Written by Petals

Feb. 24, 2012

She stretched the black latex outfit over her body. Her large breast giving it quite a challenge. She felt her nipples becoming erect at the tight material. She zipped up her tall black boots. Aligning the cut out in the outfit to her already wet crotch. Stopping just for a second to insert a finger. Wet and hot, she thought that after doing this a couple times she wouldn't get as turned on, but she did every time.

Most people probably saw her as "the quiet housewife" doing whatever it is house wives did. Dishes, laundry..not this house wife she thought pulling her dark hair up into a ponytail on top of her head. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her knee high boots gave her at least 6 inches, the rest of her looked like a sleek and black. She debated wearing the matching black mask. She normally did when it was a male but today it was her first female. She left the mask on the bed and went to her closet to get her "tools".

Reaching in she pulled out the whip, a always for newbies, cat of nine tails, perhaps. Nipple clamps, maybe. Lube, yup. Shackles are a must. And dildos of course. She had gotten 2 new ones just for this women's needs.

She had been surprised when the women had responded to her personnel ad. It was pretty much just men that wanted to be dominated. But this women had never had that kind of experience before, after some back and fourth, to establish what she was after, the day was here.

Her name was Kim and she claimed that no man had been able to get her off. That they were always too soft and gentle. She felt that she needed something more, hence some rough play.

Her directions were to meet at the dominators place, where there was a small room she could get ready in. The room was painted red and consisted of only a bed and red walls. She could undress and wait on the bed or keep her clothes on. The only stipulation was she had to blindfold herself and wait.

When I entered the room, very quietly, she was on the bed, sitting. Blindfold in place.

"hello" she called out "is someone here"

"Whats the safe word?" I asked

"muffin" she replied

"take your clothes off" I demanded

"Now?" she asked reaching for the blindfold

SNAP, the whip cracked off the wall.

"I didnt say take your blindfold off" I bellowed

She jumped and quickly moved her hands to her shirt.

I wandered up closer to her, allowing her to feel my body heat, know that I was very very close to her.

Her shirt came off reveling very nice c cups.

I snapped her bra off roughly. She jumped again. With her pants still on I pushed her down onto back and straddled her.

She seemed unsure of what to do with her hands. I grabbed her hand and put it on my latex breast.

"I want you to squeeze my breast as hard as you want me to be with you" I told her.

She gave me a weak squeeze.

"I thought you wanted it rough" I reached down and grabbed her breast hard. She gave a surprised moan, that faded into a deeply satisfied one.

"There we go" I told her. Before she got to into it I grabbed both her arms and put them above her head. On the wall was a steel hoop. I looped the shackles through. Now she was tied up, blindfolded and all mine. I got off the bed and looked at her body. Well the pants would have to go. Roughly I pulled them off her. She wasn't wearing panties, naughty girl. I pushed her over till she was on her stomach and gave her 3 swift smacks on the ass. She squirmed a bit, but didn't say the safe word. I took the tip of the whip and teased her spread legs. Tickling here and there. She was freshly shaved and very soft. She moaned here and there. Her pussy was already slick with her pleasure.

"More" she murmured

I reached up and grabbed her hair giving it a hard tug

" I decided what will happen, not you" I lectured.

I inserted 3 fingers and plunged them in deep and hard. Her hips lifted I pushed harder. Her moans escalated. I finger fucked her harder, pulling them all the way out then ramming them right back in. When I felt her pussy pulsating I lifted my free arm and brought the whip down across her buttocks.

Her body stiffened. I pulled my fingers out of her and flipped her around.

I sat on her stomach, my own wetness sitting on her abs. I pinched both her nipples. then tickled them with the top of the cat of nine tails. Her hips rocked up and down. I played with her tits, rubbing pinching squeezing. I slide my hips up until my pussy was over top her breast. I rubbed my wetness all over her breast, teasing my clit with her hard nipples.

I straddled her face and brought myself down ontop of her mouth.

"lick" I demanded. Smothering her face.

She began to click and suck, I reached down and smacked her pussy. Several times. I leaned back and slide a finger into her anal opening.

"Harder" I told her.

Then without warning I jumped off her.

I reached onto the bed and grabbed the largest of the dildos.

I didn't do anything right away. Her body was wiggling about waiting for the next pleasure. I liked this part. Keeping very quiet, to the point that she though I might have left the room. I breathed slowly and quietly.

"hello" she called out timidly..her arms still cuffed above her, her body stretched out completely.

I rammed the huge dildo deep inside her. Her body bucked up with surprise pleasure and pain.

A deep moan escaped her lips. I had the dildo deep inside her. My hand right up against her lips. I didn't pull out, didn't move it. Her hips began to move. she started to fuck the toy inside. I used my knee to hold it place and climbed on top of her again. I sucked her nipples and bite here and there. Once I was sure she was running out of energy I grabbed the toy and fucked her harder and faster then I thought I could. She was almost screaming with delight.

She came, hard and fast. Her juices filling the bed around her. I made her cum again, this time using the handle of the whip.

When I was sure she had come twice, I pulled off her blindfold.

"My turn, no safe word" was all I said.