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"Anniversary passionate group fun"
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Published 1 month ago
Wearing your sexy dress, black collar, and cloth like mask, sultry tango, we are applauded, passionate kiss middle of the dance floor, hands everywhere, I can smell your sweet nectar as it rolls down your sexy legs, hand gripping my shirt collar behind my neck as you reach down for my 8inchardon, releasing it, feeling it throb - it likes you a lot.

I grab your throat and push you away whilst ripping that sexy garment off of you in one quick pull. There’s a hush that falls upon the crowd as we loose each other into our wanting desire.

I pull you on to me, you guide me into you, your head flies back as I sink into you in one long stroke.

I lean down and bite your neck, holding you tight, you attempt to ride my cock as I carry you to a table, striping the table of all its plates and charms, placing your angelic frame upon it and then i continue with my primal desire, long hard 8inch strokes one after the other.

A crowd gathers around us, taunting us, cheering us on, your lost in desire.

Your hands fly back and to the side of the table as I continue on my mission to fuck you like never before. Your hands find something you have always wanted, with your eyes closed, you pull each hand close to you, one hand has another hard cock within your grasp- as you lean in and suck, enjoy, tongue lashing your new found friend, as he grabs your head of hair and fucks your throat.

Gasping for air, face fucking, your legs wrapped my torso - fucking, your free hand pulls, pulls, finding hair, you pull it towards your moist wet kitty - her talented tongue licks my shaft, your heavenly nectar coating my cock, as i piston repeatedly, your hips bucking, she licks your sensitive lil bud as you scream “sir, may I cum?” Of which I reply “no you may not!”

Your hips buck with her every lick, your hips buck with each of my deep powerful thrusts within, your throat is on fire - you love it as another wave wants to wash through you again “may I cum sir?” “No you may not”

We are all picking up speed, your sexy head is flying back and forth on a hot cock. Your pussy is a wet squirting mess, your hips are bucking smashing her tongue deeper into your sin and then you hear my voice “cum slut, CUM FOR ME NOW!”

Your release, washes through you like an electronic thunderstorm, your hips buck harder then ever before, you let go of her hair as she grips onto your ass never letting go of your overly sensitive clit.

Your throat is flooded with hot cum.

Swallowing savouring, you scream sputtering hot cum over your chin, neck.

Without a word, someone is licking your neck, a sexy blonde. Someone is feasting on your sensitive nipples. Your orgasm never stops.

Your still bucking, harder, faster, my tempo builds, Your a thrashing mess.

As your grip falls upon another hot cock, you scramble towards it, black beauty slides easily down your soar Raw throat. I can’t take it anymore There’s my slut, white against black, being face fucked with powerful arms, I can see his cock buried in your throat again and again.

I erupt deep within, your hips are on fire, two sexy female slaves lickin your neck, your breasts, the cum ooozing out of your heavenly kitty. The combined nectar of the gods find the two slaves fighting each other for it, kissing, licking.

Within minutes, another hard cock takes my place, 10” of long solid meat, your back arches as you feel him slide deep DEEP within.

I pull up a chair, whispering my love for you in your ear “enjoy, happy anniversary!”


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