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The Invitation Part II

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I turned my head and what do I see but this mountain of a man, George, totally naked holding his massive cock in his hand. As the fog lifted from my brain after having just been fed my first cock, I see another cock destined to provide a similar fate to my already compromised psyche.

I thought Jay's cock was big, but damn, George's cock seemed to be as thick as my wrist and my guess at least ten inches long.

"Hang on there stud" I heard Jay deter George's path. I think we need to let all this set in with our new member. He may not want to accept his new role and we must give him a chance to understand his options.

Options he said? Does this mean I can work my way out of this? I'm not sure I'm ready for more. How did I get into this mess anyway?

"OK, sure thing" George acknowledged.

Well that certainly stopped George dead in his path, was he that willing to walk away from a BJ, I'm sure he was anticipating? My confidence in an escape path was in sight. Now I better listen to Jay as he started to talk.

"By now Len, you know a little about our curling fraternity and it was my job to start the initiation and now it is upon me to fill in the rest of the blanks for you. Our little fraternity has two types of members, Submissives and Dominants. You can guess what you are and what we are. We've found that a willing Submissive works best. Accept what you are and embrace it, and we can continue your journey now. The alternative and less direct path that will lead to the same fate, will require some behavioural modification, worst case scenario, the previous events of this evening will somehow make it into the hands of your friends and family."

Jay nooded to the big screen. George's phone was now linked to the TV and there in high definition, an image of me on my knees sucking Jay's cock!

"So Len, what do you say? Let's all get on the same page, shall we. We can delete that video and continue your initiation into our very select fraternity. Do you accept our offer?"

I looked at Jay, then over to George, his softened cock now looking less intimidating, and then in the background, Mark who remained an enigma. For reasons I couldn't quite understand, I found a sense of self, and with a voice of confidence replied, "well gents, like I said at the poker table, I'm in"!

"Absolutley, fucking perfect" Jay exclaimed. "Len, you have made the best decision you could have, and, to a man, we respect your choice, and will make sure you are rewarded for your commitment to our special fraternity. George, perhaps you can take it form here..."

George remained seated and then spoke, "Len, you must first state for all to hear, repeat after me, I am a Submissive"

"I am a Submissive"

"And I will comply to all my Dom's instructions"

"And I will comply with all my Dom's instructions"

"And failing to do so will result and discipline as my Dom determines"

"And failing to do so" , I hesitated, "will result in my discipline"

"Excellent. Now, let us be clear, the activities of our frat never sees the light of day in our normal lives, Your station in life will never be disclosed by any of us. You made the right decision and the video we showed was only to encourage you to make the right choice. We will never compromise you as we move forward"

" Now as a self confessed Submissive, we suggest you consider the following additional behavioural expectations. As a sub you'll be perfectly safe although sometimes discipline maybe required, nothing that will be visibile for any period. There will be things you're told to perform that might be new to you or even distasteful. Our experience is that if a submissive lets himself think everything he does is without any choice they always end up enjoying their role. It's simply cognitive dissonance in play. True subs seek the humiliation of having no choice and derive satisfaction in pleasing their Dom." He let those words set in. "I think it's time for your next exercise. Crawl over to me and settle youself between my legs while I'll get comfortable."

George laid back against the couch, his ass on the edge of the sofa, his balls hanging heavy with cum.

"Start by licking my balls boy"

I began my task. From the base, I watched his cock grow... and grow and grow. Thick veins crisscrossed his huge cock; it was big and thick. Numbers about its length and girth do not do justice to the power, weight and sheer masculinity of George's cock. It was the true embodiment of manhood. My hunger to touch and taste it became foremost in my mind.

"You are not the first boy to have that look on your face when they've seen my cock. Swallow, bitch. You're about to drool." "Kiss the head," he said. I reached up to touch it. "DO NOT touch it." He barked. "Only your lips, kiss my cock." I kissed just the tip, and his cock jumped. My own cock jumped; he liked this. As my lips pulled back, a ribbon of precum from his cock followed, stretching between us, connecting me to him. "Look at me," he ordered. "Do you like precum?"

"I moaned, licked my lips, drawing the string of precum into my mouth, oh yes sir it is so sweet"

George's smile was more reward than I could have expected, I felt his cock twitch, leaving a spot of precum on my tongue.

"Jay you picked a real fucking winner, Who would have ever imagiined you would have discovered such a perfect Sub for our club. looking back at me he continued, you and I are going to get along very well, boy, Now, my balls."

I lifted his massive cock to gain access to his balls. They had a light sprinkling of hair on them, and one hung lower than the other. He lifted his hard cock out of my face and proceeded to bitch slap my face. "Suck them, both at the same time. I want to see you struggle to get them in your mouth."

I licked his balls, knowing that his cum and my reward was inside. I covered my teeth with my lips and gently put his first nut in my mouth filling it almost completely. As I tried to get his second nut in my mouth, my teeth scraped against his ballsack. He winced and raised his hand as if to hit me, anger flaring in his eyes. "Treat them better, or you will pay, boy, Finally, I was able to get his second ball in my mouth, my cheeks puffing out obscenely. I had to breathe through my nose.

George groaned, his eyes closed, and his hand dropped to his side, his pleasure was obvious. He dropped his hard cock and it slapped me in the forehead, leaving a trail of precum on my forehead.

"This is the way the world should be," he said. "My balls in a cocksucker's mouth and both of us with a hard on. Put your hands behind your back now and give my cockhead a lick. Flatten your tongue so it provides the maximim amount of stimulation. I expect my cocksuckers to be looking me in the eye and sucking me off using only their mouth."

I ran my tongue out and around his cockhead and felt his hands on my head gently pushing my mouth farther onto his cock. His thickness stretched my mouth wide as I began sucking his cock.

I heard Jay ask "how's he doing bud? I hope it feels as good as it looks"

" I think he's a natural born cock sucker."

It felt natural having a hard cock stretching my lips as I concentrated on his pleasure moving up and down the welcome invader in my mouth. In the background I heard them talking.

George said, "he's Ok Jay, but its clear he hasnt been deep throat trained yet"

"Sounds like this is the perfect time" Jay invited "why dont you plug his throat now just to give him a little focus on what he was born to do, it'll be fun training him to take a cock right to the balls, George."

Before I could process what was said, George grabbed the side of my head with both hands and pulled my face deep onto his cock. As his big cock entered my throat I gagged and gasped for air as he used my mouth to jerk his cock off. On each upstroke I somehow got just enough air to keep from passing out. My eyes were watering. Relentlessly, the shaft burrowed its way in. Another few inches of cock had by now pushed deep into my throat. I felt woozy and smothered and couldn't breathe as I gagged and gulped reflexively on his prick as it passed over my tonsils.

George pulled my mouth off his cock. As the head exited my lips I was aware of a thick strand of pre-cum mixed with saliva drippingoff it. The slimy string slowly stretched, then dripped off.

"Yeah, boy, that's better, that's good..." he encouraged as I heaved in great lungsful of air, trying to clear my dizzy brain. I actually could feel the blood pounding in my ears as air began filling my lungs again. "You took in almost all of it that time, there's only another inch or so to go. Not too bad for your first choking on a cock actually, not too bad at all."

I realized that it was my mouth and throat that had done it; I was surprised and dismayed when I found myself feeling a bit of pride at this accomplishment. Farther and farther the hard rod pushed into my mouth. The head touched the back of my throat and this time slipped over the back of my tongue just like it belonged there.

"Ah, that's great boy. It's going into your throat cock sucker. Keep swallowing with your throat, it'll make it easier to slip in."

I concentrated on breathing now as George pressed in then retreated only toplunge in a little deeper each time, Inch after inch of his cock shaft disappeared into my gullet I looked deep into his eyes and say the wide smirk he sported. I certainly wasn't relaxed but rather resigned to just keep breathing as he forced his thick cock down my throat.

"Yeah, yeah, you got it, you got it now boy, you've got the whole fucking thing!"

"Oh man, I can't hold back any longer, fuck I'm cummin" he shouted, shivering with built-up pressure to orgasm.

I shuddered as I felt him tense, his cock was lodged deep in my throat as George's cock spurted a cupful of semen out of his cock. The head of his cock, buried as it was deep in my throat expanded even more, bringing more tears to my eyes. I felt a stream of hot sperm flying out and splashing wetly down my throat.

"Pull it out, pull it out, I wanna see it, I wanna see it!!!" shouted Mark, the first time I heard him speak excitedly.

I felt a rush of air and a loud plop as his cock pulled out of my throat. The angry, purple cockhead pulled backout of my throat rapidly, sliming over my tongue again. As his cock left my mouth and face, George grabbed his slimy cock and jerked it in my direction. A rope of sperm flew out and splattered across the bridge of my nose. It seemed like a lot of cum as jet after jet of sticky semen shot from his spasming cock. I didn't move an inch as sperm splashed onto my face. Gobs of warm silky man-juice splattered on my face and lips covering my eyelids and flying into my wide-gaping mouth as I gulped in air. Finally I looked up into George's eyes, as I swallowed the large gob of cum still in my mouth. It felt warm and smooth and the taste was not unpleasant. I had an incredible feeling of accomplishment; I had taken an alpha-males cock right to the root and he was pleased with my service.

I looked up as I saw Mark stand, high fiving George, remarking, "OK guys, it seems like you have worn out poor Lens's mouth, I think he needs a break."

I breathed a sigh of relief thinking, man am I tired.....I could definitely use a break.

And then I saw Jay hand Mark a tube......."you have to be kidding me" I thought as I felt a cold squirt hit my ass...

to be continued

Written by kkerr469

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