Jul. 1, 2016

I have this ongoing fantasy about being seduced by a Male/Female couple (bisexual) and have my first bisexual experience. I am a very open-minded sensual man who is more on the submissive side, I like to please. The thought of arousing others is a big turn on.

The fantasy begins by chatting online chatting with a bisexual couple. I am quite shy and it takes a couple of online chatting encounters for me to start opening up about my fantasies. They ask me if I have had any bisexual encounters and I answer no I am just very bi-curious. They then ask me to share some of my naughty dirty thoughts. I confess that some days after a workout or after work I am very horny. When I get home I like to take a shower and fantasize about a man and woman are in the shower with me and they start lathering my body up and down very slowly with soap. One of them is in front of me and the other behind me. They lather me lightly up and down my thigh with each stroke getting closer to my balls and bum. My cock starts to get really hard and they continue to tease me. I am so turned on I start to moan. The lady who is in front of me gets some soap on her hand and lightly cups my balls and then lightly tugs on my balls. The man behind me slowly start to rub the soap down my crack each time getting closer to my hole. I am now starting writhe and the lady cups my balls tighter and tugs at them with more force. The man has found my hole and is slowly putting the edge of the soap bar in my bum.

At this time they exit the shower and dry off. They then get me out of the shower and slowly dry me off. I am lead to their bedroom and sitting on the bed are some different sex toys. There is a strap-on, double headed dildo and two vibrators. I lie back on the bed and they each take a vibrator and start buzzing me all over my body. As they get closer to my cock I can see the head of my cock getting all wet. The lady rubs the head of my cock with her finger while the man is buzzing my balls with the vibrator. The lady wipes up some pre cum with her finger and gets me to lick and suck her finger clean. She then asks me if she can teach how to suck her husbands cock. I eagerly say yes and she gets her husband to sit on the edge of the bed while we get on our knees. She starts by slowly liking the tip of her husbands cock with the tip of her tongue. Now its my try. I can see her husbands cock is getting wet as I slowly lick the tip. She then lightly wraps her mouth over the head of her husbands cock and sucks. No its my try. This is the first time I have ever had a cock in my mouth and I love it. I taste his salty pre-cum and he starts to moan. His wife and me start now licking up and down his shaft making our way to his balls. She tells me to suck on one of his balls while she sucks on the other. Her husbands thick cock is getting so hard. He starts to moan a little louder. She now tells us to get into a 69 and suck an lick each others balls. I am so turned on and I don't know how long I can last. He is also on the edge and she knows we are both going to cum soon. She slides up and sits with the head board at her back and tells us to stroke ourselves and come closer. The husband and I are about to cum and she orders us to cum all over her tits. We both let out a huge moan and our cum starts shooting all over nipples and tits. I see the cum dripping down to her belly and this really turns me on. The husband and I each get a tit and start licking and sucking up all the cum. We then share a three way cum kiss while the cum drips down our chins. We lick her tits clean of cum and we cant wait until round 2.

Sensual Man