Jan. 15, 2017

Lawn Care

Summer looked up the clock and discovered that it was 10AM. She decided it was time she should start getting ready.

Today was the first day her new yard worker would arrive. One of her friends from the neighborhood had recommended him and Summer had noticed him when she was over for Tea. The day she had sat at her friends house sipping tea had been quite entertaining. Joe the lawn worker had been shirtless and Summer had noticed his well defined physic right away.

Joe was starting the lawnmower and his muscles were flexing with each pull of the starter cord. His arms were corded with smooth muscles and he had a sheen of sweat covering his body. She couldn't help but feel a twinge in her panties as she envisioned him naked. She returned to her conversation with her friend but had trouble concentrating. Her eyes kept darting back to Joe. He was done with the lawnmower by this time and had moved onto trimming the hedge along the back porch.

As he cut the hedge his stomach muscles were on display for the women to admire a perfect 6 pack and his low slung jeans gave a magnificent view of the shelf right above his pubic area. Sweat was running down his chest and stomach. Summer couldn't help herself and envision running her hand over his tummy feeling his hot wet muscles.

Before she knew it Joe was standing next to them saying goodbye to Summers friend.

"Joe" Summer said.

"Yes" he asked?

"Do you do others lawns as well" Summer asked?

"Of course, Would you like me to come and do yours as well" Joe asked?

So the week had passed and he was due in an hour. Don't get me wrong Summer is happily married with a couple of kids but nothing wrong with looking is there? After a nice long shower with only a minimum of touching, she just couldn't not touch her clit a little bit in anticipation it was time for Joe to arrive. Ding dong the doorbell rang.

"Hi Joe . I'll be right out."

Summer walks to the door and greets Joe in a long white skirt and a blue almost see-thru blouse. After a few minutes of small talk Joe leaves to start on the yard work. Summer can hardly wait till his shirt comes off. She gets a book and a glass of ice tea and proceeds to her lawn chair to read. After reading for a bit Joe appears from beside the house shirtless and glistening in the sun.

"My god he's beautiful" Summer says quietly to herself!

She feels a tingling from her pussy as she looks discreetly at Joe. Joe sees her looking and gives her a quick wave while he works.

"I wonder if he knows he turns me on" Summer thinks to herself with a small grin.

Sipping her ice tea and getting a bit sleepy she lays back and lets her skirt ride up her thighs a bit. Her book is very good and she goes back to reading it. As she reads she occasionally glances up to check on Joe's progress. She finds herself getting wetter and wetter and She is almost squirming in the chair moving her thighs together and feeling the waves of pleasure radiating from her pussy. After awhile her skirt has ridden up pretty high on her thighs and her panties are almost exposed. She contemplates pulling it down but decides not to. Joe has been looking over at her a bit more the last couple of minutes.

"Joe, would you like some ice tea" Summer asks?

"Yes please" he replies!

As he walks over Summer is blatantly checking him out now. His body is amazing and she wants to touch him. Joe stops within a foot of he chair and towers over her. She passes him a glass of ice tea and their fingers brush each other. An electric shock goes though her nipples as he touches her.

"Thanks Summer" he says.

"Not a problem at all" Summer almost purrs.

" How long have you been working out to get all those muscles" she asks?

"Oh I don't work out I just work all day long" he answers.

He leans a bit closer to her chair and a drop of sweat falls from his brow onto her arm.

"Crap I'm sorry" he says.

"No problem" Summer replies as she reaches over and runs her hand up his belly collecting sweat as she goes. By the time her hand reaches his nipples it is running between her fingers and down her arm.

"Ooohhh you are sweaty and Hot" Summer says seductively.

Joe doesn't speak as she continues to trace his muscles with her hand. Up and down his belly and chest. Her fingertips bouncing over his every crease. His breath is starting to quicken but not as much as hers. The neighbors could look out their window at anytime and see her. She doesn't care by this time she was so turned on she didn't think she could stop herself if she tried.

Joe didn't look as if he was going to stop her anytime soon either. She noticed a growing bulge in his jeans and her lips slightly parted without her knowledge. His breath was coming in gasps now and her hand kept getting lower on every pass up and down his stomach. She was now passing over his belt line and coming dangerously close to his crotch. He grunted and asked her if she really wanted to go further.

"Will we get caught" he asked?

"It's OK, My husband won't mind" Summer whispered back.

The next slow pass down his stomach her fingers ever so slowly continued downward and slowly traced to outline of his cock through his jeans.

"Oh My, What a beautiful cock" she though.

"Lets go inside now Joe" she said firmly.

"OK" he almost choked out.

As soon as they cleared the doorway Joe's hands grasped Summers hips and pulled her back into his body. He ground his crotch against her bum for a couple of agonizing minutes. Summer was gasping with pleasure and stood up and leaned her head back so he could kiss her. He kissed her deeply while keeping one hand on her tummy keeping her pressed to him the whole time. As their kiss deepened and Summers pussy became wet to the point of dripping.

Joe's hand slowly crept downward towards her panties. If he hadn't been supporting her she would have fallen. His fingers explored her wetness from outside her panties for what seemed an eternity . God she wanted him touching her. He finally dove inside her panties and lightly brushed her clit with his finger. She cried out in pleasure and almost fainted. She was so wet now that her juices were running down her legs. She reached back and tried to undue Joe's jeans with one hand but couldn't get them undone.

"Fuck!" she murmured.

Joe's noticed her dilemma and promptly leaned her over the couch.

"Stay right there!" he said roughly.

Summer felt her skirt being raised up over her bum and let out a small sigh as the first man since her husband saw her ass exposed. She was vibrating with anticipation as her pulled down her panties and couldn't help but squirm in pleasure. She then heard the distinct sound of his zipper going down. She had to glance back to see him uncovered. God he was magnificent his muscular belly ran into a v that pointed directly to his cock, and what a cock! It curve slightly upward and was easily 7 inches long but it was the girth that made her mouth water. Her hand wouldn't encircle it if she grabbed it. She was thinking about dropping to her knees and sucking him into her mouth but she remembered he had given her an order.

He was checking her out at the same time and was loving her curves and sexy ass. She was bent so far over the couch that he could see her sweet asshole too.

"Now I'm going to fuck you" Joe said with a gravely tone.

She could tell he was as turned on as she was. He grasped her hips again and she felt him move close behind her. One hand left her hip and she felt him spank her ass ever so gently with his big cock.

"Thump, Thump" she heard it on her ass.

She whimpered in anticipation and then she felt the tip of his cock pushing into her pussy. She was so wet, he had no problem sliding into her ever so slowly. He then gently started to move in and out of her pussy. She realized, he only had the first couple of inches inside her. God it felt so good She rocked back to meet him groaning.

"Give me more, Please,Please" she begged.

"You want it all baby" he asked?

"Yes please, Fuck me hard" Summer exclaimed!

That was all the encouragement he needed. Joe grabbed her hips and thrust his cock in to the hilt , filling her so deliciously!

"Smack" he slammed into her and she cried out in pleasure.

"OH GOD!!" I exclaimed.

His grasp on her hips was like iron and his cock pounded in and out of her pussy so fast she was sure it was a blur. Her breasts were swinging and she had to hold them so they didn't hurt her. She moved her thumbs over her nipples and had an instant orgasm. It rocketed through her body and her knees gave out. If he hadn't been holding her she would have fallen.....

to be continued...