Written by WifePleaser

Aug 16, 2015

I hadn’t anticipated finding anyone who would peak my interest although; I had hoped for more than just a pen-pal. Not long ago, I had joined FetLife for the sole purpose of finding someone who was a match not only in the bedroom but equally important; everyday life.

I have always been as I am for as long as I can recall however; I suppose looking back on my life, you would expect that I would have been with someone more suited to my likes and dislikes generally speaking and more specifically; my obsession with a certain kind of clothing.

Perhaps along the way, I have succumbed to the idea that the woman for me does not exist but I had hoped she did.

‘Kat’, as I like to call her; perhaps because she reminds me of such in that she is independent, self-assured, intelligent and stealthy is a beautiful, hot looking seductress and I had no idea why I felt this way about her because up until a week ago, I had not even met her.

I started talking to her through posts to one another after I had been taken aback by one of the pictures she had posted to her profile.

I had ‘loved’ (this is like ‘liking’ a picture on facebook) four of her pictures in fact and sent her a comment stating that she looked intoxicating in the leather outfit she was wearing.

I hardly thought I would receive a reply but I did and much to my delight, she was even a bit flirty with me. Well maybe not flirty but that’s how I took it.

Christ I could not believe it; she was real and she looked like a woman that I should have been with from the beginning. Her outfit, body, attitude hell; even her hair was perfect.

I could tell by the conversations we had that she was definitely no dummy and in fact; I recognized rather quickly that she had an above average intelligence.

I love intelligence in a woman and I am not sure why; perhaps because you can find many women who are less than stellar in the conversation department but not often do I come across someone with a head on their shoulders.

It could also have much to do with the fact that I love dominating an educated woman who in most normal, everyday, circumstances; would not allow such to happen unless she lost control or it was taken from her.

I would best describe myself as a person who is primal as in; ‘first or of most importance’ so it’s rather odd that I would be drawn to Kat as she labels herself as ‘Mistress’ and I am never drawn to anyone who is not submissive and obedient.

My obsession with women who dress in leather or latex drives my world in so far as what I think of or fantasize about on a daily basis and in fact; at times I make life changing decisions based on this obsession.

Over the next couple of weeks, Kat and I exchanged many posts and it seemed to me anyway; that with each post; although she is described as a ‘Mistress’ who generally take control, I wanted more than anything to have her submit to me in every way possible.

The idea of being with this educated, strong-willed, self-assured and confidant woman in a way that would see her reluctant but anxiously submit to my desires caused my own feelings of anxiousness.

The time had come and I wanted; no, ‘needed’ to meet Kat. I suggested to her that it would be best to meet for a ‘house viewing’; her house to be specific.

I had previously asked her for her clothing sizes because I had commented on the fact that because of my obsession with leather, had been buying women’s leather clothing for years in all sizes simply because I have difficulty passing up a good deal.

I told her that I had a few articles of leather clothing for her but in order to have them; she would have to model them for me.

If we found chemistry between us, we could go for a drink afterwards.

I had seen pictures of Kat on her facebook page and she was not only professional in her picture but she had somewhat of an innocent look to her.

We agreed on a time later in the evening.

I arrived after dark to a home that was located in a rural setting. Homes in this area were not situated close together like you see in the city and if privacy is what you are looking for; this would definitely be the place to shop for a home.

I pulled into the drive, shut the motor off and sat for a second to observe my surroundings. The street was very quiet and although I call it a street, it was really more of a country road of sorts. The air was still, warm and rather comfortable.

I grabbed the bottle of wine and glasses I had brought with me, made my way up the drive to the front door of the home, rang the doorbell and waited with bated breath.

I could hear the clicking sound of heels fast approaching the door and without hesitation; Kat opened the door, smiled and said “hello”. I smiled back and moved through the open door.

I quickly noticed the height difference between Kat and I because I am six feet, two inches tall and she five foot three inches; a tiny girl in height and very pleasant to look at and in fact; I didn’t know if I should hug her, kiss her or shake her hand. She was very professional looking and had a great smile.

Her hair was dark and blonde; my favorite combination and her eyes; her eyes were bright and had an innocence about them; I’ll change that I thought to myself.

I turned a few lamps off to make it cozier and moved to the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. We talked about the trip down and other small talk to break the ice but honestly; all I could really concentrate on was what was going to happen in the next few hours.

After we had a couple glasses of wine, she asked about the items of leather I was to have brought down and with that I jumped up and said let me grab them from the car.

As I was heading back, I noticed through the open door that Kat had moved to the living room area and was standing in front of a mirror fluffing her hair and fixing her skirt. I could tell she was primping herself and thought; don’t worry baby-girl; it’s only going to get messy so why bother.

I returned through the open door and placed the bag on the sofa and took a seat. Kat, who was now feeling the effects of the wine, came and sat closer to me. I could tell she was at ease with me now and was relaxed.

She said “can I see what’s in the bag?” to which I stated; “You know the rules; I get to dress you, take a few pictures and you get to keep the clothes.” – She hesitated just a bit but said “ok.” I told her to come and kneel in front of me while I sat on the sofa.

There before me knelt this beautiful, sexy woman who had the innocence of an angel and I could not help but think how in just a few short minuets, she would become a sultry, sexy vixen wearing only the clothing I have chosen for her.

I looked down into her pouty lips and bright eyes as she waited patiently for me to make the next move. I could see she was biting her lip in anticipation.

I extended my hands out, took her hair, brushed it back from her shoulders and let it fall. I moved my hands to the clasp on her pearl necklace and removed it from her neck and lay it on the sofa beside me.

I reached for the top button of her top and slowly unbuttoned it; followed by the next and the next until there were no more. I leaned forward and slid it down and off her back. Next, I pulled her head forward and moved her closer to me so that I could unclasp her bra.

When I was finished, I eased her back and lifted her by her hands to a stranding position. Never taking my eyes off of her for a second, I continued undressing her by removing her skirt next.

I reached around and undid the button, unzip her zipper and eased her skirt to the floor. I could see her starting to swallow hard now and I could feel her heart pounding in her chest as I touched her.

I reached for the top of her panties, slid my fingers into the waistband and forced them over her ass and let them also fall. Kat quickly looked down and caught the last sight of her panties just as they hit the floor and quickly looked back at me and gasped slightly.

I could sense her vulnerability at this moment; excited but vulnerable. I admired her body for just a moment but quickly moved on to dressing her to my satisfaction.

I bent and reached towards the duffel-bag that lay upon the sofa and pulled the first of many items from it.

As I slid out a beautiful, shiny, rubber pair of panties with the word ‘Slave’ printed on it, Kat’s eyes lit up. The aroma of the rubber quickly filled the air and I could see Kat was fixated on the article of clothing. I held it up against Kat’s tummy and she quivered when the coolness of the garment touched her body.

I held the waist open and said ‘step into it babe’ and with that, Kat instinctively placed one foot in each leg hole one after the other and then slid it up her thighs until the rubber gusset rested tightly against her clit.

The next item I chose was a beautiful, high-waist, rubber garter. It was very shiny and a bit heavy in so far as the weight of clothing goes because it was the thickest garter I could buy. I pulled her close to me, wrapped the waist band around her lower back and did the clasp up nice and tight. I noticed a considerable increase in Kat’s heart rate as her breaths were shallow and rapid at this point.

I stretched the garter into place so that it rested just above her ass and then proceeded to pull it even tighter. I wanted her to feel the pressure of the rubber against her skin.

I removed two long, black rubber stockings from the bag and unfolded them across my lap. I knew they would look sexy on her because she is five foot three inches tall as I said and given the length of her legs, they would encase the entire length. Stockings should and must always sit as high as possible.

I rolled them down one at a time and held them in front of Kat to step into and didn’t even have to instruct her; she instinctively stepped into them without question.

I rolled each stalking up the entire length of her leg and stretched each garter clasp in place and firmly secured them. She was starting to look as beautiful as I had hoped.

Next; I retrieved a pair of the tallest, black patent, leather boots I think Kat had ever seen.

Perhaps the heel was a bit too much to walk in being a full six inches but her walking did not interest me at this point and in fact, I wanted her to have as much difficulty walking as possible.

I pulled two other items from the bag; a rubber bra and corset. I knew that once she had these items on she would be perfect for my liking and then I would have to work fast to get on with my plan.

I stood before her and tenderly rubbed her nipples. Kat let out a slight moan as I leaned forward and took one into my mouth and gently sucked it. I could really feel her heart racing now with my head so close to her chest. As I sucked her nipples, I put a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit with my fingers just a bit and not for any length of time.

I pulled away and looked at her nipples erect and pert to which I opened and wrapped them in the rubber bra. I pulled it tightly across her tits and tied the clasp tightly.

Kat doesn’t have big boobs and thank God for that because my tastes are and always will be for smaller rather than large tits.

Finally; I turned her around and faced her away from me and wrapped her entire upper torso in the most beautiful, black, thick rubber corset I could buy and proceeded to cinch it closed at the back.

Facing her now, Kat was dressed for sex and could not have been made up more appropriately for what would happen next.

I knew at this point there was chemistry between her and I because of the sounds she made and how she responded to my touch and it wasn’t just a case of allowing me to dress her simply to acquire some free clothing.

No; it was more than that; Kat looked sexy and she knew that I was definitely into her look. With the innocence of a child, she looked up at me and softly asked; “what now?” to which I responded; “let’s find the bedroom.”

I took Kat by the hand and led her down the hall to one of the bedrooms.

I led Kat to the bedside and sat at the edge. Kat stood waiting for me to instruct her on what to do next. From behind my back, I pulled a pair of leather restraints and told her to place her wrists before me which she did and I inserted her hands through them and tightened them securely.

The walk to the bedroom was done as best she could; given the height of the heels and it was a challenge to simply stand without wavering but she did well under the circumstances.

Once I had fastened her wrists, I instructed her to fall to her knees and lay across my lap.

Without hesitation, Kat did as she was told and positioned her body over my knee. I admired her body as I removed the leather belt from the pants I was wearing.

I held her head by the back of the neck to restrain her as she attempted to struggle a bit but without warning, she stiffened as she felt the crack of my belt across her ass. She tried to lift her head in order to anticipate the next crack but I held her tightly and in an instant; another stiffening of her body took place after another crack of my belt reached her ass.

Kat whimpered as I proceeded to spank her ass more than ten good cracks and I could clearly see the redness that was forming over her cheeks. I could now hear Kat had started to cry a bit but I assured her it would be over soon.

With ever crack of the belt, I could feel my cock stiffen and harden more and more at the idea that I now had this beautiful, intelligent woman right where she needed to be.

After I had finished, I turned her over and held her face close to mine. I kissed her lips tenderly and wiped her tears away; I could taste the salty tears from her cheeks. She kissed me back and then I whispered to her; ‘Lay down on the bed’. She stood before me and I took her to the bed and lay her down on her back.

I went to the living room and retrieved the rope from the bag I had brought with me and returned to the bedroom. I turned the lighting down low so that the room was dimly lit and proceeded to tie Kat to the bed.

She didn’t like it at all and honestly; I had a hard time pinning her to the bed but she was too sore from the spanking just a few moments earlier and I quickly overcame her protests.

When finished, Kat was tightly tied to the bed and was really unable to move. I could see she was anxious at her inability to free herself. Out of my pocket, I retrieved a black, rubber, ball-gag and moved towards her mouth and just before I placed it inside, heard her say in a soft voice; “nooo” but before she could protest any longer, I had forced her mouth open and inserted it.

She struggled but I was able to fit the ball in and secured the rubber strap behind her head. I could hear her trying to verbally protest along with her signs of struggle but there was no way she would be able to free herself from the restraints that held her tightly.

She was helpless and at that moment; I am sure she realized she was at the mercy of my desires.

While I admired her rubber covered body and enjoyed the look the rubber had as it shimmered in the low light, I heard a knock at the door. I looked at Kat who stopped struggling instantly and found our eyes had met.

She heard the knock at the door as well and immediately started to yell for help but it was pointless; her voice would not travel through the ball-gag.

I winked at her and whispered, “Finally; now we can begin.”

I left Kat to consider every possibility of what could be happening next and who might be at the door. She heard the door open and then close immediately afterword. I re-entered the bedroom where Kat was squirming to free herself but as I said; that won’t happen anytime soon.

The lighting was very dim and as hard as Kat tried, she could not make out the figure standing at the doorway to the bedroom. All she could see was that it was someone and he or she was leaning slightly against the doorjamb.

I sauntered over to the bed and grabbed a big firm pillow.

I checked it and was pleased with its construction. I was sure it would support Kat’s weight easily.

I knelt over her and placed my arm underneath her lower back and lifted her ass in the air.

I shoved the pillow under her which caused her pussy to point straight out and upward towards the ceiling.

I walked to each rope holding her arms and legs and re-tightened each of them. I finished at her head and snugged up the ball-gag to ensure it was deep within her mouth and that the rubber straps were good and tight. I was sure a struggle was about to ensue and wanted to ensure there was no escaping.

I walked back towards my ‘friend’ and whispered a few words, went to the living room and then returned to the bedside. Kat strained to overhear but was unable to make out what I had said.

I had retrieved an industrial vibrator which I plugged into the wall socket beside the bed. This type of vibrator plugs into the wall and is rather large in size. All the really good ones look as though this one does and it would behoove anyone to find a better design.

I raised it up to show Kat and when she saw it, she relaxed and felt a somewhat calmness sweep over her. She probably thought hey what the hell; he’s sexy and if I am going to get off during this episode; why not?

I turned the vibrator on and moved it toward Kat’s inner thigh and when I touched her, she flinched with excitement. I slowly moved to her rubber covered pussy and pressed it lightly against her clit.

The sensation coupled with the coolness of her panties caused Kat to quickly respond to the vibrating head; she was no longer restless or anxious to free herself but instead, was a willing participant.

The constant vibration could be felt over Kat’s entire body because of the motor size. It is one very strong commercial unit if I do say so myself.

I pushed her latex panties aside and moved in. I could clearly see Kat was wetter than one could expect.

Her cum was flowing and could be seen leaking down her inner thigh at this point. Her head was rocking back and forth and silent moans and whimpers could be heard from beneath her ball-gag.

I am sure at one point I could clearly hear her making sucking sounds on the ball. Saliva had trickled from her mouth and past the gag as well.

The shadowy figure at the doorway was now doing something other than just standing there as the person was watching all that was happening.

There was movement and Kat was unable to see what was happening but at this moment, all that was on Kat’s mind was that she had an orgasm building in her that was about to erupt with the fury of a volcano.

Her skin had beads of sweat that had formed over her body and clearly; she was about to be engulfed in one of; if not her biggest orgasm to date. Her heart was pounding and I could feel it through the bed. She was thrashing about back and forth. The moans were closer together and louder. I knew she was starting the eruption of her first orgasm.

As I pressed the vibrator very hard against her clit a loud moan spewed from Kat’s mouth and past her rubber ball-gag and I swear I saw her squirt cum out and down her inner thigh. It was a projectile of sorts.

She moaned and thrashed back and forth like I had never seen anyone do. Her body quivered with tremors causing her back to arch which sent her pussy straight up in the air. She bucked and bucked again until she lay there heavily breathing. She had cum with the fury of the Devil.

When she was done, we both heard a moan come from the doorway; a long moan; a moan that only a female could make and in the shadows, both Kat and I could now see as she had moved closer to the light, that my female friend had also cum while watching Kat.

Nikki had agreed to accompany me on my visit to see Kat. She is one of the hottest older women I know.

Her body would put most women half her age to shame and bring most men to tears.

Every guy I know who has met her has wanted to fuck her but she is strictly into women and when she sets her eye on some hot looking girl; will stop at nothing until she has an opportunity to fuck her silly.

I knew Nikki would find Kat very sexy. I had sent her a few of her pictures before asking her if she would be interested in accompanying me on the trip; her response was “only if you promise I can fuck that girl hardcore.” I said “bring your toys and I will make that happen.”

As Kat was having the orgasm of her life; Nikki had her dildo shoved so deep inside herself and was fucking her own pussy at the same time as Kat was on the vibrator. The movement Kat saw in the shadows earlier was in fact Nikki going to town on her own pussy.

Nikki loves toys and one of her favorites is a latex dildo panty that has a cock for her pussy and one for the girl she is fucking. She loves this one because with ever pump she gives the girl, she receives one in return.

Nikki and I have been friends for quite some time and perhaps our friendship has more to do with our similar personalities more than anything. Nikki is very dominant in the bedroom and she loves to be in control but most of all, she treats women as though I do and so at times, I live my life vicariously through her when she is fucking someone I want to be fucking.

After Nikki had finished with herself, she quickly removed her dildo and left for the living room. Kat had regained her composure at this point and was ready to be released.

I could see the anxiousness in her eyes at the sight of Nikki and wanted nothing to do with her. She was a cock loving girl and had never had sex with a woman and tonight was not the night she would be entertaining that thought at all.

Yes; I should have untied her but I kept wondering what it would be like to actually see Nikki fuck Kat. To date; I had never seen Nikki do anything like that and I was very intrigued by the thought.

A few moments later, Nikki was back in the room. She had changed into the blackest, rubber stockings, panties, opera- length gloves, bustier and the biggest, black, rubber dildo I have ever seen.

As she stood there holding onto and rubbing her big cock; stroking it, she looked at me and said firmly; “she’s mine.”

Kat’s eyes opened wide; her ball-gag still in place, cum leaking from her pussy and started to furiously thrash around on the bed.

I saw what I am sure was the beginning of a tear form in the corners of her eyes and she moaned very loud in protest. Her clit still pointing upward, she was exposed, spread eagle and helpless.

I could have stopped it I suppose but thought better of it and stood up from the bed and allowed Nikki the room to move towards Kat. She stood in front of her looking into Kat’s eyes and smiled while stroking her cock.

“Kat” said Nikki; “you are much too sexy to pass this opportunity by and although you are frightened and rightly so given the circumstances of what is about to take place; take comfort in knowing I am a woman and know your pain.”

Nikki moved on to the bed and positioned herself between Kat’s legs and pulled her latex panties aside exposing both her asshole and pussy. She removed a little bullet type vibrator from her rubber waistband which had a wire leading from it to a battery pack which she laid beside Kat.

She turned it on, pushed her gloved index finger into Kat’s pussy and slathered it up with her cum. She then rubbed the vibrator lubing it up and slowly pushed it into Kat's ass all the while Kat fought her every step of the way. It was no use; Nikki had won and the vibrator was deep in Kat's ass; completely buried.

Kat lost it; she was very upset and you could hear the muffled yelling which was louder than I had anticipated.

I didn’t want anyone to hear; I didn’t know if we should stop or not.

Nikki didn’t care at all in fact; she laughed at Kat and continued to position the head of her cock in front of Kat’s pussy.

Kat was furious now and the sounds she was making were too loud for my liking and so; just as Nikki placed the head of her cock into Kat’s pussy and started to enter her, I covered Kat’s mouth and muffled her sounds.

Kat fought hard; she could feel that the cock was bigger than she could handle and was squirming and fighting more than Nikki could handle. Frustrated; Nikki said; “hold her the fuck down so I can penetrate her!”

I did as I was told and held Kat; pinning her to the bed which allowed Nikki to get better positioning.

Nikki slowly forced her cock in bit by bit and as I saw the entire length ease into Kat’s pussy; I could feel my cock harden instantly at the thought that my Kat was being raped by Nikki and I was helping. As Kat’s eyes rolled back in her head, I could hear the bullet vibrator buzzing in her ass.

As I watched Nikki pumping deep penetrating strokes into Kat and treating her like a little fuck-toy; I took notice of the light glistening off of both latex covered bodies; I was amazed at how excited I was at the sight and sounds I was hearing. The rustling of the latex and moaning were exhilarating.

Kat’s muffled cries for help past her rubber ball-gag; her body being pounded with deep rhythmic fucking which caused her body to depress on the bed with each forceful thrust; the tears that had formed in the corners of her eyes; the entire sight was exhilarating.

Kat was helpless and being raped by this beautiful, latex sex goddess and all I could think of was; I couldn’t wait until Nikki was done so I could have my turn.

Once Nikki had found her rhythm and her cock was moving in and out of Kat with ease, Nikki reached behind her back and turned on the switch to her own battery pack. Her latex dildo was also fitted with a vibrator. I thought this was awesome. Nikki was being stimulated with every thrust as well.

Nikki’s moans were very deep and sensual and the entire sight was erotic to say the least.

As the thrusting continued, I started to notice quite a change in Kat whereas; she was no longer squirming or fighting to be released and the cries for help had tapered off. The tears had stopped and she was starting to move in sync with Nikki’s pelvic thrusts.

With every pump, she was pumping back and even shoving her pussy up to meet Nikki. Her muffled cries for help had become muffled moans of pleasure. Had Kat’s body betrayed her? Was she now enjoying the efforts of this latex maiden?

I had to know if she was enjoying the pounding she was receiving but could not ask her because she was gagged. – I had to know.

I released my hand from Kat’s mouth and got up from the bed, moved to her feet and untied the ropes that had restrained her. As the ropes were released and Kat was now free to move her legs, she lifted them up and wrapped them around Nikki’s ass and pulled her tightly in the direction of her pussy.

With ever pump of Nikki’s latex cock, Kat was now matching her stroke for stroke and forcing Nikki deeper inside her; helping Nikki fuck her. The sight of my Kat willingly submitting to Nikki’s fucking was unbelievably sexy to me and it made me want her even more than I had anticipated.

Nikki could feel Kat’s submission as well and quickly instructed me to remove the ball-gag that had prevented Kat’s cries for freedom being heard.

I did as she had asked and removed the rubber gag from Kat’s mouth.

Once Kat’s mouth was free, Nikki lay down on Kat’s body and moved into a more comfortable fucking position; one that would allow her to place all her weight on Kat and her elbows which would allow Nikki to move her face and inch from Kat’s.

Nikki pumped that big latex cock into Kat with slow deep penetrations while Kat looked deeply into Nikki’s eyes not more than an inch away from each other; so close that Kat could feel Nikki’s accelerated breathing on her neck. Nikki reached and pulled Kat’s mouth to hers and kissed her in what was the most passionate kiss I have seen.

Nikki had broken Kat and she accepted the fact that her body had betrayed her to the point she would cum for Nikki; she would fight no more; she succumbed to the fact that she wanted Nikki inside her.

The two latex girls who were now fucking with the passion of two animalistic lovers were so into each other that at this point; I did not exist.

When Nikki’s lips and mouth touched Kat’s, Kat’s body stiffened and started to convulse; legs instinctively pulled Nikki closer driving her cock deep inside her. Nikki pumped her cock deep into Kat with a flurry of strokes and in an instant, hot cum flowed from Kat’s pussy over her new lover’s cock.

It had taken a strong-willed latex lover to give Kat what she needed and truly desired; to be dominated.

Afterwards; Nikki fell to a slump and her body lay drained on top of Kat. Little known to either Kat or myself was the fact that Nikki had cum at the same time as Kat; her own vibrator still buzzing as Nikki’s juices flowed down and mixed with Kat’s. “Are you done yet” I asked Nikki who replied; “I am so done.”

Kat whimpered as Nikki pulled herself out and went to the bathroom, cleaned and dressed herself for the ride home. After getting dolled up, I kissed Nikki lightly on her lips and thanked her for coming; no pun intended and with that; she whispered “bye” to Kat who was exhausted still lying on the bed and was out the door.

I untied Kat’s hands to allow her to clean up and dress in her business attire as she looked previous. She was spent and I wanted her to have some time to fully recover from her experience and suggested we get together another time.

She agreed and after a deep penetrating kiss; parted company.

We spoke later in detail about her experience and she told me that she wanted that part of her new life to continue.

She especially loved the feeling of having been made to submit sexually to a woman; a latex wearing woman.

Five days had elapsed since I last saw Kat and I knew she was getting restless.

We agreed to meet at a motel located halfway between our cities.

Now I should tell you before I go any further; a little about myself. Primal and very territorial; when I get interested in someone who has caught my attention usually by the clothing they wear, I do not like to give them up.

Some consider me a handsome dude. Me? I think my mind is my most attractive trait and my brain is my biggest sex organ.

Let’s talk about my character; I am dominate however; I can be submissive to the right woman, in the right circumstance although to date; I have met no one that could make me submit so; time will tell.

I am into women and not just any women; I can find women in general left right and center but finding an intelligent, confident, self-assured woman who feels sexy in leather and latex that is also submissive is a fucking challenge. – Hence the reason I don’t want to give them up when I find them.

Ok then; back to Kat;

I booked a motel South of my home because as I said previous; Kat was getting anxious to meet and frankly, the pictures she had sent me in her rubber stockings were driving me fucking nuts and that little fucking attitude she unleashed on me in some of her posts such as; ‘I will let that slide’ pissed me off and well I just love having sex with a leather girl when she back-talks me.

Yeah, Kat does it for me in the most sexual way possible. Over the past few days I had contemplated; had I to live my life over and it could have been with Kat; I would have chosen her from the beginning.

She’s a babe but I try not to dwell on that; she could possibly get a fat head and try controlling me or some shit and that won’t happen.

I told Kat to meet me at the agreed upon location but not at the motel right off but rather a bar that was close by. I always feel better meeting in a bar in most circumstances. No idea why; but perhaps it’s because I enjoy the flirty chase before I pounce on the woman and I like to have a drink or two to relive my anxiety.

I told Kat to wear ‘knowing’ perfume by Este Lauder; my favorite perfume by far and frankly; I lose my ever loving mind when I smell it.

I told her to dress in anything she wanted at this point but that if there was sexual chemistry between us, she would wear what I brought her when we get back to the room. She agreed.

I arrived at the motel after my drive, got cleaned up, dressed and headed to the bar. The bar was not very busy given the location which is more of a seasonal bar in so far as busy at certain times of the year based on tourists. – I guess it was more of a pub than anything but I like that. Loud bars make it too difficult to talk.

I ordered a drink and sat off to one side and waited for Kat while I reminded myself of what she looked like that evening at the ‘open house’ so to speak with Nikki. Christ she was sexy.

Thirty minutes past seven; Kat walked into the pub, walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. I could see she was curious to see if I had arrived yet as she looked around the bar.

Her eyes quickly found mine; she smiled and paid for her drink and sauntered over to where I was sitting.

I stood to greet her and as she came closer to me; I could smell her perfume which hit my like a brick wall.

She smelled wonderful and looked as beautiful as she had in her pictures. I smiled at her and said “hello Kat” and reached for her hand; took hold of it; pulled her to me and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

I didn’t want to kiss her on the lips at that moment; well I did but would not allow myself to because I was not sure if I had; I could have stopped.

Now keep in mind that although Kat and I had met that night with Nikki; that night had little to do with her and I. Tonight was about her and I.

We chatted while listening to the music which played in the background although I didn’t really notice as I was too much into Kat and was getting to know her. I hadn’t the opportunity last time and wanted to learn a bit more now.

After an hour, we had shifted closer to one another and there was no doubt the sexual chemistry was there which was evident by the flirtatious touching as we spoke.

She was rather innocent looking and had a rather pleasant demeanor about her. Hard to believe she had any dominance to her at all but who knows right; some people turn on like a switch under the right circumstance.

I whispered to Kat; “do you want to come with me to my room?” She stood and said “ok.”

We both left in separate vehicles and met at the motel. I walked Kat into and up the elevator to arrive on our floor. Down the hall and stopping at the door I said; “this is it.”

I rested my hand on the small of Kat’s back and guided her inside. She set her bag down which I assumed were her personal things. I had unpacked prior to going out so I had nothing to put away. I asked Kat to stow her things and meet me on the bed when done.

After she put her jacket away along with her personal items, Kat came and sat on the bed. I said to her; “I have brought some items I want you to wear for me. It’s non-negotiable at this point.” Kat said; “whatever you want me to wear; I will wear it.”

Kat was dressed rather conservatively and more businesslike than anything but I would soon change that. I got up, opened my trusty duffel-bag and handed her the most beautiful pair of black, crotch less, high-waist, rubber panties.

A vintage style rubber garter was next followed by a long pair of rubber stockings. The stockings were size ‘C’ because I wanted them to reach to the same height as Kat’s pussy because I would be able to feel them when fucking her.

I always loved vintage garters because back in the day, those garters were bigger and had more material. Not like the small skimpy ones you see today.

A pair of tall black leather boots that seemed to go on for miles was next followed by a somewhat; short leather, flared, skater-skirt.

I love these skirts because they allow freedom of movement when fucking and are not restrictive at all and hang just off the ass. The waistbands are sexy and frankly; I love everything about them; period.

Next a soft leather bra; black of course and one size smaller than Kat usually wears to put soft cool, leather pressure on her nipples and finally; a leather bustier also black.

I told Kat to go into the washroom and put only the panties on and come back to me. I told her I didn’t wish to see her naked and wanted to dress her my way. She did as I asked and when she returned, I dressed her; slowly.

I asked her not to speak; just do as instructed and with that; I stood behind her and wrapped the cool rubber garter around her tummy, slid it down and rested it on her waist. I was breathing near Kat’s neck and the warmth of my breath could be felt by her. I could smell her perfume mixed with the strong aroma of rubber which I found intoxicating.

I cinched the garter belt so that it fit her waist snugly and then stretched it down tightly against her ass and mid-drift. It glistened in the low lighting of the room.

I moved Kat to the edge of the bed, sat her down and told her to place one foot upon my knee after I knelt before her. I took one stocking at a time, rolled it down fully, slipped her foot into each sock and then rolled them up very slowly until each was fully extended to the top of her thighs and as close to her pussy as possible.

The cool rubbery feeling of the long stockings sent shivers through Kat’s body but she didn’t say a word as I proceeded to secure her garter straps to the stockings. I could see she was getting short of breath with anticipation.

I lifted Kat once again because now it was time to put her ass in some soft subtle leather which was long overdue. The aroma of the skirt made my dick twinge and in fact; felt my heart quickly start to race.

The crinkling sound it made in my hands filled me with excitement and that feeling would only become stronger as the night moved on.

I positioned the open waist of the skirt in front of Kat and said step in to which she did and I slid it up and into position. I stepped behind and zipped her up. I then cinched her bustier by pulling the strings tightly and finished it with a long bow.

Finally; the pair of long, thigh-high leather boots with laces up the front. They looked beautiful on Kat and now with the exception of one other item, she was perfect; a perfect leather girl; my perfect leather girl; my perfect Kat.

At this point; I went and retrieved a bottle of wine I had chilling in the fridge and told Kat to pour us a glass while I got my camera out to take some pictures.

She did as she was told and while we sipped wine, I took numerous pictures of Kat in her leather all over the room; wine in her hand, making silly faces etc. She was so beautiful; is beautiful; is sexy.

Up to this point, Kat does not really know of my likes or dislikes; I mean really; there is so much ground to cover with anyone you meet at any given time and it simply takes a while to truly understand someone but I felt there was something Kat needed to know about me right away and so I told her; finish your wine; I want you to lay on the bed after I strip the sheets.

Well wouldn’t you know it; after I stripped the blankets off the bed; I pulled out a brand new fresh pair of latex sheets. One fitted; the other a flat sheet; both shiny, black, rubber and so cool to the touch.

I fitted the sheets to the bed and it looked like and smelled of heaven; in my world at least.

At this point, with Kat looking the way she did and all that leather and latex aroma in the room, my cock was hard enough to pound nails but it was Kat I wanted to pound now.

I moved over to where Kat was standing while I got the sheets ready on the bed; she was nursing her wine and by now, she was a bit tipsy, well; more than a bit tipsy given the drinks at the pub and wine here so she was feeling no pain.

I slowly reached around the back of her head and took a full fist of hair and held it tight. I pulled her head close to me and breathed in the aroma of her perfume. She smelled so fucking sexy I could feel my heart racing.

I took Kat’s drink and placed it on the table by the window and took her hand and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

I laid her on the bed with no pillow and spread her arms and legs wide open. It was very quiet; I could hear the clock ticking on the night table beside the bed; I could hear Kat's breathing; I could hear mine.

I used nylons taken from my bag to secure Kat’s wrists and ankles. I made sure she was restrained well and no matter how much she struggled, she could not free herself and was at my mercy.

I did the same to her as done with Nikki and placed a pillow under her lower back. I wanted to penetrate her as deep as Nikki had and didn’t want anything fucking up my time with her. I needed to be able to go deep and hard.

I didn’t need a ball-gag this time I thought as I had just purchased a new item and it would work better for what I had planned.

I didn’t want to go through what I had with Nikki in that Kat was much too loud for my liking and that needed to be addressed. I have just the thing for that.

Once Kat was secured and tightly bound, I turned the lamp off so it was dark in the room which took a few seconds for Kat’s eyes to adjust to the low level light which had the same effect as a flash cube.

This was my chance! While Kat was unable to focus just yet, I used the opportunity to quickly place my hand over her mouth and force my new leather hood over Kat's head.

She tried to yell stop but it was no good; I quickly had her encased in the soft supple leather and even her eyes were covered; god how I have wanted her in this state for so long.

I have dreamed of fucking you dressed like this and FINALLY! I thought. You’re my Kat tonight.

Kat was struggling furiously and I could faintly hear her muffled protests through the soft, face- hugging leather.

She was thrashing about left and right; kicking as best she could in her predicament but never the less; totally restrained.

I quickly grabbed my camera again and shot some amazing pictures of her helpless body lying there; enslaved and available for me and me alone.

When I had finished with the pictures, I knelt over the bed and smelled her leather covered face.

I could hear her breathing rapidly and so I whispered a few inches from her ears which were also covered by the leather mask; “Kat; save your strength; no one can hear you baby. Calm down and get ready for me.”

I gave her some time to take in the erotic smell of the leather and allow her to listen to her heart beating rapidly; to listen to her breathing as she lay there helplessly waiting; I undressed.

My cock was rock hard and had been for most of the night; I needed to fuck her right now. I needed my leather Kat to take my cock into her and milk me but first, I needed to taste her.

There is no way in hell this night would end without me tasting her cum. With that thought, I knelt between her legs; legs that could not close and could not say no.

I placed my mouth just over her clit and gently touched it with my tongue. I could feel the heat from her and it was warm to the touch. I licked her and she tasted so good. I swirled small circles around and over her clit; teasing and rubbing her.

Kat instantly stopped struggling, no more protests and no more muffled screams to stop. She just lay silent for now as I continued to suck the cum from her pussy.

After about five minutes of this, Kat was starting to utter small sounds of pleasure. I could see that her body was receptive and wanted me to keep going.

Her juices were flowing now and I could feel the passion in her body by the movements she was making.

I reached onto the bed and grabbed the vibrator I had placed there before undressing; it was pure latex; the next best thing to the real deal. It looked and felt like a big warm cock.

Using her own juices, I lubed it up and placed the head at the opening of her pussy and forced the head into her.

Kat wanted this cock; she needed it if she couldn’t have mine right at this moment; she wanted it in her now. I continued to suck at her clit which was driving her over the edge and at the same time, was pushing the dildo in a little at a time; inching forward.

Kat helped me along by pushing herself into it hoping that she could get it in quicker. She wanted it all and now. I could see she was there; I have always been told I have an expert tongue and am sure she will be no exception.

I pushed it deeper until the full length of the shaft was inside her. I was pumping her now very aggressively. She was keeping time with my strokes and I could taste her cum flowing; I knew she was going to cum in my mouth now and I wanted it; I needed it; I needed her so bad.

With a heavy deep moan Kat started bucking quickly; bucking my mouth and I could hear her muffled scream of pleasure under the leather mask. I could hear her breath escaping through the leather breathing holes and her body went very rigid.

She squirted her cum with such a force that I felt it hit the back of my throat. – Oh my god; she tasted sweet and hot. I sucked every last drop of her juice until she was emptied. She collapsed and her body went limp as she lay there with heart pounding.

The ordeal was so exciting for me; I felt pre-come form at the tip of my cock.

I got up and laid my body across her entire leather outfit. It was warm leather now with Kat’s excitement causing her to sweat during her orgasm but the heat caused her leather to smell even stronger to me now and I needed to fuck her more than ever.

I reached between my legs, grabbed my cock and placed the head of it in Kat’s pussy. After all we had been through so far, this is the first time Kat had felt my real cock or at least the tip in her pussy. I grabbed Kat by the legs and forced my cock into her.

No condom; I wanted to feel the real Kat; the girl that had captured my desire and heart.

You are mine Kat I whispered, and I am going to fuck you like I have fantasized so many nights I lay awake thinking of you.

I forced myself in her and started to fuck her like I needed. I wrapped my arms around her neck and pulled her body closer to me and fucked my leather-girl wildly.

My heart raced and I thought my chest would cave in but I filled her full of my cock and next would fill her with cum.

With every stroke I was closer to cuming and Kat had been matching me with every stroke; she could feel the animal within me. She knew I was going to make her my leather lover; my girl; my Kat.

I was there; I stiffened and forcefully jack-hammered my cock in her with every ounce of my being and I felt the cum leave my body and squirt the roof of her pussy. I could feel my orgasm so intensely, I nearly passed out.

As soon as I came in Kat, she immediately let out a muffled scream and came all over my cock and I held her so damn tight; I never wanted to let her go.

While still in her, I removed her mask and set it aside, took her head and pulled her mouth to mine where I kissed her full on and passionately.

I had made her my Kat; my girl Kat.