt. This was to pull her closer to me once I started to pump her and would allow me deeper inside her.

'Wait; I had forgotten something?'

I took the butt plug from the bed placed there just after undressing and lubed it up and pushed it inside her ass.

She made a muffled sound as it entered her but she knew better than to struggle given the punishment from earlier and sat back into it in an attempt to assist me with getting it in.

Now I resumed my grip of her leather and started to ease myself in. Slowly; I moved bit by bit and gently forced it until I was balls deep in her pussy.

I pulled her leather skirt over top of her ass so it covered her and the leather hem sat on my cock; rubbing it with every stroke.

Oh God, I was in heaven. I pumped her in and out with an increased level of force and with each stroke; I could see Kelli’s body taking a pounding causing her face to plant deeper in the mattress.

Oh she was moaning now and the only struggling she was doing at this point was to move down on my cock with every stroke.

After about five minutes of steady fucking; I was so there but did not want to cum and so reached for my belt from the table and gave a few more straps on her ass.

Surprisingly, she didn’t whimper at all but merely moaned loudly. So every so many strokes, I would strap her ass as I continued fucking her.

Her hands still restrained behind her back, legs secured as well; her body being driven into the mattress with every pump of my cock and all the while; giving her the spanking of her dreams. Life was very good right then for the both of us.

She was losing control and would be coming very soon but not too soon if I can help it.

All this fucking; what with her having been turned on from the start; she had loosened up a bit and I thought, now would be a good time to take measures to prolong my orgasm.

I reached for my trusty bag of never-ending supplies and pulled out my male strap on. I love this little item and hoped she would also.

Now let’s be clear, I am pretty secure in my cock size but do not have any issue with strapping one on for a girl if it’s going to increase her level of pleasure because I am good like that see; when the punishment has been handed out and it’s loving time; there is nothing I will not do to satisfy my sub and in this case; satisfied she will be.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy to which she whimpered as a sign of discontent and likely thinking I had cum and she would be left hanging; took the hollow strap on and pushed my cock into it until I bottomed out; secured it from behind and was ready to go.

Fuck I was big and wondered if she could take me.

Now it was time to flip Kelli over because I wanted to look in her eyes when I came in her and well; she has these beautiful rubber covered boobs I wanted to suck.

I released her from her restraints and positioned her further up the bed. She had no idea how to prepare for this and with that, lifted her leather skirt; spread her legs; placed the head of my big dominate strap on cock at the door to her pussy and slowly pushed in and out; pushing more and more and it was then then she had realized I had grown to twice my original size.

She immediately helped push deeper and deeper; she wanted that big cock in her and she was going to manage all of it or die trying.

I had just enough sensitivity to keep hard but not cum and so after I managed to penetrate her full on; I fucked her slow and deep; I fucked her for every guy that ever wanted to fuck some hot chick but were told no; I fucked her like I have dreamed of fucking my leather girl Kat.

I lowered my mouth onto her rubber covered boobs and sucked gently on her erect nipples. I had two hands full of her hair for thrusting support as I began to pound her hard.

Her moans were steady and almost a growling in nature and grunting sounds emanated from her gagged mouth until she stopped suddenly; paused and with the fury of a dog fighting you for his toy; her body rocked back and forth in a convulsive orgasm that even scared me.

Her body bucked violently; the likes of which I have never seen; her body actually shuddered with the explosion of her orgasm and she return fucked me so rough that regardless of the loss of sensation due to my man strap on, I too came very hard and could feel the cum squirt out of my body and into the strap on sheath.

I held her close pulling her tightly and pumped her until I was empty and out of breath. With one last loud moan, Kelli collapsed and I on her leather and rubber covered body and could feel her and my heart pounding in sync with one another.

We were both spent.

It took some time for both of us to recover but when we finally did, I took a few pictures of her in her outfit and then we showered and got cleaned up.

She stood at the door before leaving and it was this and only this one time I leaned in and kissed her full on her mouth and lips for which seemed forever and when done; whispered ‘Kat; you were a very good girl this evening’.

She smiled at me while looking intensely into my eyes and said; ‘Yes Sir’