Written by Anonymous

Apr. 27, 2019

I absolutely agree!

One day you wake up. But you can't see. Check your eyes. Wait my right arm is stuck to the right about shoulder height. Wait the left is the same thing. What is going on? I'm tied and blindfolded?Shortly after I hear the door open. I start asking questions. Suddenly I'm getting pattled and rough! I hear a girl (tisk tisk tisk.) Then she grabbed my balls with a firm grasp. I feel leather gloves but that's not what I am focusing on. I yell out! She then says. ( This bad boy needs to behave! If you talk I hit you if you don't listen I squeeze your jewels. Do you understand?) I replied yes ma'am. Then she slapped me hard and says good boy. Still tied I feel her sexually massage my entire body and there was no part of me that didn't have her ? gloves on me. She asks are you ready for the fun to start? I said this is fun. She didn't like that she pattled me hard then grabbing my balls and pulling down she inserted a small anal plug. I squirm at first but know better now. She explained that she is going to get me hard using her mouth. I'm absolutely loving this. She knows how to give great blowjobs. Sloppy and goes deep too. But stopped moments before I burst. Not wanting to be a bad boy I know not to ask for more. She tells me that she is going to push in and pull out the small anal plug till I'm ready. This goes on for a while. Then she explained that after a while she will pull out a larger toy for my ass and insert it and play. Surprisingly as this goes on she had ran out of plugs and inserted dildo after dildo. I'm out I'm in pain I'm exhausted and never had so much in my life. She asks ( you have been a great little bitch. Are you ready for sex?

After all that hell yeah before I blue ball to death. I assure her I am ready. Still tied and blindfolded I hear the door open her leave and possibly come back. The door closed. Now a new voice. A deep manly voice. ( I'm gonna untie the restraints that way I can bend you over that table! Me in shock wait umm wasn't... He cuts me off oh? You thought you were going to be fucking her? No! She had her fun now it's my turn to have you! To be continued ?