Written by mara

Jan 25, 2013

my name is tony.last night i did something that i always wanted to do...i called on of my good girlfriend and i told her if she was free to meet up to go to the beach.it was around 11 pm,hot night.i went i picked her up and we went.i found a spot that wasnt many people.we laid on the sand and we were talking.i knew she alway liked me and i knew she wouldnt refuse anything i wouldve ask.i started touching her legs and then her stmomich.i could feel her breath getting heavier.i started kissing her and touching her every where.she was very wet and i was very horney.i went down and i was licking her wet pussy,shou couldnt any more she wanted me inside her and she told me to fuck her hard.i turned her around and i was fucking her as harder i could.we were going for around 20 minutes and i saw i some one coming,i didnt say nothing to her.it was a guy around 40.he stoped and i could see he was playing with his dick,at the same time i got honier and i said to voula i will love to fuck u with another person right now and she said if i had someone right now she will do it,i went more crazy and i told that guy to come closer,he had a big and large dick,i asked him to join us,he did straight away,she didnt say nothing,she was siiting at her four,that guy put his dick inside her and my god she went crazy,i went infront and she was sucking my cock,both of us we were ready to cum so we went to her face and she took everything in her mouth...im thinking to do it again with her went its hot night again....