Sep. 13, 2019

well we were young and looking for something to liven up our sex lives and enjoy , we were sitting in a bar in Sothern Ontairo . we had been having a few drinks and laughs , when one of the men there dropped his lighter , and he bent down to pick it up and he look up my dress to see. I was not wearing underwear I did open my legs a bit , he came back up and he smiled , hubby got up and went for a pee , he slid over beside me and asked how was the bush cleaned and , I said hubby shaves it and he smiled . and I was getting a little wet thinking what was on his mind we sat there and , hubby sat down where he was and ask if we were all good , by now a couple of more friends sat down , and we were all talking and joking we will call him F had slid his hand up my inner thigh .

we just talks and he started to play with me and hubby . Just ask if I was ok and I said yes and F had me so wet .he dropped his lighter again and this tine he bent down on me licked my pussy and got up and smiles . hubby left to help an other one with there motor.

Well we started kissing and the others moved in and they were all feeling me and playing with me and .

they ask me if I wanted to go over to there club house , and I though about it and f licked me on the clit and that was it. we left and I forgot to tell hubby I was leaving .

we got to the club house and I was greeted by 6 more men , standing there and me in this little summer dress and no underwear it all just hanging there .

they brought me over a drink and f lifted of my dress and they all smiled , and then I had hands all over me and hard cocks hanging out .

I started to suck and play with them thinking this may no be what I wanted then I had one licking my Pussy and my ass I though to my self he going to fuck my ass , ,and I have never had a cock in there that big.

they started to penetrating me , and fucking me and I was sucking cock . they were Cumming in me and on me and I was covered in cum and I was worn out ,.,then there he stood and said you know where this is going and. I said yep he turned me a round bent me over spit on it and started to slid it in and I screamed ,it was so big and fat it was like it split me open .

he pushed and pushed till I had it all in the screaming had stopped and the new found pleasure started to set in .

and I realised I liked a little pain with fun , he came hard in me and I was dripping from both ends he had me clean him with my mouth . we all settled down and they took me to the shower they had and I got cleaned up and still horney . when I came back out they ask if I wanted to stay for a bit and have more fun . I was saw and a little afraid of what will be next.

I stayed called hubby and said I will be late . He said well you had better come ,home covered .in cu

if you are staying out all night,

I had the riding of my life at one time I had two in my puss and one trying to get into me ass and one in my mouth and they then set me in the swing and I was fucked .

when I got home hubby said well and I lifted my dress and showed him my ass and pussy he got down and licked it and said well and i said I wanted to go back to the club house and have more fun and just get fucked . he got hard and fucked my ass

he has dropped over to the club and sat had a drink and watched me in action . I sure miss those days of gang bangs