Mar. 11, 2019

I run my free hand up the side of your body until I reach your neck. I wrap my hand around your throat as I finger you harder, gripping just tight enough that you sputter and I tighten a little more.

You moan and place your hand on mine. You do not simply want me to dominate you, you want me to completely own your body, to push your limits.. And I’ve never been so turned on. I keep my hand on your throat while bringing my fingers up, soaked from your excitement, and put them into your mouth. I love making you taste yourself, taste how turned on you are. You push your ass into me and lick my fingers as I trace them around your lips, I can feel how much you want me to fuck you.

I pull some of the clips out from your hair and your plait falls down your back. You know what I’m going to do and I feel you shiver with excitement. I grip the bottom of your ponytail and then wrap it around my hand. I do this slowly to increase your sense of anticipation.

I’m in full control and you love it.

I pull your hair roughly so that your head is resting on my shoulder. I pull it to the side so your neck is exposed and then I begin to bite, softly at first, then harder.

‘Get down on your knees.’ I whisper into your ear.

You obey immediately without hesitation. I never remove my hand from your hair, keeping your head pulled slightly back as I undo my belt and zipper. I can see you want to reach for me, you are hungry for it, but you wait. As I look down at you, my excitement is at a fever pitch. I want to do the dirtiest and most forbidden things to this beautiful woman; I want to fuck her so hard that she never gets over me, I want to corrupt her completely and utterly. Even at the height of passion I know it’s selfish, but I can’t help myself.

Your body is mine.

I take my cock in my free hand and trace the head along your lips, the pre cum leaves a shine-like coat of gloss over your matte lipstick. You can’t resist using your tongue, you want my cum. I press my cock on your lips and you open your mouth, looking into your eyes the whole time. You want me to know that you belong to me in that moment, that you submit to my sexual desires. I force you to take my whole length.

You choke a bit as the shaft goes further in, but you don’t try and stop me. I begin to fuck your face, slowly at first and then harder. I can feel my cock sliding deeper down your throat and I’m so excited I can feel that familiar feeling of being dangerously close to blowing my load. I want to cum so bad, to cum in your mouth and watch as you swallow every last bit, but I don’t because of the look on your face. You need to be fucked. It’s the unwritten rule.. Your body is mine as long as I fuck you hard and rough. Your eyes demand it, and you will accept nothing less.

Boldly I say "You like my dick in your mouth, honey?" You nod, eyes wide as I gently fuck your pretty young face. I reach between your legs and rub your meaty pussy.

'You want that in between your legs don't you?' I prod you with words as I continue to prod your sweet mouth with my stiff dick.

I pull you up, still gripping your hair and push your face first over the bed so that you’re bent over, then kick your legs apart. I lift your skirt up and rip your panties off. Not the figurative rip, I literally use both hands to tear them off. You have expensive taste with your undies, so they probably cost a fair bit but I don’t give a shit.. I want your pussy and I’m not willing to wait even one second longer than I have to.

I don’t have to spit on my cock because you’re so wet, I slide right in and push myself as deep as I can go. I fuck you slowly, but deliberate and hard. My thighs slap against your bare ass and my low hanging balls slap against your clit with each thrust making you exhale sharply each time. You’re trying not to moan too loud, I know that is a good thing but my ego wants to test you. I’m so intensely excited I know this isn’t going to be a long fuck. I already want to cum and I’m having to concentrate to maintain any semblance of control. I grab your hair roughly and pull you up towards me as I continue to fuck you.

‘Do you want me to fuck you hard?’ I ask but it's not really a question.

‘…yes…’ You manage in between moans.

‘Beg me.’ I commanded.

‘Pleeeeeeeease, I need you to fuck me.’

I grip your hair even tighter. ‘Not yet.’

I push you back down and begin to fuck you a little bit harder, watching as my cock moves in and out covered in your thick white wetness which tells me you’ve already cum at least once. It’s hard to tell, but I will soon learn how your body works. Our sex is so heated that it becomes a blur. I lick my thumb and start to play with your asshole as I continue to fuck you. I toy with the idea of fucking you in the ass, but I know I’m already on the edge and just the thought almost takes me to climax. As I slide my thumb in deeper I start to fuck you harder. You respond by gripping the sheets and exhaling sharply.

I hear you moan 'Oh fuck.’

I use both hands to grip your hips hard and start to fuck you harder and harder until I’m giving you all I’ve got. I move one of my hands up to your neck and grip the back of it, pulling you into me as much as I can.

Harder. Faster. Deeper. Harder still. Faster still.

I spank your ass hard twice, leaving two red hand prints and think to myself that I hope your husband doesn’t see them. I pull out of you and with my hand still at your neck, I push you to your knees. You know what is coming and look at me expectantly, breathing heavily, your mouth open and tongue out with a look on your face that tells me that you know I’m yours every bit as much as you are mine in that moment.

I wank my cock hard until I feel my legs stiffen and a wave of sheer ecstasy grip my entire body. I cum so hard I feel like my legs might buckle. I watch as my spunk shoots out onto your face. I can tell this is a good orgasm by the way the first two loads shoot out. There’s a lot but you lick every bit of it, taking the last few squirts on your tongue and in your mouth. You suck on my cock as it throbs enjoying the fact that I’m so sensitive now and can barely stand. You look up at me as you release my dick and stay on your knees, you know not to move until I’ve finished looking at you. You love the fact I am all over your face and in your hair.

I don’t know how a woman can possibly be this sexy. I know that despite everything we do, it’s really you than dominates me. I’m a slave to my desire for you. As I look at you I can’t help but wonder..

My still hard dick is lying across your face, glistening with my cum and your saliva. Drops of cum are splashed across the bridge of your nose and across your glasses, a few strings are in your dark shoulder length hair which is in disarray.

Beneath the drops of cum on your glasses, your eyes looked up at me in wonder but with some uncertainty and maybe a little fear. Fear because the girl who had my cum in her mouth and whose pussy had been ravished by me was wondering what’s next..

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