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The Office

"A package arrives ..."
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You wake one morning to find a package arrive at your door and a note from me.  You open the package and inside, you find a beautiful soft leather harness.  The note instructs you to put it on and admire yourself in the mirror.  You do, and the feeling of the soft leather against your skin, framing your exposed tits makes you wet. The note tells you to wear the harness under your work clothes and you get wetter just thinking about wearing that leather harness all day, waiting until you can finally see me.  You look in your closet and take out a sexy but demure high-collared dress and heels.   No one but you and I will know what you wear under your dress. Sitting in your office, door closed, you think about me and your nipples get hard. You can touch them in your office with no bra in the way.  You can massage and rub and squeeze and pull them, thinking about me stroking my stiff cock, watching you.  And then I call you.  I tell you to come to my office. You can barely contain yourself.  I come down to meet you as you arrive, we hug and I feel your hard tits through your clothes.  You feel my stiffening cock.  I take your hand and silently lead you to my office.  We close the door.  I shove you against the wall and kiss you and I ask if you’ve been a good girl.  You smile and don't answer.  I ask you again and you slowly shake your head no.  I ask you what girls get when they've been bad and I pinch your tits hard to make my point.  You moan and I tell you that a bad girl like you deserves to be spanked.  I bend you over my knee, lift up your dress, raise my hand, and bring it down on your ass. You’re so wet and you want my cock in your pussy so badly, but the harness is in the way, and you’re wild with want. You stand up and unbutton my shirt, I want your mouth on my nipples so bad I can taste it.  You sit down in my chair and place your hand on my shoulder blade drawing me towards you and licking my nipples with tiny flicks of your tongue.  I moan softly, with your other hand cupping my balls you lick, suck, bite my nipples.  You bite harder as you stroke my balls.  I feel your teeth and rear up, my throbbing cock inches from your lips.  Running my hand through your hair, I pull your head back slowly, your mouth opens and you take my delicious cock in your mouth.  It’s so hard, throbbing, ready to explode.  I push it deep, hear you gag, feel you drool on my cock as I wrap my hand around your throat. But you need to feel it in your wet cunt.  You reach between your legs and open the snaps on the harness exposing your pussy to me, spreading it for me, showing me how wet you are.  Our eyes meet.  You don’t need to speak. I can read it in your eyes.  “Fuck me daddy please…, please fuck me…”.  My hand in your hair, pulling gently upward.  You raise out of the chair.  I move behind you.  You feel my hand on the back of your neck, pushing you down onto my desk.  Your hips bending, your ass sticking out, your tits pushing into the cold flat surface, my hands on your cheeks, spreading them open, your asshole opening, and the throbbing head of my cock pushing, pushing… and my voice … “my little bitch.  You’re going to learn how to be a good little bad girl…”

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