Written by Petals

Feb. 8, 2012

She never drank..not at weddings or birthday parties, but today she drank just enough to not feel like herself, she felt warm, sexy, confident. As she drove towards the hotel she couldnt help but notice the tingling in her pants, the wetness that was already filling her with urges. She was so new to this.

Waiting for her at the hotel was a man she had never met, only seen his pictures. She was nervous, many times she considered turning around going home, she couldnt..too many times she had thought about this, longed for this. She looked at her bag of toys beside her in the car, no she was going, she needed this. He said that he was into anything, he loved her picture and said she was beautiful, he said he couldnt wait to get his hands on her naked body.

She parked the car and entered the hotel, he said he was in room 212. Senses on fire, she walked down the hallway. "Just cum on it when you get here" the email had said.

She saw his door..slightly ajar. "Its now or never" she thought. Running her hair through her long brown hair, she entered the room.

From the door way she could see the entire room...one big bed, a soaker tub, a dresser and a tv (already playing porn ) a open door the bathroom....where was he? Wrong room maybe..she ventured in a little further, no one, just as she was about to back of the room, confidence deflated, a strong set of hands grabbed her from behind, startled she turned to scream, he pushed her facedown on the bed, his body on top her hers.

"before you see me, I want you see what I have to offer" his manhood was already throbbing against her ass through her skirt.

She felt herself clenching at the thought of it entering her.

He began to grind her, hard.

"do you like this?" he asked

" so far, yes I do" she replied

" good " he said "cause its about to get better"

Without hesitation, his hand went up her skirt, she didnt wear underwear, trying to be sexy. His fingers probed her gently, then finding the hot wet opening, he slide 3 fingers in hard. He began to finger fuck her hsrd. Her body reacted before her mind, hips thrusting, his weight still bearing down on her.

"I brought a surpise..." he said heavily breathing in her ear.

He lifted himself off her, while continuing to fuck her with his fingers, and flipped her over. There at the foot of the bed was another man. Both were good looking, both were naked with throbbing cocks.

The new unexpected man was holding one of her dildos..

"you liked to get fucked with this?" he asked

Before she could answer he was plunging it inside her. Hard and deep, his arms moving faster then she thought possible.

Hands were grabbing at her DD breast, freeing them from her bra. Grabbing hard and firm.

She put a cock in her mouth and sucked hard, the harder she sucked the harder she was fucked, she felt fingers sliding in along side the toy...she was throbbing, her legs were spread so wide, wanting more.

Hands and mouths, cocks and toys, all these things were happening to her at once, the guy she was here to meet was man handling her in a way she had never experienced. He didnt ask her if what he was doing was okay he just did it, no one asked her if this hurt or not..

They were both between her legs, each on with a toy, working both toys into her wet hot pussy, the pain was so riddled with pleasure she didn't know if she should cry or scream out in pleasure. Her surprise guy slide up in between her legs. He slide his cock balls deep into her, while her other man slide a toy in with her.She had man and toy in there together.

She grabbed at her own breast, at her guys cock, she wanted more and more

She felt teeth nipping inside her thighs, she was being plowed hard, harder then she ever had before.

she was positioned doggy style, there was a cock in her mouth and one in her, all around her toys vibrated, her tits were being fondled with such aggression, her hair pulled, her hips grabbed and roughly guided.

She wanted them both in her now.

She lied on her side, forcing one of them to enter from the front, the other from behind, both of the cocks inside her was painful. Maybe this was too much..she was new to this after all. Before she could protest, they began fucking her. Both cocks rubbing up against each other, she was throbbing..

She was about to ask them to stop, when one of them covered her mouth

"bite down if it hurts, no way is this stopping" he said

And with that she realized she was their meat and they were not stopping till they were done.

She was okay with that, after all she was new to this..so who was she to make the rules