Written by Anonymous

Oct. 11, 2018

I've had this long time fantasy of wanting to share my wife, have her dressed up in a sexy/slutty looking lil uniform as I want her to be a dirty lil slutwife....

One day as I ask her to put on a sexy/slutty looking lil uniform for me, as I watch her go into our bedroom too change...While she doesn't know yet that I have a surprise for her, as I have another guy over to join us for some naughty fun. As my wife cums walking out into living room, she shocked & asks what's going on. As I tell her to just cum over & sit on my lap, while she watches this strange guy come sit beside us on our sofa. As I begin to tell her about my naughty fantasy of wanting to share her, making her act like a dirty lil slutwife for me. As I have her turn sideways on my lap as I spread her legs apart while I lightly start rubbing/spanking her delicious looking tight lil pussy, inviting this guy to go down & devour her pussy really good. As I watch him start massaging her inner thighs while he starts licking & sucking on her juicy delicious lil pussy lips while he slowly uses his fingers slowly all way deep inside her making her moan and groan as she starts grinding against his face while half sitting in my lap as im massaging her gorgeous breasts, licking & sucking on her perky hard nipples. As I tell her to be a good lil slutwife & show him how much of a dirty lil slutwife you are as she has him standing up while she takes his pants off grabbing his cock as she starts stroking it licking n sucking on it making him nice & hard. Then I tell her to get on her hands and knees on edge of sofa, as I let him take her from behind as he slowly slides his throbbing hard cock all way deep inside her amazing tight lil pussy as he starts thrusting harder and faster pounding it really hard n fast so deep inside her while he starts spanking her sexy spankable lil ass as he has her cuming like crazy.....as he says he just about ready himself, I tell her to quickly turn around and take him all way deep inside her hot wet warm mouth, as she starts slowly deep throating his large swollen thick throbbing hard cock while getting pounded again from behind by myself as I'm deep inside her as I reach forward grabbing her by her throat choking her making her take both of our large swollen thick throbbing hard cocks at same time as were both fucking her faster & harder as I make my horny looking naughty lil slutwife let us cum like crazy while we're both all way inside her, filling her pussy full as she has take his big load down her throat as it quickly fills her mouth full watching her trying to take his full load, as she trying lick his cock clean while I finish filling her pussy full as my sexy, horny looking naughty lil slutwife wife looks up & begs me to allow her to take us into our room as she wants us all to crawl into bed so she can continue to enjoy being such dirty lil slutwife that she is as she so badly wants to spend rest of the day being allowed to have the pleasure of having her way with us...

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