Oct. 10, 2018

So it would start off with me and Mrs talking it over with some drinks. We knew hockey night in Canada was coming up and I was gonna have a bundy over to watch. We both knew he kinda had a thing for her so I joked MAYBE WE make his night and check off a thing of her bucket list, I've been in a few mmf back in the day so I know what fun it can be lol. I knew she was a bit timid about the whole thing but her interest was peaked I knew that much, she told me are you sure about this because you know if we do this I'll be going all out maybe not take it in the ass but I mean all out. I better than anyone what she meant, thoughts popped in my head of what would happen and I knew what could be in store, never told her out loud but I would love to see her suck a dick like I know she can. I knew it was going to be a one time thing and never again so I was okie with everything she was.

So few nights past and it was game day we had gone to the mall to buy some fishnet body suit to add with her sexy goth school girl outfit she has for me it was always on my mind about what we spoke about btw she nor I ever brought it up. My buddy was clueless about everything he's over all the time but we knew drinks would be flowing and good vibes with game and all so I kinda was hoping, but who knows right.

We stop for some chick drinks Rev is her favorite I knew he was getting the beer I had the house TV and 420 and possibly the entertainment lol. He showed up and put the game on period one she was biting my ear and teasing me like crazy, he was right beside me so I knew he could see and was loving it. To be honest like I said before he has a thing for her so I like to fuck with him lol, like she would come with beers for us and I'd slap her ass as she smiles and walks away I'm like you like that don't you bro lol. He shys down and is like who wouldn't.

Few revs and beers later and 3rd period is about to start and wifey says she feels drunk and is going for a soak so she goes to the kitchen and brings a bucket with ice and beers puts it down and says don't want you boys to get mad at me for not gething drinks or do I with a playful laugh. In my head she's done for the night so I say bye and goodnight and she's off. I hear her in the room getting ready for the shower and by this time the beer is getting me and my dirty mind starts running hoping she remembered what we talked about but who can say.

The shower turns off and the game is still on so I go check on her I knock on the door and ask are you okay baby no response I knock again and she says baby meet me in the room please so I smile and walk to the room, hoping to see the outfit on the bed, clear sign it was on i turn light on and nothing on the bed......I was kinda bumed fucked to say cuz look at what I had in my mind I hear her walking to wards me and she is in front of my with her hair tied back with a high ponytail stocking bodysuit school girl kilt and to tie it all together my long black leather belt around her neck like a sexy bitch that she is. She leans into me and whispers are you ready to make me your whore tonight. I look at her grab her by the chin and say your gonna do whatever daddy says right she looks back dead in the eye and says only if you fuck my face right now papi. I got her on her back head hanging off the bed just feeding it to her all the while buddy is cheering his head off about the game. With spit running down her face she says ready to make this night happen I knod yes just wait here till told.

I rush over to the couch knowing his jaw is going to drop the moment she comes from down the hall, I sit and he says that took long hope all is good, I tell him yeah bro with a grin on my face. With a beer in his hand and game on the TV I call out babes and I hear heels tapping on the floor getting hard with each step and boom she's there on our left side I turn my head right to see his face and his jaw drops in awe. He starts looking around all nervous as she starts walking over he starts moving while saying alright bro guess nights over have a great time. She walks over in front of us now and pushes him back down on his seat and says what don't tell me your scared, shes on her knees in between us back to the TV and says are you just going to sit there or what, he looks at me and I say let's teach her a lesson dude.

We each take a tit sucking nibbling kissing her neck we can feel how into it she's getting he starts to rush to pull out his dick and I tell him dude let her do it take your time why rush it, as I finish my sentence I grab her by the hair and stand her up look at him I say , move dude as I put her ass up on the couch back to us with a firm slap I tell him slap dude stop being a bitch lol. He slaps and she laughed I look at him and say dude like a man as I put my hand on the back of her neck and tell her to stick out her ass for us, I grab my hands and rip her stockings open exposing her sweet clearly wet pussy, I tell her sit on his fucking face get this guy to open up.

She puts him on the couch and says want to be a pussy then you better know how to eat one. I'm so hard standing there watching her ride his mouth slow at first but after short time he seems to be finally opening up as her moans get louder. I grab the belt still on her neck and pull her off grab her kiss her roughly and toss her on couch spreading her legs wide I tell him get up here and hold her open gotta show you what's up, her legs in the air i spit on her pussy and start rubbing the shit out of it she clearly is loving it cuz her moans are loud she takes her hand and rubs his cock through his pants and says I'm going to eat both your dicks like you have no idea few more minstrel of rubbing and I can feel her with a moan she starts I'm gonna cum omg omg she let out with a squirt. He drops her legs and gets up both of us over her as she's on the floor smiling.

She's on her knees biting at our pants like an animal I look at him this is why I told you to wait, shes gonna eat it like crazy. She pulls down his pants and he is hard not to big but it's alright, she then pulls off my pants and there we are dicks hovering over her face she grabs both and rubs each one on her cheeks. She puts me in her mouth down and deep right away letting out loud gags. Pulling back a long line a spit from her mouth and downs his I can see his eyes rolling as she does her thing, at one point she trys for both our dicks in her mouth at same time, I pull her up and toss him the belt and say let's take this bitch to the bed.

On the bed we put her on all four as she looks back at us and say I'm ready to get fucked hard boys come get it. My boy gets behind her eating her out while she keeps sucking my cock then he enters her she downs me deeper with every thrust he gives, I tell him slap ass dude grab hair let's fuck her up as I grab her face and give her a slap your ours I say as she responds give it to me. After a awhile of fucking I tell him to get her on top reverse cowgirl she wants to be fucked like a hoe let's give her what she wants, legs in the air as his dick is inside her I go and ram my fat dick in her pussy too. Her eyes open wide with a loud wow omg you like it don't you she smiles yes papi I can feel buddy about to cum and just like that he came she is still on top of him as he slips out all out of breathe I leave her on top of him and finish fucking the shit out of her while he's just grabbing tits here and there.

After all said and done i hugged my wife and said did you enjoy it baby she looks over and says yes but...... next time let's get a guy with a bigger dick lol...I said if you think you can take it we will see.